RHCP Other Members

This menu is for the people who have been members of RHCP in the past; the information for each one will vary according to what additional material we have available for each member- any group RHCP interviews from magazine scans can be found in the Magazine Scans/Articles which are arranged chronologically.

Rockin On Article (sorry no date available)

Annals Retentive: NME Article talking about Hillel’s death (sorry date not known)

Spread ‘Pelican’ Article about Dave Navarro and Chad Smith working on an album.

1995 November Guitar (Vol 5 No 11) Lengthy Q & A session with Dave Navarro

1996 March Guitar World Interview with Dave talking about One Hot Minute, his life and Jane’s Addiction

1998 April Kerrang! 695 News item on Dave Navarro leaving the band



1992 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and Arik Marshall

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