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We’re sorry but our Josh section is quite brief right now because there isn’t as much information on him as for other members of RHCP and because we’re still playing catch up here! Please keep checking back as we’ll add more information when we can.

Josh Klinghoffer Magazine Scan Collection

We have well over 300 magazine scans online in the ‘Articles and Scans’ section and obviously Josh features in many of those from 2011 onwards.

UPDATE: Total Guitar (July 2012)  huge interview with Josh!

(This is the first solo, in-depth I’ve seen with Josh since he joined RHCP)


Josh Klinghoffer: On a Cover of a Magazine Magazines in our scan collection featuring Josh on the cover

 Klinghoffer Social Networking Sites:

Josh Klinghoffer does not have any known/verified public accounts on any social networking sites apart from a Facebook page which he seems to keep fairly private.

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