Chad Smith & Flea Talk to Sirius XM

Sirius XM have released a few extracts of Chad Smith and Flea talking to Pearl Jam guitarist, Mike McCready, at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans a few weeks ago.

Update: Here’s the full interview:

Red Hot Chili Peppers interview with Mike McCready (2016/05/17) from Tchefuncte Bonaparte on Vimeo.


Flea: I was listening to Prince a lot. He was a real big part of our development, my development.
Did you ever get to play with him?
Flea: I never did.
It would have been something like you guys would have crossed paths.
Flea: I never did. I never did. .Anthony hung with him I think once but in the pantheon of guys that we listen to a lot and stuff, especially like, because there’s few records ypu man we were so… Pre-Purple Rain, pre-1999 actually whatever the record is before that; Dirty Mind, Controversy. Like, what’s that 12” he put out? Time? In time? [Flea hums]

I kinda knew stuff a little bit after that. Sign of the Times was my record.

When is the new record coming out?
Flea: Soon. It was just mastered like yesterday.
The new single?
Flea: The new single is going to be called, ‘Go Robot’. And it’s a funny, funky, up-tempo jam. And it’s funny because when we were mixing and writing it and stuff …it was a real… I wanted it to sound like Controversy by Prince.”

Do you guys have any idea how integral and important you guys are to us as a band? And do you remember those early touring when we were with you?
Chad Smith: I do
And how important it was to us how cool you treated us. You know. And that’s just to me, I’m saying that but there are so many… [stumbles for words a bit] Stone wanting to play with Jack Irons to Jack Irons knowing Eddie to that whole thing.
Chad Smith: Umm. We have a connection. Yeah. We have a serious connection
But it could be said that we wouldn’t exist without the Chili Peppers
Chad Smith: No. Nah, nah, no…
In a lot of ways. It would be tough. We got to go out onto that tour with you, Blood Sugar Sex Magik when you guys were blowing up and you were super cool to us and introduced us to a whole way of this is how we do it. And now, you’re monitor Smity(?) is now our tour manager, Carey who was with Ratsound who was with Dave Rat…
Chad Smith: You poached all of our guys!
We poached all of your guys! Because they were all so good. You know?
Chad Smith: And they loved you. And I’m glad that it’s worked out as… you know?
Do you know how much we love you is what I’m trying to say?
Chad Smith: I do and it’s really nice for you to say that and you know, ummm…
Do you remember that tour of ’92?
Chad Smith: Yeah, I do!
Me too
Chad Smith: I do. It was a long time ago.
It was
Chad Smith: We were young men. And I used to be crazier.
Chad Smith: Yup!
Me too
Chad Smith: Yeah. Well, we were young and like you say, music was kinda charging. But I remember but I don’t know if you know this is that we were getting ready to go on tour, we were rehearsing at this place called the Alley in the Valley that we used to play all the time. And Smashing Pumpkins were already on the bill. And it was like, I want to say it was not long before, maybe a month before or maybe less. I don’t know but maybe you would know because you would know when, like you’re like you’re going on tour. But, Flea came, we were looking for a third band to go on tour and we like arrrrr, what can it be or who or what? And Flea was like, Jack Irons is friends with this Eddie who sings in this new band and they’ve put their record out and it would be really cool, you guys listen to it as a favour …
I did not know this
Chad Smith: Maybe take them out as your opening band.
Jack Irons?

Chad Smith: S sure why not? I remember sitting around his car. He used to have this Mercedes that had every panel of his car painted a different colour.
Chad Smith: Flea yeah. Clown car. Very Subtle. Wouldn’t know who as going down… [laughter] ‘90? Or ’91 was it?
That wasn’t a soft model, maybe. for a Mercedes you’re saying. Wow!
Chad Smith: Wow. It was definitely a wow car! And I remember him hitting, I think it was a cassette. [mumbling]
It probably was, yes.
He puts a cassette in. We were all hanging out smoking cigarettes. After rehearsal and listened to like about 30 seconds. And we were like, that’s pretty good. Yeah, OK! [Laughter]
I’m gonna thank you right now for doing that!
Chad Smith: And that was it. Everyone was in a good mood that day!

Phew! I’m glad you guys all left rehearsal in a good mood. So you might of heard… I guess the record must have been out. It must have been out then or something. Was it [?] or was it a three song EP or something
Chad Smith: Literally. I don’t want to be disrespectful at all. But we listened to it.
I did not know that story
Chad Smith: That is a true story. That is a true story. And then you guys come out with us. And..
It was so much fun.
Chad Smith: We had a blast.
My god it was so fun!
Chad Smith: We all had fun!
So fun! It was our first big tour. You guys were like hitting [?] hard.We were just like playing to 25 people, for 50 people but it didn’t matter. We had 8 or 10 songs maybe. And then you guys were so cool to us. … What I thought is personally when we were starting to make it is when Anthony wore our hat one night. He wore a Pearl Jam hat and I was like, we’re starting to make it! Anthony’s wearing our hat!

Photos of RHCP at KROQ Weenie Roast


Getty Images have uploaded a number of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (of course without Anthony) at KROQ’s Weenie Roast yesterday (14th May). Some of the photos show Chad Smith and Flea being interviewed backstage prior to the concert (video in post below) and the others are of Chad Smith, Flea and Josh Klinghoffer on stage announcing to the audience that RHCP would not be playing due to Anthony Kiedis being taken to hospital :(


RHCP Cancel Weenie Roast


News is coming from Weenie Roast that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have had to cancel their appearance due to Anthony Kiedis being taken to hospital. The rest of the band came onto stage well before the group’s scheduled appearance to say they would not be playing as they were taking Anthony to the hospital. Flea made the announcement.



There’s now a video online of the announcement which you can see HERE

Update: Billboard have updated their news story (link below) to say:

According to a rep for the radio station, Kiedis was taken from the venue in an ambulance suffering from extreme stomach pain. A diagnosis is unknown at this time.

Chad Smith’s wife, Nancy, has tweeted this:



There are currently no more details. We will obviously update if we find out any more.

Billboard are now running the story HERE


Update: David Mushegain has posted this on Instagram:



Sending our thoughts and love to Anthony, his family and the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers <3

Anthony Kiedis Talks about The Getaway

Anthony Kiedis was interviewed by Jo Whiley for Radio 2 (British radio station) about the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s new album, The Getaway. Thanks to Milan for recording this and sharing the link!


Radio 2 Interview With Anthony Kiedis.



Jo Whiley: Welcome to the show, sir. How are you?

Anthony Kiedis: I’m very well, thank you Jo. How are you?

Jo Whiley:  Yeah, I’m alright thank you. So how are you feeling? Coz the unveiling of an album must be a, nerve-wracking; b, exciting.

Ummm. You know, we’ve done this before, so the nerves are a bit at bay. It’s more overwhelming and exciting and joyful and a large workload.

Jo Whiley: How long did it take?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah

Jo Whiley: What was the time it took to make this?

Anthony Kiedis: I feel like it took years but once we actually got recording it only took a couple of months so the build up was forever and we had broken arms and broken dreams and all this stuff kind of went awry.  And then once we actually found a producer and were healthy and set about the business of making music it went really quick.

Jo Whiley: So I guess when you’ve been making records for as long as you have it, it just must be so difficult to think of the sound that you want, how it’s going to fit into what’s going on in the music scene at the time and who you want to work with and the expectation of everybody. I can’t quite imagine how that is for you.

Anthony Kiedis: Umm… yeah, well expectations, yeah I can’t think about those too much. Umm, finding sound and finding joy from music and staying together as a band as a marriage is all kind of challenging. But really you know finding a producer was hard because we knew we wanted to experiment with Danger Mouse and he’s busy. He’s doing television shows and movies and twelve other records and we finally nailed him down to a time and then Flea went and broke his arm snowboarding so we lost our time slot with Danger Mouse and we had to kind of re-configure. So in the end it was meant to be. We needed every little nuance of weirdness building up to the writing of these songs. It helped.

Jo Whiley: And when you actually got with him in the studio he kinda threw a curveball didn’t he?

Anthony Kiedis: He threw lots of curveballs and strikes and sliders and spitballs and you know he’s a dynamic dude. And you mean by kinda wanting to write new songs?

Jo Whiley: Yeah, from what I’ve read because you’d got your own songs and you went this is what we think the album is but then he went, “Ummm, no let’s do something different.”

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah, if I look at it now he knows what he likes very immediately so he listened to probably 25 songs we had written and he really only liked about ten of them I guess out of the 25. So initial heartbreak of having to part ways with this other 15 songs which we had become attached to.

Jo Whiley: Can I just ask how that is? When he turns round and says that he doesn’t like what you’ve done. How do you feel?

Anthony Kiedis: The very first time you’re like kind of  like, well gee, that’s kind of harsh or arrogant or presumptuous or whatever but then the  more you get to know him, the more you get to see how he operates and thinks  and it’s just a matter of taste and you know he wants every song to be a classic. You know he doesn’t really have that sort of song writer’s approach of “Well, I love this little song even though it’s not destined to be a classic it’s still part of my experience and it means something to me.” Unless he feels like it’s going to touch the world he doesn’t really want to hear about it. So I grew to respect his point of view and the more we I worked with him and the more he pushed us to be better than we were starting out as, I gained an appreciation and saw his value very much so.

Jo Whiley: Yeah I know. But great for you to be pushed; great to for you to be challenged. I would have thought.

Anthony Kiedis: Got to be pushed.

Jo Whiley: You got to be pushed or otherwise you don’t improve do you?

Anthony Kiedis: You wouldn’t. And imagine you know being sort of around forever and then people forget to tell you what it is that something’s not good enough. So you always think it is going to be good enough. But you need someone to be brutally honest and break your heart and hurt your feelings a little bit along the way.

Jo Whiley: I guess it’s also the emperor’s new clothes. There’s always a danger of that, just people going yeah you’re just fabulous.

Anthony Kiedis:  That’s the danger. That’s the danger. I mean imagine some the true greats, the real greats, the classics, like you know a member of The Beatles some going (?) that’s not as good as what I think you can do.  No one would ever say that. So they might now know.

Jo Whiley: Yeah. But Brian Burton, who is Danger Mouse, he’s quite gentle isn’t he? He’s quite a wise kind of character?

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah, he’s wise. He’s gentle. He’s mellow. He’s low-key but his focus is pretty laser.
Jo Whiley: Yeah, so tell me Anthony, what can we expect on this album? What  kind of a mood has it got. Lyrically what were you writing about?
Anthony Kiedis: Lyrically I’m embarrassed to say but yeah, a two-year relationship that completely fell apart like a nuclear bomb just left me feeling pretty raw and available to the emotional universe for writing. So even though the relationship was a bit of a disaster, I feel that in some ways I did get something out of it. Which was about half of the songs on this record.

Jo Whiley: Gosh. Will it be difficult to sing those songs?

Anthony Kiedis:  No, no.  And really they are not, you know, full literal stories because I find that a bit boring. For me personally at this stage, writing something that’s predictable and oh, well everyone can relate to that, I’d rather sort of disguise it in colour and shape and just make it come out a  bit more open to interpretation. That excites me more as a lyricist than being overly literal.

Jo Whiley: Yeah, so heart on the sleeve stuff. So half the album is the content of your heart but disguised, veiled somewhere ….[?] And then the rest of the album?

Anthony Kiedis: Well, lyrically, it just comes from love of life and love of life’s tragedies and successes and hurts and triumphs and I don’t know, the kind of psychedelic mystery of nature can be found in the lyrics.

Jo Whiley: And the sound of the album?

Anthony Kiedis: The sound of is different, thank God! You know, it’s nice to have to new element in terms of sound. Instead of just being a rad [?] traditional rock ‘n’ roll three piece with vocalist, there are loops and machines and robots and aliens and all these different things participating in the making of our sound but it still sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers but with a  Danger Mouse studio slant to it. So there is a meld, you know you can feel the influence and it’s nice. Like, my very favourite song from the whole record is called ‘The Getaway’ even though it shan’t be our single, and in that, that’s something that is a loop and has a bit more of a mechanical influence but emotionally the very first time I heard the music  I was instantly inspired. So there’s kind of the best of both worlds in there.

Jo Whiley: I can’t wait to hear it. How are the rest of the band? How are the band getting on at the moment? All good and healthy?

Anthony Kiedis: Everyone’s good. You know we have figured out how to argue successfully without hating each other or you know wanting to be away from each other. We can start off the day with a massive difference of opinion and get into a bit of a [?] shouting match and then ten minutes later it’s over and done with. And that’s good. I like what I see with these boys getting ready to go out and tour for a year.

Jo Whiley: Yeah.

Anthony Kiedis: It’s nice to know we can process all these highs and lows together. Everyone’s good. Everyone’s excited that we have this many new songs that look like they’re gonna be a blast to play live.

Jo Whiley: All part of the adventure. Listen, enjoy the tour. Where are you at the moment? Are you at home?

Anthony Kiedis: At the moment, I’m standing naked in my kitchen.

Jo Whiley: OK. So you’re not cooking are you? You haven’t got the frying pan out?


Anthony Kiedis: No hot grease anywhere near.

Jo Whiley: Ok. Fine. I was worried for a bit then!

Anthony Kiedis: Yeah.

Jo Whiley: Anthony it was nice to talk to you and hopefully see you when you’re over here in the UK. Come in and say hi to us.

Anthony Kiedis: Thank you for your time, Jo,

Jo Whiley: We’ll play the single now. This is ‘Dark Necessities.’ Anthony, thank you.

Anthony Kiedis: Bye, Jo.

Jo Whiley: Step away from the hot fat.

Anthony Kiedis: Will do.




I’ve just uploaded photos of the program from last night’s charity fundraiser, the Red Hot Benefit Concert, Music & & Quinceanera. I’ve added transcripts of the main text too. There’s a photo of RHCP, Anthony Kiedis and Flea are listed on the Silverlake page along with the above picture of Flea and obviously several pages feature Chad Smith since he and Will Ferrell were the hosts of the event. 

The full program with transcript of the main text can be seen HERE


The Red Hot Benefit Comedy & Quinceanera


Last night (April 29th 2016) saw the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Beneficiaries from the event included Cancer for College and The Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

The evening centered around the drumming talents of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ own Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell returning to the theme of their drum-off on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ back in 2014 for a re-match.

The Drum-Off Between Chad Smith & Will Ferrell @ the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera, April 29th 2016


This video starts with some of the pre-show warm up trivia, some interviews and then swaps to footage of the actual 2016 show (about 11 minutes in) which begins with a clip from the original drum off with Jimmy Fallon. The new drum off them takes place with guest appearances by drummers including Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters, Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Tommy Lee (from the late, great Motley Crue but who only clapped rather than play the drums). It concluded with Mick Fleetwood playing a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ accompanied by a marching band, the USC Trojans (who looked more like Roman centurions than anything Troy related but what does this English girl know?!).

There was also other entertainment including Devo and a brief set by RHCP…

The Red Hot Chili Peppers @ the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera, April 29th 2016


Credit: Dave Rat


Set List:

Can’t Stop




By The Way

Encore: Higher Ground

UPDATE: This video shows the whole show; some from back stage and there are clips of the person who took it and side views too but it gives those of us who weren’t there a better idea of what happened!


Please note: Videos and photos are only really starting to come out now. I will update if there’s anything else :)

Many thanks to Angra who was my LA reporter once again! And Shalhevet for extra information.