Anthony Kiedis

TheChiliSource has a sister site that is dedicated exclusively to Anthony Kiedis called where the information, photos and magazine articles that we have for Anthony are hosted. There seems to be little point duplicating that information on this website so please check out if you want to find out more about our favourite vocalist/song-writer 🙂 I’ve just added a few links below for ease.

Anthony Kiedis: News

Anthony Kiedis: Biography Full biography from birth until current day.

Anthony Kiedis: FAQs & Info posts Over 30 information posts on Anthony and things to do with his life and activities with more being added frequently.

Anthony Kiedis: Magazine Scan collection Hover over ‘Magazine Scan/Articles’ tab and the chronological galleries will drop down. There are well over 200 full magazine scans and clippings on



3 thoughts on “Anthony Kiedis

  1. Greetings Anthony,
    I know this is a tremendous longshot…However, my gf’s and I are attending CP’s concert at the Wells Fargo Center this Sunday 2/12/17. I can’t tell you how absolutely, uniquivicically excited we are to see RHCP. We very in age from early 50’s to 24 yoa. My gf, Melissas’ B’Day, just so happens to be the night of the concert.
    Finally, here’s the longshot…Would you wish Melissa R., my tall “Concrete Blond” a HAPPY BIRTHDAY? She would probably “piss her pants”, if you did! We’ll be in Section 106 (seat #’s I don’t have bc I’m laying in bed at 2:30am typing this).
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly!

    RHCP Rock On…
    kisses…Valerie (GIDIUPV)

  2. Oh and if you so happen to get my previous message to wish Melissa R. in section 106 @ the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphila PA, a Happy Birthday. Could ya’ll play, Blood Sugar Sex Magik? I just LOVE that song and that album!
    Happy Birthday, to my gf, the tall “Concrete Blond” from DelCo would be enough. Thank you!
    Kisses and all the best…~V~

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