RHCP UK Tour 2012 Tickets Update

RHCP 2012 UK Concert Ticket Sale Dates:

Latest Update: Ticketmaster have announced a pre-sale from 9 a.m. tomorrow morning; tickets now on sale fron Thursday 3rd November at 9 a.m.! Details HERE

Just to remind everyone that tickets for the 23rd and 24th June 2012 Red Hot Chili Peppers concerts at Knebworth and the Stadium of Light go on sale on FRIDAY 4th November at 9 a.m. on general release and tomorrow, Thursday 3rd November  for VIP tickets (details below). However, non-VIP tickets are available NOW on PRE-SALE thorugh O2…

RHCP UK Tour Tickets 2012 Through O2

If you happen to have an O2 mobile phone contract, tickets went on sale through O2’s Priority site at 9 a.m. this morning (2nd November) and will be on sale until 9 a.m on Friday 4th unless tickets sell out prior to that. O2 Priority link HERE

You need to pre-register with the site if you haven’t already done so- details in the link above (you can either text a code or enter your mobile number on the website- an activation code is then sent to the mobile phone by text. It’s simple 🙂 )

FYI: I logged onto the site straight away this morning; tickets work out to about £60 for Knebworth (I think Sunderland is the same); tickets were £50 plus a booking fee (approx. £8) and then there was another (honestly!) admin charge applied of £5.25 (for two tickets). Car parking is £11 at Knebworth if booked in advance (can buy it at the same time as the tickets) or £20 on the day.  Watch your ticket options as there are several to buy e.g. tickets plus coach, train- just tickets was one of the lower options 🙂

RHCP UK TOUR 2012 VIP Tickets

For those of you who have been asking about the hospitality VIP tickets, I phoned the company this morning. They are priced at £395 each PLUS VAT (charged at 20%; works out to just under £500 per ticket). They come as a whole package which includes things such as VIP seats (rather than standing), a meal and before & after show party for the VIP guests in a special area. VIP tickets go on sale tomorrow (Thursday 3rd November) at 9 a.m.  VIP Sales website HERE

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