Flea at Pathway to Paris

Last night, RHCP’s very own Flea took part in the 2018 ‘Pathway to Paris’ concert in San Francisco along with a number of other people. Flea’s solo is absolutely amazing!

You can watch the performance HERE. Flea is introduced by Patti Smith and comes on at 1:02 playing a bass and trumpet solo for 15 minutes. He also plays bass during the finale while Patti Smith which can be found in the second video link in the comments or this is the direct link. He joins the stage about 47 minutes into the video.


Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Many thanks to Shalhevet for the video link.

Chad Smith on The Art of Drumming

RHCP’s Chad Smith, featured briefly on episode 1 ‘The Art of Drumming’ on Britain’s Sky Arts channel last night. He featured for a second or two in the introduction but there were two longer clips. Sorry rubbish quality as recorded off my TV using my phone as I have no idea how else to copy something from the TiVo box but it will give the idea. The program is actually a history of drumming and drumbeats, interviewing the people responsible for the breakthroughs, with other drummers commenting. They went through the 50s, 60s, and ended with reggae/Bob Marley in last night’s show.

Article about Flea’s memoir ‘Acid For The Children’

A brief article about Flea’s book, ‘Acid For the Children’ has been published. The book will examine Flea’s childhood & is now due for publication on the 27th November:

“It’s easy to tell funny stories about the ridiculous, crazy things you did as a kid. But to get underneath the things that happened, to really look at back at my childhood with distance in between, and have that retrospective introspection… I just thought that would be a great spiritual exercise.”

BTW It apparently looks at Flea’s early years only and “It ends where The Red Hot Chili Peppers begins.” I think lots of people were assuming it was going to be more along the “Scar Tissue” lines, with some actual early RHCP related content, but that seems not to be the case (although I’m guessing that there will be mentions of fellow RHCP member, Anthony Kiedis, since they were childhood friends).

Full article HERE

RHCP About to Begin Work on a New Album!

There is a brief new interview out with Anthony Kiedis. He says that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to begin work on a new album in a couple of weeks! 😀

Kiedis doesn’t like to keep fans waiting, either. He revealed that the Chili Peppers will begin work on a new album in about two weeks.

You can read the full story on USA/UK News.

Navarro and Smith Reminiscing about RHCP Woodstock Performance

Yahoo Entertainment is running an article about Dave Navarro phoning in to Chad Smith’s radio show with the two reminiscing about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance at Woodstock in 1994 wearing giant light bulbs. They also mention dressing in Arctic clothing to appear on the Letterman Show:

Full article

Flea and John

Flea and John were seen chatting at a boxing fight in Los Angeles at Staples Center at the weekend:

Trailer for Movie, ‘Boy Erased’, Featuring Flea

The trailer for ‘Boy Erased’ has been released. The movie stars Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe as the parents of a gay boy, Garrard, who is sent to a gay conversion therapy centre by his parents. It is is based on Garrard Conley’s 2016 memoir of the same name,

Flea plays the part of a counsellor and can be seen in the trailer telling off the course attendees and screaming, “Fake it till you make it. Become the man you are not. Save yourself!” Flea appears at 1.06.