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Flea: Acid for the Children

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Flea: The Marathon Man!

Flea: Fleabass Range

Flea: Adverts A couple of adverts from magazines featuring Flea.

Flea: Silverlake Conservatory of Music 

Flea: Watts Conservatory of Music.

Flea Photo Galleries:

Turin, 2011

Flea Live! A selection of my concert photos of Flea.

Surfrider September 2010 (Exclusive TCS photos)


Flea Article & Magazine Scan Collection

We have well over 300 magazine scans online in the ‘Articles and Scans’ section and obviously Flea features in many of those but the ‘Flea Article Page’ links to articles where he is prominent in the interview/it’s a key article or the interview is with him alone, etc.

Flea: On a Cover of a Magazine Magazines in our scan collection featuring Flea on the cover

Flea: Magazine Clippings Snippets of news or articles with no known date/publisher


Flea Social Networking Sites:

Flea is active on a couple of social networking sites. You can follow his verified account on Twitter @flea333 and his Facebook page: Flea Facebook Page

5 thoughts on “Flea

  1. Dear Flea,

    Please let me write the address to which I could send you a letter. Thus I was embarrassed. If you can not fulfill this wish me it’s ok. I shall be sorry but I still hear it. you are the best. I am the mother of boys who taught me to enjoy your music. You are his idol.


  2. Flea – Been listening to your music since the late 80s, and I have bought many of your albums, and I am really dissapointed to see you support Bernie, who will do nothing but take power from the the people who succeed in life and are have an entrepreneur spirit, and give it to the lazy, ungreatful, and unjustified people supporting the Democratic party. I love the environment, I recycle, I volunteer, I am a. patriot american, I have a college education, I work for the US Defense, and I am very disspointed that you are so close minded to support Sanders and his party. He and Hillary will do nothing more than to continue to pussificate this once wondeful country I grew up in. Please justify how you can support someone who will add nothing to this county and the future for our kids.

  3. I would love to have a practice session with you. I am 15 years old and started playing bass after seeing RHCP at MSG in February 2017. My dad has been a big fan since 1993. I play in 3 groups at my music school.

    Written by my Dad Nick Gray

  4. Flea,
    I’m sure you know what a Doppelganger is. I’ve been told I look just like you for past 30 years. I’m not talking a few times but all the time. Vegas to Berlin . Palm Springs to San Francisco. I’ve been asked at airports, nightclubs and concerts. Your
    fans love us. People are confused when I say your my brother .Only for a second. Crazy thing is they still asked for my autograph. Thanks Brother for sharing your gift. YOU ROCK !!!!

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