RHCP Interview in Loaded (UK Magazine)

An interview (with mostly Anthony Kiedis but Flea also talks about the track Ethiopia) has been published in Loaded magazine in a feature on the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album? I’m With You? in the latest edition.

Here’s an extract:

And there’s no missing the most distinctly named bassist in the world. With his turquoise hair and matching tracksuit he dicks around on his guitar while talking at several million words an hour. Before we’ve even asked the obligatory question about the new album? he’s off.  “There is a song called Ethiopia on the new record?” he starts. “Did you know I got lost out there?”  It’s crazy? right? But I totally did.

“Damon Albarn has started his African Express Project? where basically a group of musicians go to a different country in Africa and jam with Africans? listen to African music and trip around. It was fucking amazing. So? Josh and I decided we’d go to Ethiopia. One day? we got the bus somewhere? before I got out to check this little side road. I turned around and the bus was gone. I was totally lost. I walked around this little town for about an hour. No one speaks English there and it was kind of crazy. I started getting really scared.” He looks scared even now? telling us about it.

“People were coming up to me and speaking to me? but I didn’t understand. I was tripping out with all these people staring at me and speaking to me. Eventually I managed to track down this guy and started screaming at him that I didn’t understand. But then? I thought? hang on so I do. So he found my friends and was totally nice. I told that story to Anthony when I got home? he wrote some lyrics and it became the song. To me it reflects the feelings of never letting fear dictate anything? only love.”

Full scans and transcript HERE

If you can please buy a copy of the magazine- I picked it up yesterday so it should be available for people in the UK to buy :)