RHCP on Tour 2019: Oceana Benefit Concert

Date: Saturday 12th October, 2019

Location: Somewhere in Hollywood, California

Details: This was a fundraising event headlined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, for Oceana (a maritime conservation charity). The concert was held in a private garden. Tickets cost between $2500 and $50,000 for a table.


Source: Event Eleven story on Instagram

Dark Necessities

Zephyr Song


I Like Dirt


Higher Ground

Don’t Forget Me

(By The Way Not played due to technical issues)*

Give It Away (shown on several videos)


*Article on  Billboard Website about the event and also detailing the song change from the set list:

By the way… how does it go again? 

The finale of the night provided the lucky guests with a bizarre rarity: the Chili Peppers forgetting how to play one of their biggest hits. Flea and Klinghoffer turned to face each, apparently to start their 2002 smash “By the Way,” but looked completely perplexed by the horrendous, out-of-tune racket they created. For a good minute, the duo looked utterly stumped as guests giggled (“I blame the bass tech” quipped Kiedis) before Flea switched out his instrument and the band launched into a note-perfect “Give It Away.” As back-up plans go, it’s a pretty good one to have up your sleeve.


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Californication!! @oceana

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Thanks to people for posting on social media so we fans could see something of the concert! 🙂

Flea Book Promotion Dates

More dates have been added (all in the US 🙁 ) to promote Flea’s forthcoming autobiography, Acid For The Children. Not all dates current have ticket information; I’m trying to find that out and will update when there’s more info.

Source: Grand Central Publishing


NYC daytime book signing: I emailed Barnes and Noble and they replied with a link to the Facebook page they’ve set up for the event so I’ve added those details below.

LA Vista Theatre: This has now been removed from the publisher’s details EDIT: I’ve just had a lovely email back from them and there was a provisional booking made which wasn’t confirmed- guess it remained on the publisher’s list and got posted by mistake



    Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue 


    Powerhouse Arena 


    Music Box Theater 


    Orpheum Theater 


    JCC of San Francisco 


    This event isn’t taking place. It was originally listed on the publisher’s website as one of the book signing dates, but was removed and the venue has confirmed it’s not taking place there.


    Palace Theater 


    Lawndale Art Center 

    Ticket Sales Link


    Bellingham High School 


    Rio Theatre 

    $35 At time of writing only general admission was available with a copy of the book (no tickets left to stand in the photo line)

  • LA

    $45 General Admission seating + Book
    $55 Reserved Section seating + Book
    $20 General Admission Seating (on sale Nov 4, 10am)

    Ticket Sales Link

RHCP to Headline Charity Event this Weekend

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are set to headline Oceana’s fourth annual “Rock Under The Stars” fundraiser event in LA this Saturday, 12th October. The event will be held at a private residence.

Oceana is a charity dedicated to helping rebuild abundant and biodiverse oceans and the aim of ‘Rock Under the Stars’  is to help the charity to fund its mission to stop the scourge of ocean plastic pollution.

Source: Billboard

Ticket details HERE  (Email address to contact)

Thanks to everyone helping to put together info. on this event.


RHCP Live 2019: Rock In Rio

Date: Thursday 3rd October, 2019

Location: Rock In Rio, Parque Olímpico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Can’t Stop
The Zephyr Song
Dark Necessities
Dani California
I Wanna Be Your Dog (by The Stooges; cover) … Right On Time
The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
Go Robot
What Is Soul? (by Funkadelic; cover)
Just What I Needed (by The Cars; cover)
The Power of Equality
Soul to Squeeze
By the Way

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up (by Tom Waits; cover -Josh solo)
Goodbye Angels
Give It Away


*The concert was broadcast live.

*The concert took place on Josh Klinghoffer’s 40th Birthday.

*The setlist was leaked pre-concert to much excitement about the inclusion of Sikamikanico which saw its live debut as a gift to Josh for his birthday.

Anthony Kiedis, at the end of Sikamikanico:

“That was our gift to Josh Klinghoffer. [Thank you].  It’s his birthday; and when he was a fifteen year old boy, out in the San Fernando Valley, he got a hold of that song and that time he was a drummer, wasn’t really playing the guitar. He was frickin’ killing the skins, one skin at a time, and he learned how to play that sh*t on the drums so now, what have we got, is it 25 years later?, he’s rocking that sh*t on the guitar. Happy Birthday, Josh!”

Video (full show):


Professional concert photos here: Globo.com

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I guess your just what i needed ?

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I guess your just what i needed ?

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Live to Love

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RHCP on Tour 2019: Ohana Festival

Date: 29th September, 2019

Location: Ohana Festival, Dana Point, California


Source: Official RHCP Instagram

Can’t Stop


Dark Necessities

Strip My Mind

I Wanna Be Your Dog (The Stooges cover) … I Like Dirt

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Red Hot Chili Peppers “Now I Wanna Be Your Dog”

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Snow ((Hey Oh))


Go Robot

Just What I Needed (The Cars cover)

Don’t Forget Me

Suck My Kiss

I Could Have Lied

By the Way


Give It Away


Goodbye Angels listed on the setlist but was omitted due to time actually available for their set at the festival.

Eddie Vedder also played on The Cars cover, Just What I Needed. Josh (and Jack Irons) had previously guested on Vedder’s set covering Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd:



Many thanks to Henrik, Shalhevet, Sisterwitch and also to anyone else who posted from the concert!

Josh Klinghoffer Album Release -Pluralone: To Be One With You


To Be One With You from Josh Klinghoffer’s new project, Pluralone,  (pronounced “plural one”) is due to be released on 20th November, 2019.

“Pluralone’s debut album, To Be One With You, is largely a solo effort on Klinghoffer’s part, although it features performances by frequent collaborators such as Flea (RHCP), Jack Irons, Eric Avery (Jane’s Addiction), and fellow Dot Hacker members, Eric Gardner and Clint Walsh. On the heels of a seven inch release with two foreign language covers, the new album showcases ten brand new, original tracks which will be available on LP, CD, and digital formats.”


Track Listing

A1 Barreling
A2 Rat Bastards at Every Turn
A3 Save
A4 Was Never There
A5 Fall From Grace
B1 Shade
B2 Mourning
B3 Crawl
B4 The Ride
B5 Segue

Source: Org Music

Various bundles and options, from $7 to $40, are available to pre-order on MerchNow


Many thanks to Angra for the links and info.

Ending Global Poverty

The Red Hot Chili Peppers have just posted a link and information on the Global Goal Live campaign by Global Citizen. The campaign aims to try to end world poverty by raising $350 billion each year for the world’s poorest countries.

RHCP are listed as one of artists to perform as part of this campaign’s culminating event which will take place over ten hours. Details as to where and when will be announced in early 2020, but it will take place on 26th September 2020 in one of five locations.

We are thrilled that so many artists have already said they’ll be involved in Global Goal Live, including:

Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Cyndi Lauper, D’banj, Eddie Vedder, Exo, H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Lizzo, Metallica, Miley Cyrus, Muse, Ozuna, Ozzy Osbourne, Pharrell Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shawn Mendes, Tiwa Savage, Usher, and more.


A small amount of tickets might be available on general sale with the majority available to Global citizens who earn them:

How can I get tickets?

Global Citizens around the world can take action to earn their tickets to the events, as has been possible for all past Global Citizen events.

We will announce specific actions and draws for tickets closer to each event. In the meantime, we encourage you to take action in support of the campaign.

A small percentage of tickets to each event may also be available for purchase, with proceeds going to underwrite the event.


Locations will be on five continents:

New York, USA

Lagos, Nigeria,

And three others to be announced with one in Latin America, one in Europe, and one in Asia.

(Information from above link; scroll down below the partner icons and click on the info sections).

(Information from above link; scroll down below the partner icons and click on the info sections).

Out of the Annals: 1996 Interview with Chad and AK

This interview from 1996 has just been posted on YouTube. I’ve not seen it before so I’m assuming some of you haven’t either 🙂 It’s a French interview but talking to Chad and AK in London. It starts with the Warped video but after that moves on to discuss One Hot Minute, Dave Navarro, Anthony comments on the French government performing a nuclear test in Tahiti, and Chad compares OHM to a bottle of French wine…Naturally!



Another Book Promotion by Flea Announced

It seems that there is going to be another book signing by Flea to promote his biography, ‘Acid For The Children.‘ This one is in Phoenix, at the Orpheum Theatre, on the 7th November.

Source: The Phoenix New Times

This date follows on from the official book launch on Tuesday 5th November, at the Powerhouse Arena, in Brooklyn. See our original post HERE for more details e.g. tickets.

(Many thanks to Nicolette for the link)