Fleabass Guitars

Flea’s Range of Fleabass Guitars

Flea playing green punk Fleabass Selfridges, London

Flea was concerned that music students could not afford a decent bass guitar so he decided to launch his own range which provided the budding musician an opportunity to play a good bass guitar at an affordable price. The company was launched in 2009 and Flea made several personal appearances to support the product. The initial four designs (sunny bass-orange, water bass- blue, the wild one- black & white- and punk bass-green & orange)  were later joined by four other Street Bass designs (black & white, silver & black, blue & white and white and black).

A group of Fleabass guitars sunny bass orange, water bass blue, the wild one black & white and punk bass green & orange

Official Fleabass Site

Update: I’ve been contacted by a reader of the website to say they were unable to buy a Fleabass from any of the listed vendors and had been told by one seller that the models have been withdrawn; on checking none of the listed sellers do seem to sell the Fleabass any more (all links go to ‘page not found/no longer available’ error messages except a couple which go just to a page selling the Junior Fleabass only). I have emailed the company to ask for information and will post if I get a reply.

14 thoughts on “Fleabass Guitars

  1. I’m looking for a Waterbass.The blue with the orange pick gaurd. I’ve even contacted a website in Germany. Please help me find one. I’ll pay the going price which is more than fair.

  2. i a desperate for a fleabass touring bass that isnt black or junior. Christmas and my birthday are coming soon and i want to get it then hopefully and if i cant get hold of one i might not be allowed to get one. EVER! plz contact me to help.

  3. I’m looking to get a flea bass in either: sunny, punk or water and NOT junior. But i can’t find any anywhere, the website in Germany said they will get more in stock, but they don’t know when. any ideas where i can get one now in time for christmas?

  4. i have a brand new orange with yellow pickguard flea bass. was in store storage and forgot about. if your interested make me an offer

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