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Flea’s Range of Fleabass Guitars

Flea playing green punk Fleabass Selfridges, London

Flea was concerned that music students could not afford a decent bass guitar so he decided to launch his own range which provided the budding musician an opportunity to play a good bass guitar at an affordable price. The company was launched in 2009 and Flea made several personal appearances to support the product.

The initial four designs (sunny bass-orange, water bass- blue, the wild one- black & white- and punk bass-green & orange)  were later joined by four other Street Bass designs (black & white, silver & black, blue & white and white and black).

The bass guitars were available for a number of years, however production has now ended.

A group of Fleabass guitars sunny bass orange, water bass blue, the wild one black & white and punk bass green & orange


74 thoughts on “Fleabass Guitars

  1. I’m looking for a Waterbass.The blue with the orange pick gaurd. I’ve even contacted a website in Germany. Please help me find one. I’ll pay the going price which is more than fair.

  2. i a desperate for a fleabass touring bass that isnt black or junior. Christmas and my birthday are coming soon and i want to get it then hopefully and if i cant get hold of one i might not be allowed to get one. EVER! plz contact me to help.

  3. I’m looking to get a flea bass in either: sunny, punk or water and NOT junior. But i can’t find any anywhere, the website in Germany said they will get more in stock, but they don’t know when. any ideas where i can get one now in time for christmas?

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for posting about your bass. My son has now outgrown the junior size so I am looking for the Streetbass size (blue with white pickguard).

    It’s a beautiful bass, though, you should have no problem selling it.
    Thanks again for posting about it.

  5. “I have a blue/orange fleabass, great condition”

    Angie, my son still wants it even if it’s a little smaller. I would offer $450. Would this work?

    • It is the full size bass. Blue with orange picguard. I’m going to leave this for a few days and see what offers I get since they are hard to find.

  6. Angie, if it’s a full size one, it’s what we need. I would add money then. Because I thought it was a junior, I based the $450 on another junior bass which is currently on sale for that price on Ebay. But I would add money for the full size of course. I understand that you want to see which other offers you can get…but do you want to contact me privately to discuss it? Last but not least, where is the bass located, please? The shipping cost could make a difference.

  7. I have a Like real clean Flea Bass Model 32 The Wild One White/Black , But don’t know what it is worth , I am 2nd owner and it is in great shape and plays & sounds awesome, Would love to know it’s true value Before I put it up for sale Thanks Located in USA

  8. is there anyone wanting to sell a full size flea bass? in sunny, water or punk finishes?
    also for anyone else wanting a Flea bass i have seen one for sale on ebay, but i am not a fan of the finish, if it does it for you then you can grab yourself a bargain.

  9. Hi All,

    I have the blue Fleabass with the the orange pickguard [water bass?]

    How much are these things worth now? I’m toying with selling it.

    It will be going on ebay shortly if anybody is interested.


  10. I am also looking for a full scale Fleabass (blue & orange preference) for my son who is a Chilis fan and a bass player. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks

  11. Hi. I have a matte white primer flea bass 34inch for sale if anybody is interested. I’ve owned it from new and never really played it. This is one of the last 150 pressed in UK. It’s matte white to allow the owner to paint it in true flea style, however they want. Extremely rare! I’ve not seen another like this anywhere. Hit me up with offers if interested. Morrison84@hotmail.co.uk

    • I live in vancouver, bc canada and i have a black fleabass i can sell if anyone interested. I’d sell it for $300 Canadien.

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