The Fires in Malibu

So sorry, I forgot to post here! I was in Paris with my daughter while they were happening (I took her to a concert by her “bias” so it was crazy! Teenage K-pop fandom. All I need to say!), and I can’t access this site’s interface using my phone (I updated the Facebook page as that’s easy to do).

Quick update: Anthony, Flea and Chad all have houses in the Malibu area affected by the fire. Chad and Josh were in Seattle performing at a benefit concert and Anthony safely evacuated with his son. Flea has posted on his social media accounts saying he and his family were safe and later that his house wasn’t destroyed. I’ve seen an online map and Anthony’s house wasn’t damaged and the house I think is Chad’s is fine too. Houses nearby were sadly destroyed. Obviously, things aren’t settled in the area and I read today that a layer of soot is covering the affected areas so a massive clean up is needed as well as the damaged infrastructure needing to be repaired.

I know people are asking about John. I didn’t think I had any contacts totally forgetting I know someone who is in contact with a family member of his. They enquired on behalf of the fan base. It was confirmed that, as I thought, John doesn’t live in the affected area and is fine as far as anyone knows.

Clearly we’re all grateful that band members and their homes are safe but obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by the fires and especially those who lost their homes. It’s so sad.

Chad Smith Presents Award To Emma Banks

Last night, Chad Smith presented the 2018 Music Industry Trusts (MITs) Award with Q Prime’s Peter Mensch, to agent Emma Bank.

Read the full article on Music Week.

In case you are wondering where you have seen Emma before, she is in a video on RHCP’s Instagram page:

Happy Halloween!

Trick or treat?! RHCP performed in Halloween costumes at a LA school today. Chad, Josh and Flea walked onto the stage from the side. Anthony followed them in a few seconds later but walked around the stage in front of the audience, instead of entering the stage from the side as the others had. They played a short intro song with Anthony and Josh crouching on the floor before going into ‘Can’t Stop.’ The band members then wished everyone a Happy Halloween and left the stage. Chris Warren was with there too (on the side of the stage).

Videos are very similar but only short so I’ve added a few of them:

Will Ferrell’s ‘Best Night of Your Life’ Featuring Chad and Josh

Last night, Will Ferrell’s ‘Best Night In Your Life’ benefit for the ‘Cancer For College’ charity took place at The Greek Theater in LA. It was mostly a night of comedy but there was also a star-studded band providing a musical spot and it featured RHCP’s very own Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer. The set list comprised of two halves with Chris Martin leading the first half and Brad Paisley the second. Josh Klinghoffer also covered a song himself, a cover of Purple Rain.

Set List:

Photo with many thanks by Angra Chavez

Viva La Vida
Comfortable Numb
Hot For Teacher
Boys of Summer
Folsom Prison
First Cousins
Purple Rain
Honky Tonk Women


All photos courtesy of Angra & Kenny Chavez:


Many thanks to May Mendosa for permission to post this:


I can’t work out how to set up an embed code on these videos I’ve posted on the Facebook page so here are just the links:


Boys of Summer

Comfortably Numb

Many thanks to  May, Kenny and the lovely Angra for the info and pics (and to Angra for waking me up this morning! Hehehe) 😀

RHCP Live 2018: Silverlake Conservatory of Music Fundraiser

Last night, 29th September, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed as part of the 2018 Silverlake Conservatory of Music Fundraiser honouring Mo Ostin.

RHCP performed a brief set:

Photo used with permisssion. Many thanks to May Mendosa

Ramblin Man (The Allman Brothers cover)
Dark Necessities
I Like Dirt
Goodbye Angels
Under The Bridge
By The Way
Purple Haze (Hendrix cover)

NOTE: Sorry, I am got going to download and copy (without credit) personal stories from Instagram as some other fan pages do as I assume personal stories are well, personal and I’m currently waiting to see if I get permission to use a friend’s photos who was at the event but I will link to public posts as being public implies it’s OK (will always link to the original and then the poster has the option of changing settings if they wish).

Here are a few things from Instagram (there are a lot more in personal stories if you search for relevant tags). Will update when appropriate.

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@chilipeppers purple haze

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Chad Smith on The Art of Drumming

RHCP’s Chad Smith, featured briefly on episode 1 ‘The Art of Drumming’ on Britain’s Sky Arts channel last night. He featured for a second or two in the introduction but there were two longer clips. Sorry rubbish quality as recorded off my TV using my phone as I have no idea how else to copy something from the TiVo box but it will give the idea. The program is actually a history of drumming and drumbeats, interviewing the people responsible for the breakthroughs, with other drummers commenting. They went through the 50s, 60s, and ended with reggae/Bob Marley in last night’s show.

Navarro and Smith Reminiscing about RHCP Woodstock Performance

Yahoo Entertainment is running an article about Dave Navarro phoning in to Chad Smith’s radio show with the two reminiscing about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ performance at Woodstock in 1994 wearing giant light bulbs. They also mention dressing in Arctic clothing to appear on the Letterman Show:

Full article

Red Hot Chili Peppers Live 2018: Lollapalooza Chile

Date:Sunday 17th March, 2018

Location: Parque O’Higgins, Santiago, Chile

Set List:

Photo: Henrik Lewandowski

Can’t Stop
Dani California
Scar Tissue
Dark Necessities
Strip My Mind
I Wanna Be Your Dog going into Right on Time
Go Robot
“What is Soul?”
Don’t Forget Me
Hump De Bump
Suck My Kiss
Soul to Squeeze
By the Way

Goodbye Angels
Give It Away

Some screenshots of the live stream: