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Josh Kinghoffer: Biography

Josh Klinghoffer Tattoos: Josh is the only member of RHCP to have no tattoos.

[Have added this here to follow the format for the other band members and because it is a question that frequently gets asked].

Josh Klinghoffer Magazine Scan Collection:

There are over 700 magazine scans online in the ‘Articles and Scans’ section and obviously Josh features in many of those from 2011 onwards. This is a selection where Josh features more heavily in the articles:

Rolling Stone (September 2011). Band interview but includes a short biography section on Josh and many comments about him joining the band.

Guitar World (October 2011) Interview with Josh Klinghoffer and Anthony Kiedis (they both appear on the cover).

Total Guitar (July 2012)  Huge interview with Josh!


Josh Klinghoffer Social Networking Sites:

Josh Klinghoffer does not have any known/verified public accounts on Twitter or Instagram. He did have a Facebook page although he closed it a couple of years ago.


Josh Klinghoffer and Photos

Josh really doesn’t like having his photo taken. If you are lucky enough to meet him in real life, please don’t bug him and ask for a photo as it makes it awkward for everyone and it will save him having to refuse and explain 🙂

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