Removal of Photos

I’ve reluctantly started to remove photos from this site and I will remove the rest as soon as I can following a massive fine that I’ve been issued for the use of one photo in 2011 of AK performing live (just a standard concert photo). I’m trying to fight it but reading about it online it seems I will have to pay up (£460) and as I make no money from my websites, I really can’t afford to be fined again (not that I can afford this one) and it seems to be big business right now especially by some of the large photo companies who then things onto pass the photos onto collection agencies. My photos will stay and those of fans which I’ve been allowed to use but I can’t take the risk of anything else and as I don’t have time to check things, it’s easier to remove them all. The other option is that the whole website goes and right now, on top of everything else, maybe that’s the only option but I don’t want to do that…

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I’m With You B-sides Live


A new campaign has been started on Facebook to try and get some of the IWY b-sides played live. If you’re on Facebook please support the group by liking the page- sharing it would be amazing!

I’m Beside You Live

The admin would also really like for people to post photos of them saying which b-side they would like to hear- have a look at the page as there are some on there already.


Magazine Uploads

Once again crazy life not helped by having a child in hospital on and off for pretty much the last three weeks but he’s home and I actually have a spare couple of hours so I’m finally scanning and uploading a couple of magazines from Italy that my lovely friend, Simona, sent me for a Christmas present and catching up on uploading scans other friends have emailed me! Enjoy 😀

Vanity Fair features a two page standard publicity photo for The Getaway and a one page interview with Anthony Kiedis who talks about the recording of the new album, his son and the end of his relationship with Helena Vestergaard inspiring the lyrics for the new album. There’s no translation yet but I have typed up the article so people can run it through Google Translate- it makes sense especially now I corrected a spelling error that was translated as blackberries and made no sense as it was talking about Robin Williams until I corrected it and the word was actually death… Only I could do that! There might be a few other errors in there as it’s hard typing up something in a language you don’t speak, and my years of Latin aren’t much help for transcribing articles on RHCP, but hopefully it means people can enjoy the article!


The other is a four page article on RHCP from July/August’s Rolling Stone. RHCP also get mentioned in a top 100 of the best records for the ’90s. Oh, and the index page features a very iconic RS shot of the band:



Many finally for now (I have some more scans that I will try to upload tomorrow), there’s !chido! BUAP No 142. Many thanks to RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS CLUB MÉXICO for the pictures:


Venice Kings

Setlist Venice – April/08/2017
Red Hot Chili Peppers
1 Can’t Stop
2 Otherside
3 Dark Necessities
4 Me & My Friends
5 Go Robot
6 By The Way

7 Goodbye Angels
8 Give It Away
+ Jam “I Wanna Be Your Dog” (The Stooges)

Last night, RHCP played a private gig in Venice to mark the opening of Damien Hirst’s new exhibition,  “Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.” They had been videoed at the airport (complete with Flea and his new new leopard skin hair design) and Chad had posted a photo of them attending the exhibition and every one was assuming there was more to their presence in Venice than just that- either a private gig or to record a video but it turned out to be the former.



#RedHotChiliPeppers #Arsenale Venice

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Finally! The song #bytheway #redhotchilipeppers #damienhirst #venice

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Thanks to Angra & Shalhevet for the help and to Henrik for the setlist information!

Goodbye and Thank you to Dave Rat!


An end of a RHCP era. Dave Rat took the sound helm for the good ship CP last night for the final time. He began in February 1991 and so many of us have benefited from his expertise at the shows we’ve attended.

We wish him all of the best in his new life and hope he enjoys his time at home and not having to drag himself off on tour buses! Thanks for everything Dave! We appreciate it all (and what the rest of the crew, who frequently go unsung, do).

Photo Credit: Dave Rat 

Cancellation of RHCP shows in Dublin

Rumours were circulating earlier on this morning but several Irish news sites are now running the story so it seems genuine (there is currently nothing on the official website but that updated a lot later than local news following the Montpellier cancellation) e.g. Entertainment.Ie and the Irish Mirror. A statement from the band is also being reported:
 “We are so sorry that we cannot come to Dublin as planned for the next few days. Anthony has been fighting off the flu all week and after the show last night it was clear that he has to stop touring and recover, hence the decision to push back the shows to next year.”
I know there are a lot of disappointed fans today and several people I know have already travelled to Dublin for the shows from the UK so massive hugs to everyone affected and especially to Anthony along with best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Update: the official website is now running the details along with the new dates for the postponed shows:

We are so sorry that we cannot come to Dublin as planned for the next few days. Anthony has been fighting off the flu all week and after the show last night it was clear that he has to stop touring and recover, hence the decision to push back the shows to next year.

Both shows have been rescheduled to September 20th and 21st 2017 with tickets valid for the new dates as below.

Tickets for Tuesday, December 20 will be valid for Wednesday, September 20.

Tickets for Wednesday, December 21 will be valid for Thursday, September 21.