RHCP Tour 2016: iHeart Radio ‘The Getaway’ Launch Party

iheart-radio-launch-rhcpSource Photo by Ronin Guerra

Today/yesterday (time zones!) the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a concert for iHeart Radio to a crowd of 200 fans who had won tickets through competitions for the show. The concert was recorded and will be broadcast on June 17th which is the launch date for RHCP’s new album ”The Getaway.’

New songs from ‘The Getaway’ were played at the concert and as a result, security at the concert was tight with guests searched and no recording devices were allowed in. Dark Necessities got its second public live performance (the first being at last weekend’s Rock On The Range festival in Ohio) and Sick Love, This Ticonderoga and Go Robot were played for the first time.

Guest Information:

iheart-radio-rhcp-guest-info-1 iheart-radio-rhcp-guest-info-2

Date: Thursday 26th May, 2016

Location: iHeart Radio Theater, Burbank, California

Set List:


Many thanks to Jesse for permission to use this

Can’t Stop

Sick Love


Dark Necessities

Universally Speaking

This Ticonderoga


Go Robot

Soul To Squeeze

By The Way

Other Information:
They discussed that Sick Love is the song that features Elton John (I’m in England, can I name him? Or is it only his partner we can’t discuss without the threat of law suits?!) and apparently it’s “really slow and mellow”. It was also played twice to allow for an edit as there were mistakes made while playing it the first time.

 Many thanks to Angra who was there!!!!

iHeart Radio Concert

Tonight IS the night for the iHeart Radio show Red Hot Chili Peppers’ launch party concert for ‘The Getaway’ which will be recorded for broadcast on the album release date (17th June)!

I don’t expect much news to come out from the actual concert because there is a really strict entry policy and no phones or cameras are being allowed into the venue – which also means very little in terms of photos or videos unless the band/radio station release something :( But hopefully we will find out something about the evening afterwards!
This is dedicated to everyone going tonight! I’m totally envious (and I think everyone else is too!) but I hope you have an amazing time! You are so lucky! Enjoy!!! :)

Josh Klinghoffer Interview


Josh was interviewed backstage at Rock On The Range. I’ve added a transcript- I haven’t typed it all out because a lot of it was unclear as Josh’s voice is really muffled at times and the presenters talked over him a lot.


Presenters talking about shaving legs and Josh is joining in but very unclear…Then they finally seem to start the interview and talk about Josh playing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
What was it like when you did get that phone call [about being in RHCP]?
Josh Klinghoffer: It was shocking and exciting and kind of a beautiful moment. I was at a baseball game [talks about the teams]… it was July when Flea called me and we didn’t actually get a chance to play together until October.
So Flea made the call?
Josh Klinghoffer: Yes, Flea made the call.

Talking about Gnarls Barkley and Danger Mouse, etc. Presenter says RHCP have played some weird shows leading up to this e.g. half shows and then New Orleans and asks about what they are going to play now.
Can you give anything away? Are you going to step it up for Rock on the Range? Not that you need to. But you know what I’m saying.
Josh Klinghoffer: Yeah, it is a fairly rockin’ set. When we were invited to come here someone reminded us it was a very rock set … Are you sure you guys want to do this?

One of the presenters asks if her favourite song is on the set list. Josh says he’s seen the set list once and that it wasn’t included for this show although they have started playing it live. But he will ask about it. Presenter jokes she will shave his legs if he doesn’t. And that she now knows his name (in the starting bit she asked what he was called!).

They then talk about the new record being out on the 17th June and that there are 13 songs on the record and the presenter says the Chili Peppers are generous with their albums.
Josh Klinghoffer: Are you a fan of longer albums? Coz there’s always an argument, not an argument but a disagreement and there was with the last album and there was with this album about how many songs to release. It was 15 to start off with and then we took two off it. Brian [Danger Mouse] …we were aiming for 10 or 11 songs as we like shorter albums… so we settled on 13. With 13 we had to make a double vinyl rather than fitting it onto one. So there are pluses and minuses in that it kinda breaks up the whole album but I don’t know how people listen and if they listen to a whole album.

Presenter talks about how he likes to listen to records in order from beginning to end and how he got a record player for his birthday and which vinyls (includes Mother’s Milk). And then about what Brian/Danger Mouse is doing. Then asks what Josh is listening to.
Josh Klinghoffer: I’m not sure. It’s been a long time since I bought a new record. I listen to older stuff, I listen to weird African records and … [gets talked over]

Presenters talk about New Orleans style music (Zydeco] and then mention Ethiopian music.
Josh Klinghoffer: Well, Flea and I went to Ethiopia in 2010. And Flea told Anthony about getting lost and not being able to find all of us which was shocking because we turned around and he was gone. And yeah, I love Ethiopian music. I loved it over there. We’re trying to figure out how to get over there and play.

Ends with them joking about playing Aeroplane and that ‘Joshy’ hates her if it’s not played.

Photos of RHCP at KROQ Weenie Roast


Getty Images have uploaded a number of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (of course without Anthony) at KROQ’s Weenie Roast yesterday (14th May). Some of the photos show Chad Smith and Flea being interviewed backstage prior to the concert (video in post below) and the others are of Chad Smith, Flea and Josh Klinghoffer on stage announcing to the audience that RHCP would not be playing due to Anthony Kiedis being taken to hospital :(


The Red Hot Benefit Comedy & Quinceanera


Last night (April 29th 2016) saw the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Beneficiaries from the event included Cancer for College and The Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

The evening centered around the drumming talents of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ own Chad Smith and actor Will Ferrell returning to the theme of their drum-off on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ back in 2014 for a re-match.

The Drum-Off Between Chad Smith & Will Ferrell @ the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera, April 29th 2016


This video starts with some of the pre-show warm up trivia, some interviews and then swaps to footage of the actual 2016 show (about 11 minutes in) which begins with a clip from the original drum off with Jimmy Fallon. The new drum off them takes place with guest appearances by drummers including Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters, Stewart Copeland (The Police) and Tommy Lee (from the late, great Motley Crue but who only clapped rather than play the drums). It concluded with Mick Fleetwood playing a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk’ accompanied by a marching band, the USC Trojans (who looked more like Roman centurions than anything Troy related but what does this English girl know?!).

There was also other entertainment including Devo and a brief set by RHCP…

The Red Hot Chili Peppers @ the Red Hot Benefit Comedy, Music & Quinceanera, April 29th 2016


Credit: Dave Rat


Set List:

Can’t Stop




By The Way

Encore: Higher Ground

UPDATE: This video shows the whole show; some from back stage and there are clips of the person who took it and side views too but it gives those of us who weren’t there a better idea of what happened!


Please note: Videos and photos are only really starting to come out now. I will update if there’s anything else :)

Many thanks to Angra who was my LA reporter once again! And Shalhevet for extra information.

RHCP at Jazzfest

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played the headlining set at Jazzfest, New Orleans yesterday (24th April, 2016).



01 Can’t Stop
02 Dani California
03 Scar Tissue
04 Ethiopia
05 Aeroplane
06 Snow ((Hey Oh))
07 Right On Time
08 Universally Speaking
09 The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie
10 Higher Ground
11 Under The Bridge
12 Suck My Kiss
13 Magic Johnson (tease)
14 Californication
15 By The Way

16 Around The World
17 Give It Away

 (Thanks to Henrik!)



George Porter Jr., Ziggy Modeliste and Ivan Neville from The Meters joined RHCP for a jam at the end of the concert.



The New Orleans Advocate



Full show