RHCP Live 2016!


Last night (Friday 5th February) the Red Hot Chili Peppers played their first live gig of the year- it was a benefit concert for a US presidential candidate, Bernie Saunders- at the Theater connected to the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. It wasn’t a full concert and apparently there were massive problems with the sound according to my friend who was there.

BTW Josh appears to have dyed his hair red! My friend who was there said about it when she phoned me and it does look red on the videos! Update: Have just been told that it was done as a tribute to David Bowie.



Set List:


Can’t Stop

Factory of Faith

Nobody Weird Like Me


Police Station

Around the World

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Me and My Friends


Cracked Actor (David Bowie Cover)

By The Way

(If you Have to Ask) although on the set list, this was apparently not played.

Give It Away


 There are loads more images on AP Images but I can’t link to them.


An 18 minute video which is shot next to the stage starting with Bernie Saunders speaking and going into Can’t Stop, Factory of Faith and Nobody Weird Like Me.

And a 13 minute video starting near the end of Otherside

These are all taken very close to the stage:

By The Way

Me and My Friends

Snow ((Hey Oh))

Give It Away

From the Balcony:

35 minute video

Update: videos are now appearing on Youtube- sorry if there are duplicates but I’m losing track here!!!

Many thanks to the people who posted videos (please let me know if there is an issue sharing them) and my super detective team who were messaging me and phoning from LA! Great wake-up call :D hehehe

RHCP to Play Gig to Support Bernie Sanders

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing a political fundraiser concert on Friday 5th February at the ‘Theatre’ at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. Ticket sales will go toward Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

Tickets to see RHCP will go on sale on Friday, February 5, at 10:00 a.m. via AXS for $30.00 to $2,700.00 each plus service fees. However, there is a presale right now for people who want to get their  tickets early.

Passwords: BERNIE and RCHP.

BUY TICKETS: February 5th: Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Theatre at Ace Hotel (from the comments on the original Source the released pre-sale tickets have sold out; more to be released next week).

12/1991 Guitar World

guitar-world-december-1991-BSSM-1 guitar-world-december-1991-BSSM-2

Funk Beta Kappa


Blood Sugar Sex Magik



FUNK MUSIC IS a form of geometry. It thrives on the subtle relationships between angular guitars, curvaceous bass lines, aggressively jagged drum patterns, sex, spit and blood. The theorems for the genre’s sophisticated series of equations can be found in James Brown’s astonishing string of souped-up, mid-Sixties r&b smashes (“I Got You,” “Cold Sweat,” “Say It Loud, I’m Black And I’m Proud”) Sly And The Family Stone’s butt-shaking hippie pop (“Dance To The Music,” “I Want To Take You Higher”) and almost any effort by George Clinton’s outrageous psychedelic collective, Parliament/Funkadelic, whose 1978 album, One Nation Under A Groove, continues to serve as the genre’s high water mark.

In recent years, machines and computers have been brought in to create and calculate a new math, mutating funk into such exotic, gritty forms of calculus as hip hop, new jack swing, go go, industrial and dance hall. But a few brave souls have eschewed digital accoutrements, ditched the drum machines and sequencers, and remained true to the ways of their elders. The reigning prince of the traditional school of Super Badness is Prince, who uses electronics sparingly. Not too far behind, however, are some unlikely torchbearers: the four skinny and hyperactive members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who altogether disdain most modern technological advancements.

Since their self-titled 1984 debut, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have evolved from a crude, enthusiastic punk outfit that borrowed liberally from P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins and James Brown guitarist Jimmy Nolen into a truly original and committed funk unit. The transition has been gradual, but the band has studied with the best, including Clinton, who produced their 1985 release, Freaky Styley, and Michael Beinhorn (Herbie Hancock, Gil Scott Heron, Nona Hendryx), who produced the Peppers’ highly regarded Mother’s Milk.

Blood Sugar Sex Magik is an exhilarating, transitional step forward for the band, in terms of total conception and sheer musicianship. The hard-hitting one-two punch of the album’s opening tracks, “Power Of Equality” and “If You Have To Mk,” the loopy “Mellowship Slinky” and the whacky “Sir Psycho Sexy” are impeccable. Each song pinpoints that almost-impossible-to-hit sweet spot between precision and feel that lies at the heart of all great music. And guitarist John Frusciante’s disciplined rhythm playing, imaginative voicings and colorful orchestration demonstrate that he is far more than just an adequate foil for Flea’s ingeniously crafty, bass-generated pulse.

When the band catches fire, they more than match Clinton’s very best by actually bringing a new and vital equation to the table: the Peppers’ extensive background in metal, hardcore and thrash allows them to expand and add to funk’s rich tradition. This is what keeps the band from being simply a well-meaning pastiche or—worse yet—a bad parody of a funk group.

Not everything is rosey in Pepperland, however. The band occasionally sounds under-rehearsed when they attempt to sound spontaneous. The distinction is slight, but once again, the difference between a great groove and a flaccid one can be infinitesimal. Funk is an exact and exacting science; even the slightest loose end can put a nasty kink in the proceedings—just ask James Brown, who used to fine his musicians for every fluffed note. Over-exuberance, sloppy performances and heavy-handed riffs sink both “Suck My Kiss” and the title track, while “Funky Monks” fails in its attempt at a gut-bucket feel—it’s merely repetitious and dull.

Happily, most of the album’s left-field experiments hit the mark, more than making up for the clunkers. The very effective “Breaking That Girl” is an almost Elizabethan acoustic swing ballad, while “I Could Have Lied” is an engaging, acoustic-driven mood piece reminiscent of Neil Young. And “The Greeting Song,” which actually quotes Heart’s “Barracuda,” is one of the year’s best straight-ahead, main-stream rockers.

All in all, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, a noble, entertaining experiment, establishes the Red Hot Chili Peppers as one of America’s most ambitious and eclectic bands. They gracefully acquit themselves in the field of funk, proving that they are up to the challenge of mastering one of the most demanding, unforgiving forms of modem music. While Blood Sugar is not the great album that the Peppers have long seemed on the verge of producing, it is a welcome sign that they are one step closer to achieving that goal.

More Scans Added!

I treated myself to a couple of magazines (am waiting for one to arrive) as a Christmas present to myself! And many thanks to the lovely Claire in France who sent me five magazine scans too! All are now uploaded.

HardNHeavy-page-0The article (according to my very basic French!) is about a possible split in RHCP but as Anthony Kiedis is on the cover, I’ve added it to this website. Hard N Heavy July 1996 (France)

Trihe-Sept05-page-0Anthony Kiedis is featured on the cover while the article is about the new album… from 2005 (Italia)


Rock & Folk from 1995 (France) A lengthy interview with the band talking about One Hot Minute; several full page photos


Guitare 1995 (France) an article about RHCP featuring Flea and Dave Navarro heavily.


In Rock from 2004 (Japan). A two page article but no idea what it’s about!


Guitar World 2007. A lengthy interview with Flea and Dave Navarro.

guitar-collectors-juillet-aout-1996-coverGuitar Collector’s from France; 1996. A lengthy history of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a discography and band members section. A lengthy interview as well with Dave Navarro about Jane’s Addiction.


A magazine from Germany with an article about One Hot Minute. Fachblatt 1995


Around the World….

I know this is not RHCP news as such but I’d really like to share anyway as this was such an amazingly fun thing to be part of. An online friend, Stephen, came up with an idea of a group of people around the world adding art to a RHCP t-shirt and I was delighted to be part of that group. Loads of friendships were made and it was fun seeing the t-shirt travel from one person to another literally around the world until it made its final journey back to Stephen in Ireland. The t-shirt even happened to end up seeing the Chili Peppers at the Isle of Wight festival in June 2014 (several of us contributors managed to meet up at the concert too).

I’m Rebecca… and my photo was taken at the World Heritage site not far from my home here in England; it’s a place called Ironbridge so called because the first ever iron bridge in the world was constructed over the River Severn there. I chose the site to represent my area and also because Under the Bridge was the song that started the whole Red Hot Chili Peppers experience for me so it seemed fitting to combine the two. My art selection was chosen as it seemed so apt for the whole experience and I decided to embroider my contribution to be different (and allow some of the black space on the sleeve to be utilized).

Thanks to Stephen and everyone else involved in the whole project! Thanks to Trevor and Billie for putting all of the photos together and making this brill video.

Tony Woolliscroft Prints


Most of you should know Tony Woolliscroft’s work already and if you don’t know his name, I’m sure you’ll recognise his images as he’s taken so many iconic shots of the Red Hot Chili Peppers over the years! He is also the photographer behind the book ‘Me and My Friends: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ which features many of his photos of the band along with anecdotal captions… But now, if you fancy something bigger, Tony is selling prints through his website: Tony Woolliscroft Photographer or you can contact him through his Facebook page. All prints will be currently be an A2 size and will be numbered and signed by the man himself. I’ve also checked with Tony and he’s willing to post worldwide. Might be a time to start dropping hints for Christmas presents!!!

I have a couple of things by Tony hanging in my RHCP room  but I’ve noticed one of the photos in the current sale is the same as this one of mine so this is what it looks like framed and on the wall to give you an idea of how great they look :)


Rockinfreakapotamus Magazines

Scan: cover

Scan: cover

For people who don’t know, the Rockinfreakapotamus magazines are the ones Blackie Dammett was behind during his time as Head Honcho of the RHCP fan club. They were sent out to members (four per year?) as part of their fan club subscription. I’ve managed to get six of these magazines myself and all six are now copied and online:

Rockinfreakpotamus Magazine index

If anyone can help out with any of the others, I’d love to hear from you- whether you can scan them, photograph them or want to sell them. I’d love to get as many of these online as I can as a record of all that Blackie did for the Chili Peppers’ fans and so those of us who weren’t members of the fan club at that time get to enjoy them too.