Zane Lowe Interview with Danger Mouse- Info on RHCP Album

Danger Mouse was interviewed by British radio presenter, Zane Lowe, and during that interview he made a few comments about the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album.

You can hear the snippets about the Chili Peppers’ album HERE. I’ve transcribed most of the interview- the end was them overlapping so I’ve just paraphrased the main parts of it.

Transcript: Zane Lowe Interviews Danger Mouse about the New RHCP Album:

Zane Lowe: So you’ve been in the studio. You’ve been working on the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album.

Danger Mouse: Yeah.

ZL: I’ve known those guys a long time. I’m sure they won’t mind a few words. How’s that going?

DM: It’s going really, really well. We kinda got really  going with it in September and we’ve been at it since then. I mean it’s lots and lots of music. It’s right up the street, you know, from here so getting to do it in my studio which is always good; for me anyway [laughter]. But it’s been going really well and we really hit it off and I know them too, with Gnarls Barkley , we toured with them for a couple of months so it’s good to work with people you know. And I didn’t know how it was going to work or fit either. Just because they do a very specific thing, but they want to do something different as well and I do like what they do so, I’m just wasn’t sure they’re going to like what I do.

ZL: I’m a lifelong fan of so for me coming back of a…

DM: Thank you

ZL: You’re welcome. So the Chili peppers too have done very well for themselves [laughs] but you know [laughs] but coming back of such a large body of work last time and then a big break and where they’re at, I can imagine them being in a very open minded place

DM: Yeah,  it has been. It’s all them. They’re just amazing players. The taste in what we’re trying to do …[?]… it’s something where we’re definitely finding the places where it overlaps

ZL: But you’re a drums guy though; I think about you in the terms of the way you always program your drums, and work with drummers, and record with drummers and you have a very unique drum sound, and then you’re working with Chad Smith who is unquestionably, I would say, modern rocks greatest drum powerhouse rock drummer.

DM: That was the first thing we did; was I told everybody else to stay home and Chad came in by himself to the studio and we just recorded drums first. That was the first thing we did, yeah.
ZL: To get that sound coz he, traditionally Chad’s drum sound is the room. How he plays is how you hear it

DM: It’s different this time

ZL: I was gonna say you’ve made a name for yourself processing drums in a way that’s very Danger Mouse

DM: Yeah, it’s different this time but there’s also things I haven’t done as well because of how he plays so I definitely and pleasantly been able to adapt to him too. It’s easier to talk stuff when you’re like, oh there’s this one song here and then we talked that about that so I’m hesitant to get into too much detail because there’s no music…

ZL: I don’t want you to… Maybe I don’t want you to. Maybe I want you to stop. It was presumptuous to assume I was going to ask you any more questions about it…

DM: Well, I was going to keep answering ‘em. You know you’re good at getting stuff out of people.

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December News Update

Catching up on things that the chaos of Christmas has meant I haven’t got round to posting before…

Chad Smith News

There was an interesting interview with Chad Smith on Rolling Stone. He was answering questions sent in by fans on Twitter and the replies cover everything from the new RHCP album, to socks, to Will Ferrell& drum-offs/ cow bells to Chickenfoot.


Full Rolling Stone interview HERE


Chad Smith is also scheduled to appear as a guest on the  “Fireside Sessions with Nancy Atlas” which is returning to Bay Street Theater and the Sag Harbor Center for the Arts in 2015. The weekly music sessions will once again feature a different special guest at each show in January and March with Chad due to appear on the debut show on Friday, January 2nd, 2015. General admission seating is $20 per session. Source

Pearl have  announced the release of two new limited edition Chad Smith signature snare drums. Full details on Music Radar


Dave Navarro Interview

Dave Navarro has about his mother’s murder.


Source and full interview HERE

No Rick Rubin…

Anthony was interviewed in front of fans in NYC yesterday as part of the promotion of ‘Fandemonium’. During the interview he announced that Rick Rubin would not be producing the new album,

Rick Rubin is sadly not producing this record… We’re about to experiment with some different individuals that are good at producing music so when one of them clicks, we’ll let you know who it’s going to be. It’s pretty exciting. I feel like it’s a better batch of songs than we’ve had in a long time…and I’ve never seen these boys so hungry to roll up their sleeves and make a record.

Update on New RHCP Album

Update on the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album based:

In an interview this morning with KROQ, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis announced that the Chili Peppers will be returning to the studio to record their newly written album next month. When approached about details, Kiedis stated that he wants the new album to only be 13 songs, however it is likely that they will “put 10 more songs on top of that.” Kiedis felt that this album will show Josh Klinghoffer’s coming of age as their guitarist and that the new material will have him, as a guitarist and songwriter, stand out a lot. Kiedis also talked at some lengths about his friendships with his bandmates, and how they have come to effect him musically and emotionally. No producer or other production members were mentioned regarding the album’s recording and production, reinforcing the rumors of a different producer than “fifth Chili Pepper” Rick Rubin for the new album.  Source

The KROQ interview mentioned can be heard HERE

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Bonus Issue of I’m With You to be Released

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced that the band will reissue their 2011 album I’m With You as a tour edition with added bonus material. The tour edition of I’m With You will contain 8 bonus tracks that have been taken from RHCP’s singles and B-sides. The album will be released on January 11, 2013, a week before RHCP headline ‘Big Day Out 2013′ in Sydney, Australia.

I’m With You – Tour Edition – Bonus Disc

1. Strange Man
2. Long Progression
3. Magpies on Fire
4. Victorian Machinery
5. Never is a Long Time
6. Love of your Life
7. The Sunset Sleeps
8. Hometown Gypsy

Source Many thanks to Venice Queen for sourcing this and to Shalhevet Dvir for linking me to it

New RHCP Songs

Extracts of two of the B-side songs from I’m With You album that are due to be released shortly have been made available for pre-view on an iTunes site:

But the full versions of both of those songs now appear to have made their way onto YouTube…

Thanks to Andjelka and Lucirlândya for the heads up on this!

Look Around!

Look Around is the latest song to be chosen as a single from RHCP’s I’m With You album and two videos have now been released to accompany the song-one the actual music video and the other a behind the scenes look (both below).

The video is based upon four rooms; one for each of the four band members. Each room roughly reflects the band member it belongs too and includes their own art and belongings among the props! The band performed with each person mostly confined to their own room although Anthony Kiedis dances through the rooms at various times. It was filmed in the round in just four takes! The video was directed by Robert Hales. Source

Anthony’s Room:

BTW Anthony’s son Everly bear appears in the video too!

 Chad Smith’s Room:

Flea’s Room:

Josh Klinghoffer’s Room:

Here’s the behind the scenes video:


Look around Video:

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RHCP Latest News & Two New Back Issue Scans

Some brief RHCP news:

Look Around:

Look Around will apparently be the next single off the Chili Peppers’ latest album, I’m With You.

Thanks to Venice Queen & RHCP France for the info. 

RHCP & Greece:

It also seems that RHCP will be playing a concert in Greece next summer (no actual details yet) according to Rock Pop Greece Magazine.

Thanks to Mbir for the link and details.

Behind the Scenes: Monarchy of Roses video:

The official RHCP YouTube channel has uploaded a brief behind the scenes video of the making of the video for the single Monarch of Roses; it featues green screen shots and and goofing about; enjoy :) :

Thanks to Laura, Mark and everyone else who’s linked me to this :)

Back Issue Magazine Scans:

Two new back issues featuring interviews with Anthony Kiedis amongst other features have also been uploaded. Both are from the British music magazine Q with one magazine from 1999 concentrating on Californication and festival dates and the other from 2006 looking at the UK concert dates and Stadium Arcadium.

Here’s an extract from the 1999 magazine review of Californication:

But even if there appears to be nothing essentially different about Californication, the band’s intrinsically eclectic nature ensures that they wander into new musical areas: the dreamlike Road Tripping is McCartney’s Blackbird as viewed through acid trails; the tumbling, jazz-flecked Porcelain features Kiedis at his most poetic, softly lamenting squandered youth and drug-decayed beauty (“Are you wasting away in your skin?/Someone said you’re fading too soon/Drifting and floating and fading away”).

While All Saints’ cooing Xerox of Under The Bridge (without the “drawing blood” lyric) perhaps fuelled the argument that behind the tattoos and pecs, Red Hot Chili Peppers are fine songwriters, the five-minute title track recalls the reflective atmosphere of their best-known song with an unambiguous comment upon the more shallow values of their adopted West Coast home where earthquakes are “just another good vibration”. Elsewhere, they reinforce their knack for great, unusual; pop with the Police-echoing Otherside, the skippy, oblique Scar Tissue and the strident, rallying Easily.

Scans and full interview: Q Magazine July 1999

Here’s an extract from the 2006 Anthony Kiedis interview:

Dodgy burger van or bring your own sandwiches?

I’m sure a rarefied, elitist pig when it comes to eating clean, good food I can’t even begin to imagine playing a show and having to eat the catering you see at some of these places.

What’s your fantasy festival line-up?

Pretty much any guitar player named Jimmy, whether it’s Page or Hendrix. Jimmy Page came to see us a couple of times when we played London, and it was really the most exciting backstage moment we ever had. But I’ve never been able to see him play. I’ve never also seen Patti Smith play, but I think I might get a chance to see her this summer. She may even join us for a number.

The magazine also features several mentions of Stadium Arcadium e.g. recommended album with Wet Sand named as one of the month’s top 50 songs etc.

Scans and full interview: Q Magazine July 2006

RHCP Jools Holland Later (2)

EDIT: Updated with the three song videos and also the interview with a transcript :) :

Red Hot Chili Peppers have appeared on UK TV on Jools Holland’s show for the second time this week (tonight’s show was recorded along with Tuesday’s live footage). The show, like Tuesday, opened with RHCP playing the Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, they also played Look Around (screen caps below) and Anthony Kiedis and Josh Klinghoffer were briefly interviewed: They talked about the departure of John Frusciante & Josh joining/ fitting into the Red Hot Chili Peppers; Anthony Kiedis mentioned having Everly Bear with him in London and showing him some of the sights (before Everly Bear has to stay in school and the world ends next year!) and he also said how much he enjoyed the set by Bjork. The show again ended with Monarchy of Roses.

Many thanks to Ana for sourcing these and  pkrips0791 xxxxWGDxxxx for uploading them!

Video Transcript:

Jools Holland: And now I’m delighted to welcome Anthony & Josh from the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this table, here, direct. Very nice to see you both. Welcome back to the show.

Anthony Kiedis: Thank you.

Jools Holland: OK great. Band sounding great. Very good new record but it’s five years since the last record and er… how come you left it sorta so long? Five years, is that right?

Anthony Kiedis: Umm..It seems like five minutes and it’s never really that long. Yeah, maybe since we actually recorded the record before it but then you know we go out on the road for years on end, took a little break and found Josh.

Jools Holland: Exactly. And how did you find Josh?

Anthony Kiedis: Umm Josh is a friend who happened to be in our circle of people and …umm… it was  just kinda perfect and magical transition where our previous guitar player, John, was ready to go and do something else and we said that sounds sensible, and then we thought about it for a while and really just let it come to us where we should go. And instead of forcing it in some weird, uncomfortable, awkward direction, we drifted towards the comfortable beauty of Josh.

Jools Holland: Lovely, comfy Josh.

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah right. Which has been. Not to praise him too much wildly on television while he’s sitting there

Jools Holland: No sorry.. yeah.. but [talking over Anthony Kiedis]

Anthony Kiedis: … it’s been the greatest thing that could have ever happened to us

Jools Holland: It sounds great as well. You sound beautiful. Do you feel as though you’ve blended straight in?

Josh Klinghoffer: Umm… yeah… I mean I’ve known those guys these guys for a while so umm yes, you know…

Jools Holland: It’s kinda hard , it’s kinda difficult to be accepted into?

Josh Klinghoffer: No not really cos they are so open and they just kinda want me to be me and you know have as much fun as they are

Jools Holland: And when you are on tour, what do you do? Do you go and see the sights of the cities you are in or do you stay in your room. What do you do?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah sometimes the sights. Umm I’ve been bringing my son on tour with me and trying to show him around a little bit. He’s four.

Jools Holland: That’s great! Show him the world

Anthony Kiedis: Show him the world

Jools Holland: That is great, good time to see it before it ends.

 Anthony Kiedis: And before he gets too locked into school. True before it ends, yes. Yeah, it could be next year according to the polar swap. Did you read about that?

Jools Holland: Is that right? Oh yeah, I knew there would be something else to worry about

Anthony Kiedis: Oh yeah, you got about about a year.

Jools Holland: And show him the world. Great to have you on the show. Its sounds great and it’s great you blend in beautifully with them if I may say so?

Anthony Kiedis: We love Josh and by the way, Bjork was radically wild and wonderful. That was so cool.

Jools Holland: Great wasn’t she?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah

Jools Holland: A lot of great guests tonight

Anthony Kiedis:  A great line up of guests. Yeah.

Jools Holland: Well I’m glad you’re one of them, so it’s very nice to have you both here. Thank you very much. Anthony and Josh! We will be hearing more from the Red Hot Chili Peppers later *

 [* They closed the show with Monarchy of Roses]


RHCP on Jools Holland

RHCP performed just on the Jools Holland live music show called Later, on British TV station Radio 2.

EDIT: Videos now added

The Red Hot Chili Peppers opened the show with ‘The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie’ and they closed it with ‘Monarchy of Roses. The band members looked really good and seemed to be enjoying the performance (especially Chad!) but the sound quality was absolutely awful :(

Here are some screen caps I quickly grabbed as they were performing:


Many thanks to Cusmanovic for uploading them