RHCP Tour 2016: iHeart Radio ‘The Getaway’ Launch Party

iheart-radio-launch-rhcpSource Photo by Ronin Guerra

Today/yesterday (time zones!) the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a concert for iHeart Radio to a crowd of 200 fans who had won tickets through competitions for the show. The concert was recorded and will be broadcast on June 17th which is the launch date for RHCP’s new album ”The Getaway.’

New songs from ‘The Getaway’ were played at the concert and as a result, security at the concert was tight with guests searched and no recording devices were allowed in. Dark Necessities got its second public live performance (the first being at last weekend’s Rock On The Range festival in Ohio) and Sick Love, This Ticonderoga and Go Robot were played for the first time.

Guest Information:

iheart-radio-rhcp-guest-info-1 iheart-radio-rhcp-guest-info-2

Date: Thursday 26th May, 2016

Location: iHeart Radio Theater, Burbank, California

Set List:


Many thanks to Jesse for permission to use this

Can’t Stop

Sick Love


Dark Necessities

Universally Speaking

This Ticonderoga


Go Robot

Soul To Squeeze

By The Way

Other Information:
They discussed that Sick Love is the song that features Elton John (I’m in England, can I name him? Or is it only his partner we can’t discuss without the threat of law suits?!) and apparently it’s “really slow and mellow”. It was also played twice to allow for an edit as there were mistakes made while playing it the first time.

 Many thanks to Angra who was there!!!!

iHeart Radio Concert

Tonight IS the night for the iHeart Radio show Red Hot Chili Peppers’ launch party concert for ‘The Getaway’ which will be recorded for broadcast on the album release date (17th June)!

I don’t expect much news to come out from the actual concert because there is a really strict entry policy and no phones or cameras are being allowed into the venue – which also means very little in terms of photos or videos unless the band/radio station release something :( But hopefully we will find out something about the evening afterwards!
This is dedicated to everyone going tonight! I’m totally envious (and I think everyone else is too!) but I hope you have an amazing time! You are so lucky! Enjoy!!! :)

Chad Smith & Flea Talk to Sirius XM

Sirius XM have released a few extracts of Chad Smith and Flea talking to Pearl Jam guitarist, Mike McCready, at the Jazz Fest in New Orleans a few weeks ago.

Update: Here’s the full interview:

Red Hot Chili Peppers interview with Mike McCready (2016/05/17) from Tchefuncte Bonaparte on Vimeo.


Flea: I was listening to Prince a lot. He was a real big part of our development, my development.
Did you ever get to play with him?
Flea: I never did.
It would have been something like you guys would have crossed paths.
Flea: I never did. I never did. .Anthony hung with him I think once but in the pantheon of guys that we listen to a lot and stuff, especially like, because there’s few records ypu man we were so… Pre-Purple Rain, pre-1999 actually whatever the record is before that; Dirty Mind, Controversy. Like, what’s that 12” he put out? Time? In time? [Flea hums]

I kinda knew stuff a little bit after that. Sign of the Times was my record.

When is the new record coming out?
Flea: Soon. It was just mastered like yesterday.
The new single?
Flea: The new single is going to be called, ‘Go Robot’. And it’s a funny, funky, up-tempo jam. And it’s funny because when we were mixing and writing it and stuff …it was a real… I wanted it to sound like Controversy by Prince.”

Do you guys have any idea how integral and important you guys are to us as a band? And do you remember those early touring when we were with you?
Chad Smith: I do
And how important it was to us how cool you treated us. You know. And that’s just to me, I’m saying that but there are so many… [stumbles for words a bit] Stone wanting to play with Jack Irons to Jack Irons knowing Eddie to that whole thing.
Chad Smith: Umm. We have a connection. Yeah. We have a serious connection
But it could be said that we wouldn’t exist without the Chili Peppers
Chad Smith: No. Nah, nah, no…
In a lot of ways. It would be tough. We got to go out onto that tour with you, Blood Sugar Sex Magik when you guys were blowing up and you were super cool to us and introduced us to a whole way of this is how we do it. And now, you’re monitor Smity(?) is now our tour manager, Carey who was with Ratsound who was with Dave Rat…
Chad Smith: You poached all of our guys!
We poached all of your guys! Because they were all so good. You know?
Chad Smith: And they loved you. And I’m glad that it’s worked out as… you know?
Do you know how much we love you is what I’m trying to say?
Chad Smith: I do and it’s really nice for you to say that and you know, ummm…
Do you remember that tour of ’92?
Chad Smith: Yeah, I do!
Me too
Chad Smith: I do. It was a long time ago.
It was
Chad Smith: We were young men. And I used to be crazier.
Chad Smith: Yup!
Me too
Chad Smith: Yeah. Well, we were young and like you say, music was kinda charging. But I remember but I don’t know if you know this is that we were getting ready to go on tour, we were rehearsing at this place called the Alley in the Valley that we used to play all the time. And Smashing Pumpkins were already on the bill. And it was like, I want to say it was not long before, maybe a month before or maybe less. I don’t know but maybe you would know because you would know when, like you’re like you’re going on tour. But, Flea came, we were looking for a third band to go on tour and we like arrrrr, what can it be or who or what? And Flea was like, Jack Irons is friends with this Eddie who sings in this new band and they’ve put their record out and it would be really cool, you guys listen to it as a favour …
I did not know this
Chad Smith: Maybe take them out as your opening band.
Jack Irons?

Chad Smith: S sure why not? I remember sitting around his car. He used to have this Mercedes that had every panel of his car painted a different colour.
Chad Smith: Flea yeah. Clown car. Very Subtle. Wouldn’t know who as going down… [laughter] ‘90? Or ’91 was it?
That wasn’t a soft model, maybe. for a Mercedes you’re saying. Wow!
Chad Smith: Wow. It was definitely a wow car! And I remember him hitting, I think it was a cassette. [mumbling]
It probably was, yes.
He puts a cassette in. We were all hanging out smoking cigarettes. After rehearsal and listened to like about 30 seconds. And we were like, that’s pretty good. Yeah, OK! [Laughter]
I’m gonna thank you right now for doing that!
Chad Smith: And that was it. Everyone was in a good mood that day!

Phew! I’m glad you guys all left rehearsal in a good mood. So you might of heard… I guess the record must have been out. It must have been out then or something. Was it [?] or was it a three song EP or something
Chad Smith: Literally. I don’t want to be disrespectful at all. But we listened to it.
I did not know that story
Chad Smith: That is a true story. That is a true story. And then you guys come out with us. And..
It was so much fun.
Chad Smith: We had a blast.
My god it was so fun!
Chad Smith: We all had fun!
So fun! It was our first big tour. You guys were like hitting [?] hard.We were just like playing to 25 people, for 50 people but it didn’t matter. We had 8 or 10 songs maybe. And then you guys were so cool to us. … What I thought is personally when we were starting to make it is when Anthony wore our hat one night. He wore a Pearl Jam hat and I was like, we’re starting to make it! Anthony’s wearing our hat!

Chad Smith Interview on Absolute Radio

Chad Smith has just been interview on Absolute Radio here in the UK (May 17th). I’m not a typist so I couldn’t keep up with everything so I took notes. Milan at RHCP.us has recorded it but I have a migraine and sorry I don’t feel like transcribing the whole thing now. These are the main things:


Everyone said hello and then the interviewer asked about Anthony Kiedis following his hospitalization and cancellation of the Weenie Roast gig:

CS: Anthony Kiedis had stomach flu a couple of weeks ago and it came back. He’s on the mend and we will be playing this weekend (Ohio, Rock in the Range).

The conversation then moved to the new RHCP album, ‘The Getaway’ and the release date being a month today:

CS: [Joking] It’s like having a c-section on the 17th June and it’s coming out! Ready or not!

He then went on to mention the ups and downs e.g. Flea breaking his arm the first time they were in the studio.

It then moved to a discussion about Rick Rubin not producing for the first time in 25 years.

CS: We love Rick Rubin and he’s a great friend of ours but we just wanted to do something different and try someone new be inspired in a different way which lead to Brian and Nigel. Collaborative effort

‘Dark Necessities’ was then played with a crazy intro from Chad!

CS: Talking about live performances; proper bands love to play!

On playing festivals:

CS: It’s difficult putting a set list together because we want to play new songs but at a festival don’t have just fans so it’s a difficult balance. Also have a shorter set which has an effect.

On set lists: Anthony Kiedis is in charge of writing the set list and how his voice is feeling is taken into account but we all have an input. Says he thinks Reading set list will be different to the Leeds set list.

Fan Question: Chad Smith explains they’ve not played anything live yet. They had planned to play Dark Necessities at Weenie Roast. They haven’t played any of the new songs yet.

Talking about playing the new songs: I love ‘Turning Red’; ‘Go Robot’ is a funky song I love playing. Will possibly be a single.

Fan Question: Where do you see the band in 10 years?

CS: Playing concerts and enjoying life! Will keep going! What else could I do?!




Photos of RHCP at KROQ Weenie Roast


Getty Images have uploaded a number of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (of course without Anthony) at KROQ’s Weenie Roast yesterday (14th May). Some of the photos show Chad Smith and Flea being interviewed backstage prior to the concert (video in post below) and the others are of Chad Smith, Flea and Josh Klinghoffer on stage announcing to the audience that RHCP would not be playing due to Anthony Kiedis being taken to hospital :(