Issue Number 8

Some Rockinfreakapotamus Fanclub Letters

Some photographs of Rockinfreakapotamus magazine covers.

Thank you very much to R!ch~Plenge and Melanie Owens who have scanned and photographed some of their Rockinfreakapotamus memorabilia for us!We really appreciate them sharing.

**If you have anything from Blackie’s fan club days that you would like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you!**



2 thoughts on “Rockinfreakapotamus

  1. I’ll have to check, but I had received a letter years ago, telling me something about being the first people in the fan club, and as a result got some special sticker and some other stuff if I remember right. I should have a cassette also of the band talking about the club. And I have a rockinfreakapotamus varsity jacket…….man that was 20 some years ago.

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