Thanksgiving RHCP Fest on SiriusXM Lithium

SiriuxXM Lithium are holding a RHCP fest for the Thanksgiving Weekend featuring Anthony Kiedis and also music by the Red Hot Chili Peppers as part of the promotion for ‘Fandemonium’:


Anthony Kiedis is coming home for the holidays! Join the RHCP frontman all Thanksgiving Weekend long for Lithium’s Red Hot Chili PeppersFandemonium Feast! He’s talking about the new book, Fandemonium. Plus, serving up extra helpings of RHCP music. #RHCPFeast



Many thanks to Shalhevet for the link!

Give Peace – General Pants Co


general-pants-helena-vestergaard-anthony-kiedis-1Anthony Kiedis has had his photo taken for a charity campaign with his girlfriend, Helena Vestergaard, for General Pants Co’s #givepeace charity collection. General Pants Co have teamed with some other brands to produce the clothes and all proceeds will be given to Save The Children Australia and The Salvation Army Oasis Youth. The photos and video are now out.

general-pants-helena-vestergaard-anthony-kiedis-2 general-pants-helena-vestergaard-anthony-kiedis-3 general-pants-helena-vestergaard-anthony-kiedis-4


Helena and Anthony are wearing the t-shirt by KSUBI. Collection sales link HERE

Many thanks to Conocido and Angra for the details!

No Rick Rubin…

Anthony was interviewed in front of fans in NYC yesterday as part of the promotion of ‘Fandemonium’. During the interview he announced that Rick Rubin would not be producing the new album,

Rick Rubin is sadly not producing this record… We’re about to experiment with some different individuals that are good at producing music so when one of them clicks, we’ll let you know who it’s going to be. It’s pretty exciting. I feel like it’s a better batch of songs than we’ve had in a long time…and I’ve never seen these boys so hungry to roll up their sleeves and make a record.

Anthony Kiedis & The Roots on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Anthony appeared on the Jimmy Fallon ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday 20th November. He performed ‘Under The Bridge’ as a ‘sit-in’ with The Roots  and there was also a plug for the ‘Fandemonium’ book with Anthony briefly talking about the book; although from the clip below (all I’ve seen here as I don’t think the show is broadcast here in the UK), it seemed to be mostly the host talking about a t-shirt swapping story with Anthony…

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Thanks to RHCP Portugal and for Angra for linking me to the post.