RHCP Tour 2016: Reading Festival!


The Main Stage, Reading Festival

Despite driving there through a very heavy rainstorm, earlier forecasts in the week of rain and some heavy rain drops falling briefly, it remained dry for the whole day and later on (I took this when I first arrived) the sun came out and it was a lot brighter.

Date: Saturday 27th August, 2016

Location: Reading, England.


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Merch

reading-2016-rhcp-merch-1 reading-2016-rhcp-merch-2



reading-ticket reading-wristband

Set List:

rhcp-reading-august-27-2016-set-list-claireMany thanks to Claire for permission to use her photo

Can’t Stop

Dani California

Scar Tissue

Dark Necessities

Adventures of Raindance Maggie

Snow ((Hey Oh))

Go Robot


Parallel Universe

The Getaway


Under The Bridge

By the Way


Goodbye Angels

Give It Away

My Notes:

At some point they played a snippet of ‘Brimful of Asha’ by Cornershop

Flea and his daughter Sunny did a handstand together and then Sunny did a flip across the stage before the two shared a loving hug. So Sweet!


Rebecca’s Review of Reading!

I was there! I wasn’t originally going to the festival because of having to take my kids which wasn’t a good idea on so many levels but very last minute, thanks to some amazing friends who looked after my children and got a ticket to me as they had sold out by that point, I got to go!!!

Arrived at Reading early afternoon and then begin the 65 minute trek from the car park to the festival site (not that far) and on to the arena entrance (was that far! You had to walk all the way round the venue from the main entrance to virtually the opposite side to get to the actual day ticket entrance and then walk through part of the camp site to get to the arena entrance itself -on the way out you could just leave by the main entrance which took a few mins- and then through the ticket check point, the swap your ticket for a wristband tent, the queue for the arena and to go through security who just glanced at my bag and didn’t seem to do much but there was a long queue all the same… Total faff and the worst organised festival I’ve been to in terms of entrance ( e.g.the Isle of Wight festival sent you a wristband instead of a ticket which saved the faff of swapping things) although everything else was really well done.

The first act I got to see was Slaves (Slave?). Sorry not my thing! I’m past puerile angst (and I think the vocalist looked old enough to be past it too!) and it’s been done better and more originally by others and I think I’m getting old but every other word (literally and including one song they played) doesn’t have to be the “f word”. But maybe that’s just me!

Eagles of Death Metal

The next act was Eagles of Death Metal who were really good. A couple of songs in, the vocalist put on a RHCP t-shirt and a cape and he wore the t-shirt for most of their set until he removed it and threw it into the audience. It was also sweet how he did a shout out to his father and got the crowd to cheer for him. Loved their cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Save A  Prayer’ at the end of their set.


I missed the next act while buying a t-shirt (obviously RHCP!) and food as the queues were a lot shorter when someone was playing although they sounded good and I regretted not getting stuff earlier on so I could listen to them properly.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons were up next and I started moving closer to the stage partly as I wanted to see them and also to try to get a better spot ready for RHCP. Loved ‘Radioactive’ when it came out and bought the album but never got into it as it sounds so different to that first single but they were really good live and ‘heavier’ than the album. Will try re-listening to the album now!


The Red Hot Chili Peppers
And then the reason why I went… RHCP! The set started with a trumpet solo before going into the jam leading into ‘Can’t Stop’. Amazing set! Obviously, I have songs I prefer to other ones and every song they played was one I really like so it was a brilliant set list as far as I was concerned AND I also got to hear some songs off the new album live for the first time which, of course, was amazing and I was very happy about! 🙂 The audience was great and there was a wonderful atmosphere.
I was close to the very end of the safety barrier for the start of the set but decided to move back  after a while as it was so hot and I couldn’t see Chad at all and wanted to see the whole stage for the new display- although I didn’t manage either of those as I ended up just a bit farther back than from where I started out from but I now had room to move about and treat Reading to my dancing skills ( :P). Many thanks to Stephanie and Anna (hope I got that right!) who decided that dancing with a totally insane RHCP fan to ‘By the Way’ (so glad your fav song got played!), through to the end of the main set and for giving me hugs during ‘Under The Bridge’ because they knew how much that song means to me, was the most normal thing in the world! Was great to meet you girls 😀

Shout outs too to Sage (think he was seven) who was at his first RHCP concert with his mum and who loves the band and also to the group from Guernsey I stood by at the side of the stage at the beginning- hope you enjoyed your first RHCP concert too! There was another couple I was chatting to for ages before I went in search of food (am amazing veggie burrito! Was so good!) and merch who were so friendly.  And to the guy who chatted me walking along the road back into Reading at the end of the concert. And the pics are attached at the bottom as promised for you guys who asked me to take them!!! Thanks everyone <3


Red Hot Chili Peppers – We Will Rock You (Flea… by dlstreamlive

Full Show:


I tried taking photos as I always do but I didn’t get any good ones- so disappointed and I actually cried when I saw them at home today as I’d tried so hard to get some good shots (final straw on a stressful day; my son ended up being rushed to hospital by my friend looking after him as he had a bad asthma attack. Despite being told he was fine as he’d responded well to treatment and that there was no need, I raced the 100 miles back to be with him as soon as my friend called me first thing this morning. He’s totally fine now but my stress levels are still high!) but it’s so hard to take them from the crowd. Have included the better ones. The first ones at the beginning are pictures taken of the display screens and came out the best of the lot.


(Photos as requested:)

P1060049 P1060048



RHCP Go Robot…

… Well, Anthony Kiedis goes robot at least! (Flea seems to have a white face in some of the photos too but I guess we’ll have to wait and  see!).

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have recorded the video to accompany the second single, ‘Go Robot’, from their new album The Getaway.

Tell me now, I know that it just won’t stop
You will find your flow when you go robot
I want to thank you and spank you upon your silver skin
Robots don’t care where I’ve been
You’ve got to choose it to use it, so let me plug it in
Robots are my next of kin.


? #rhcp #redhotchilipeppers ? #GoRobot #anthonykiedes @chilipeppers ? #Brooklyn

A video posted by @maralamala on

Many thanks to everyone who sent me links and especially Shalhevet for putting things into one file! I’m not sure of the origins for these photos so please contact me if you wish to be credited (or have a photo removed).

Rolling Stone Article with interview clips

rolling stone pre-show ritual

Rolling stone is running an article about the band’s pre-show warm ups which has a short interview with each member of the band. You can read the article here

Video transcripts:

QUESTION: What’s your ritual?

Anthony Kiedis: The physicality of our shows is such there’s no way you’re going to make that happen without preparation and because I sing loud for two hours during a show I have to spend a lot of time getting my voice together with the right food, with the right warm ups and then I have to run or stretch or do push-ups or wrestle Flea or something to get my blood flowing. You can’t go from zero to 100 miles per hour without preparing. So I have to eat three hours before so I have protein in my blood stream but so that I won’t vomit all over the microphone because if I eat right before I play, I’m not keeping it down. It’s too intense; it’s like paying an entire basketball game, or something, while you’re singing or playing instruments. And there’s also a certain headspace that you have to get into, which we all kind of gravitate into one room about fifteen minutes before we go on and we listen to some music together. It could be anything; it could be funkadelic, it could be Patty Smith, it could be anything but we kinda get together and get on the same wavelength. And Josh is incessantly warming up and Flea is incessantly warming up and Chad shows up in his jumpsuit and starts tapping the sticks. And everyone has to have their bones and their tissues and their thoughts warm and stimulate and together for us to take the stage and get off on the right foot. You know, we can’t do it cold or show up late. It literally takes hours to get ready. And sometimes you’re more ready than others and sometimes there’s nerves and sometimes something bad happens right before you go on but you have to be able to deal with all of that and put it aside. You could be sick, you could be hurt, you could be upset, you could be in a fight with your girlfriend, maybe you didn’t sleep, whatever, you have to get it together for that moment.

Flea: We all have different things that we do. I mean I have a real specific ritual. I warm up playing bass for like an hour. I stretch, I run around the arena you know to get my blood flowing, I meditate, I pray. I’m pretty intense about it.

Chad Smith: I don’t have a real… umm. I think Flea and Anthony have a real, it’s 6.45 I’m gonna do this, at 7.30 I’m going do that and then I’m going to [mimes playing bass]. Yeah, I’m kinda like, I don’t like to get to the show too early; those guys will show up early like four hours before the gig … [mumbling]. Whatever works. For me I like to get there about an hour and a half before, and I like to watch some of the band before and I like to have a look at the crowd and hang…(?) and look around a bit. And I get something to eat and I just warm up and we’re lucky and fortunate to have instruments backstage to get the blood flowing. I think the best way to perform is to be relaxed. I want to be excited to play. I don’t really get nervous because if I was nervous I wouldn’t know what I was going to be doing. I’m excited but I want to be relaxed because when you’re relaxed you play best (?). And just connect with the other guys. So just hang out, talk, listen to music. Whatever. I don’t have a [makes chopping gesture with hand] thing.

Josh Klinghoffer: I don’t have that much of a ritual. I ..umm… I warm up my voice now because I see the difference when I do and when I don’t so I try to do that. What else? I try to play as much as I can. Play guitar throughout the day. Warm up my voice, try no longer to entertain guests coz that takes more out of me than playing three shows. Especially at this early stage of a tour as you have friends come, family come to the shows and they want to spend time with you and they don’t necessarily understand what you have to go do; expel the physical and the psychological energy… Our crew and everyone who works with this band, is such a great person who has such much positivity thing that they bring to it and everyone does such an amazing job, that in a show, at a show that it’s hard not just to feel joy.

Red Hot Chili Peppers from 104.3 The Shark

New two-part interview with the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Anthony does one voice over; the rest is Chad Smith, Josh Klinghoffer and Flea)


Part one:

Question: On the radio

Flea: The first time I ever heard myself on the radio was in 1979 when I played in a group called Anthym.

Chad Smith: I was in Detroit, Michigan where I grew up and I was in a band called Toby Redd, with two ‘d’s. And we were kind of a modern rock band in the late 80s.

Flea: I remember it so well. We all were gathered round and drinking beers and stuff and waiting for it as we knew we were going to come on the radio in this three hour time period. We were so psyched and our song came on the radio and we couldn’t believe it. And the song was called ‘Clocks’ and the guy said, “And here’s a band called Anthym with a neat little ditty called Clocks.” And it came on and it was like this neat New Wave ditty [Flea sings, “do de doo dee de dee…” something like that!] and that was it and you know it was really exciting.

Chad Smith: It was pretty exciting. I remember we did an interview with the station late at night and then I drove home and I remember sitting in my driveway and listening to the radio station and hearing our interview which was obviously taped and waiting for them liketo talk to us. [Mock voice] “And a new band got a new record deal and this is their new song dada dada dah.” And I was like wow this is so cool. I cranked it up and wasby myself in the parking lot area of the driveway in my house at like midnight listening to our song. It was like pretty, pretty exciting to think you could even be on a station that played all of what I thought were like my favourite bands and heroes and I didn’t feel worthy, you know? [Laughs]

Flea: It’s funny coz I always think of that like you know we just put out our single for this new record last week, the song ‘Dark Necessities’, and I always have that feeling. I knew the song was coming out last Wednesday at 7a.m. I was up at 6.30 lying in my bed, put on my phone, put on the radio and I was like I wonder if they are going to play it when it comes out and sure enough, at 7a.m bam! there is the song. You know music is such an interior thing, you know, you sit by a room with your piano, your bass, whatever you write music, you get together with your friends and you kind of circle the wagons and you hold up in a room and you write and create and you write them songs. Then you get in the studio and once again, you know once again you circle them wagons, make a little bigger circle, and bring in a producer and shit and get into it and make this thing. And it’s all so personal, you know, and all of a sudden it’s all done and bam! it’s out in the world and it becomes there for everybody and it’s a really wild feeling, you know? It’s like thing that’s become so personal interior becoming for everybody and people are gonna like it or not like it or yell at ya or love ya or hug ya or tell ya to get lost. So it’s a crazy experience but every time I’m still excited to hear it on the radio and I still get this feeling man. I’m like 53 years old and I still just like, “we’re on the radio!” and my daughter’s running around and I’m like, “Sunny! SunnY! Get in here,” my 10 year old daughter, “we’re on the radio!” And she’s like, “Which one papa?” [squeaky voice]. And we’re dancing around the kitchen hearing it and stuff and making oatmeal. So it’s you know, it’s exciting.

Chad Smith: So yeah, you know that feeling never really goes away for me. Feel like a little kid. It’s like Christmas, oh my god… [laughs]

QUESTION: Last thing you heard on the radio?

Josh Klinghoffer: The score of a play-off game.

Chad Smith: Whoever was singing, what’s that song from Frozen? [someone speaks in the background]. That one! The Frozen song. I think Hamilton is the new Frozen for adults.

Flea: Dee dee do dee dee dee doo do….

Part Two:

Question: What does ‘The Getaway mean to you?

Chad Smith: Well, The Getaway obviously means the title of our new record.

Flea: Well, The Getaway means something intangible to me. But the thing is it makes me think about the band. The band’s always it’s been a real sanctuary for me, in the chaos of the world, growing up as a street kid kind of stuff, being able to bond with my friends and having a place to feel safe to be myself. You know we get mad, hurt each other’s feelings; it’s a real family and a brotherhood. The band has always been a place for me to getaway to. I mean not running away from ourselves but changing and growing and learning and becoming kinder, stronger and more beautiful people.

Chad Smith: You know there is a lot of stuff kinda going on in the world right now with refugees and a lot of people are struggling and when I think of it right now, that’s it. The sad part of it.

Josh Klinghoffer: The first title that we all agreed on. I don’t know. I suppose it means kinda like norms or practices that the band is used to. The way the record is made. The way some of the songs were written. The person that produced the labum.

Flea: I’m excited that on the album, which is a relatively short album for us as we tried to cut it down, we cut off songs that we really loved, but it’s thirteen songs long and every song really occupies its own emotional space.

Chad Smith: Yeah The Getaway is coming out. Dark Necessities has been out as a single; you know I’m really happy with that song. I think it has lots of elements of the Chili Peppers but also is real different and has some growth and change in it. So I think it’s a really good example of where we’re at now as a band.

Josh Klinghoffer: There’s a song called ‘The Hunter’ which I think is a beautiful song, sort of different to anything the bands done before.

Chad Smith: ‘Dreams of a Samurai’ which is the last song on the record, which if it was up to me I wouldn’t have put it last- you see when you’re in a band, there’s a democratic situation and everybody has their vote and I didn’t want it to get lost (?) because I think it’s a really cool song for us.

Josh Klinghoffer: Yeah. No nor did I.

Chad Smith: Again, different a lot of growth.

Josh Klinghoffer: Yeah. That’s truly an interesting song with choir, with some strings, maybe.

Chad Smith: I think we played the song maybe twice so it’s caught a real good spontaneous moment for us.

Flea: I don’t really have favourites. I just love the creative process as a time capsule of where we’ve been during this portion of our lives, you know?

Chad Smith: I don’t know who came up with the title, it might have been Anthony, our singer.

Anthony Kiedis voiceover: Our new song Dark Necessities is about a group of unemployed astronauts sitting around a Ralph’s parking lot trying to eat ice-cream through their astronautical helmets and not having great success.

Question: What is included with the Limited Edition release of ‘The Getaway’?

Josh Klinghoffer: Apparently a cassingle

Chad Smith: I think that was Flea’s idea. A cassette. And then you get some of his toenails that he probably clipped last week and a couple of strands of Anthony’s pubic hair, and one of Josh’s old tennis shoes. Nothing from me.

RHCP Tour 2016: Novarock


Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski


Date: Sunday 12th June, 2016

Location: Pannonia Fields, near Nickelsdorf, Austria



Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

Set List:

01 Can’t Stop

02 Dani California

03 Scar Tissue

04 We Turn Red

05 Snow (Hey Oh)

06 Ethiopia

07 Nobody Weird Like Me

08 Dark Necessities

09 She’s Only 18

10 Tell Me Baby

11 The Getaway

12 Californication

13 By The Way


14 Under The Bridge

15 Give It Away



Photo Credits: Henrik Lewandowski

 Csenge’s Notes from the Show

There was actually a pretty nice one-man show from Josh after the comeback (before Under the Bridge). He and Chad was on stage and Josh started to play and sing (!) Tonight (an Iggy Pop – David Bowie song)

Earlier, after Nobody Weird Like Me, Anthony asked Josh whether he knew the song Rain by The Beatles. (It was a rainy day – you never knew whether it started to rain or not – but fortunately during the show it was not raining ) anyway, Josh started to play and sing the song Rain 🙂

She’s Only 18 and Tell Me Baby were quite a surprise. It was a really great show! I loved every minute of it.


Many thanks to Csenge Hatala for the information & Henrik Lewandowski for the pictures



‘The Getaway’ Album Review: Alternative Nation

Alternative Nation has published a review of The Getaway which discusses all of the tracks. It says the standout tracks are The Longest Wave, Sick Love, and Dark Necessities.

4. The Longest Wave

This is one of Kiedis’ most inspired performances on the album, with an instantly memorable chorus and consistent lyrics. It is definitely one of the album’s highlights, Flea and Klinghoffer’s interplay is among their best since he has joined the band.

5. Goodbye Angels

“Goodbye Angels” is another song about Anthony Kiedis’ love life…Kiedis expands on the themes of age difference affecting his relationship, with the lyrics getting darker.

Say goodbye my love
Thought that I could make you whole
Let your lover sail
Death was made to fail

6. Sick Love

“Sick Love” features Elton John on piano, and he fits in seamlessly. The chorus is one of the catchiest on the album, it has a nostalgic feel that is somewhat reminiscent of 90’s R&B. David Bowie’s influence can also be heard throughout the song.

Rivers get connected so much stronger than expected well
Sick love comes to wash us away
Prisons of perspective
How your vision gets corrected and
Sick love is my modern cliche

“Sick Love” is one of the standout tracks on The Getaway where the experimentation really pays off.

7. Go Robot

“Go Robot” is driven by the rhythm section of Flea and Chad Smith, with melodic synth in the verses, and fuzzier synth in the chorus. Danger Mouse’s influence is evident here on this dancey discoesque track.

8. Feasting On The Flowers

“Feasting On The Flowers” is another R&B flavored song, especially the chorus.

Everything they said about everything
Was a coming undone it’s a life supreme
I do and I don’t, well I do and I don’t, Oh yeah

Feasting on the flowers so fast and young
It’s a light so bright that I bite my tongue
I do and I don’t, well I do and I don’t, Oh yeah
The next dimension, show me in

9. Detroit

“Detroit” changes the pace from the previous tracks, both lyrically and musically. It is more of a straight ahead mid-tempo rocker, reminiscent of Soundgarden and the Strokes. Kiedis sings with distorted vocals about the city of Detroit, with shout outs to the Stooges, J Dilla, Henry Ford, and Funkadelic.

“Detroit” will likely be a live favorite from the album, especially since it is a more straight ahead rock song than many other tracks.

10. This Ticonderoga

“The Ticonderoga” is a distorted rocker, and it’s probably the most uptempo song on The Getaway. Lyrically is goes back to the major theme of lost love on the album, and having to deal with aging, especially in the context of being in a relationship with a younger woman.

11. Encore

“Encore” is a nostalgic ballad.

12. The Hunter

“The Hunter” is another piano driven ballad, with more of a storyteller perspective from Kiedis lyrically rather than his autobiographic point of view on many of the album’s songs.

Even though you raised me I will never be your father
King of each and every Sunset Marquis
Even though you’re crazy you will never be a bother
You’re my Old Man In the Sea

13. Dreams Of A Samurai

The Getaway‘s closing track “Dreams Of A Samurai” opens up with melancholic piano with a vocal solo by Beverley Chitwood before Flea’s bassline kicks in followed by Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis, and Josh Klinghoffer. The moody psychedelia on “Dreams Of A Samurai” should make it a live favorite, with plenty of opportunities for extended jamming. Chitwood returns for another vocal solo to close the song. Anthony Kiedis’ lyrics tie together the themes of lost love and dealing with his age and morality on the album.

I’m a lonely lad
I’ve lost myself out on the range
I don’t remember much
So don’t ask me I’ve gone insane

Slowly turning into driftwood
No one ever wants to die alone
Thinking that a pretty gift could
Make you less unknown

You can read the full article here


RHCP Tour 2016: Pinkpop, The Netherlands

Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined the Pinkpop Festival


Date: Friday 10th June

Location: Landgraaf, The Netherlands

pinkpop-june-2016-the-nether-lands-stage-henrikPhoto Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

such a rad show tonight homies … #PinkPop #Holland @chilipeppers #AK

A video posted by David Mushegain (@davidmushegain) on


Set List:


Photo Credit: Henrik Lewandowski

1 Can’t Stop
2 Dani California
3 Scar Tissue
4 We Turn Red
5 Snow ((Hey Oh))
6 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
7 Nobody Weird Like Me
8 Dark Necessities
9 Wet Sand
10 Right On Time
11 The Getaway
12 Californication
13 By The Way

14 Soul To Squeeze
15 Give It Away

Many thanks once again to Henrik for this information!


‘We Turn Red’ was played live for the first time.

Anthony Kiedis played bass!  A jam opened with Chad Smith playing drums and AK picked up a bass! Josh was on guitar and Flea was on keyboards/
Video Full Concert:

Video of the full show: