The Rockinfreakapotamus magazines are bigger than my scanner and I’ve been battling with them to try and get them online for ages now- new technique! Have photographed the pages so they can be seen in their entirety and then scanned pages/sections for close ups where relevant (lots of pages are contacts by fan club members e.g. photos and swapping addresses for ‘pen friends’ for those of us old enough to remember that system involving letters and stamps in the world before social media!).

The six magazines I have managed to obtain are all listed here.  If anyone can help out with the issues I’m missing (either to scan, photograph or sell), I’m really interested as I’d love to get them all online in recognition of the hard work that Blackie Dammett put into the fan club.


Issue Number 6

Issue Number 8

Issue Number 9

Issue Number 10

Volume 2, number 1

Volume 2, number 2


Some Rockinfreakapotamus Fanclub Letters

Some photographs of Rockinfreakapotamus magazine covers.

Thank you very much to R!ch~Plenge and Melanie Owens who have scanned and photographed some of their Rockinfreakapotamus memorabilia for us! We really appreciate them sharing.

**If you have anything from Blackie’s fan club days that you would like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you!**



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  1. I’ll have to check, but I had received a letter years ago, telling me something about being the first people in the fan club, and as a result got some special sticker and some other stuff if I remember right. I should have a cassette also of the band talking about the club. And I have a rockinfreakapotamus varsity jacket…….man that was 20 some years ago.

  2. I have quite a few iof The fan club magazines. They were great times , I wish they still made them. As well as s welcome letter from blackie dammett

  3. I was an early member of the club. I have the 1st newsletters in great condition, Volume 1, issues 1 through 4. Looking for any info on the other issues.

  4. Ebay listing:

    Rockinfreakapotamus Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Club Kit

    This is the original Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Club Kit as sent out in 1990.


    Cover letter including heartfelt apology for delay
    “Freaks With A Cause” audio cassette tape including HILARIOUS banter between band members

    “official” RHCP sticker
    large unused picture postcard
    RHCP pin
    Rockinfreakapotamus Peoplehood Inc. Newsletters Vol.1, No. 1, 2 & 3
    original envelope with RHCP mailing label

    Bonus included:

    RHCP pen that removes band’s pants when turned upside-down

    I also have a “backstage pass” (not-pictured) that came with the kit that I have not included because it has my name on it. I’ll throw it in though if you really want it, let me know after you have won the bid.

  5. Hello Fanclub, my Name is Iris klein and i was a member with the number 126. i Luke to write a letter with my Hand to the Band, specially to the lead singer i once visited in bis Palace in LA…..can you send me your postal address . then i will write. Regards iris

  6. I have Rockinfreakapotamus Issue 11 in near mint condition. Head Honcho sent me a letter with my order including photos of Kiedis playing basketball circa 1990. Considering selling issue and other fan club items. Lemme know, thanks

  7. do funk, what the fuck are they doing?
    I have tattooed your symbol, and the word “funk” on my tibia and have not done that for years, what do you expect?

  8. Hey, man. I have the first four issues. I also have a WAV copy of the original cassette “Freaks with a Cause”. Let me know if you want me to make copies of the first four issues.

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