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Chad Smith : Biography

Chad Smith : Tattoos

Chad Smith: Drummer

Chad Smith: Gear- Drum set up/equipment

Chad Smith : Adverts Chad is the most profilic advertiser from RHCP and has been involved in advertising many drum related products; these adverts are taken from my magazine collection.

Chad Smith: Article & Magazine Scan Collection

We have well over 300 magazine scans online in the ‘Articles and Scans’ section and obviously Chad Smith features in many of those but the ‘Chad Article Page’ links to articles where he is prominent in the interview/it’s a key article or the interview is with him alone, etc.

Chad Smith: On a Cover of a Magazine Magazines in our scan collection featuring Chad Smith on the cover

Chad Smith: Magazine Clippings Snippets of news or articles with no known date/publisher

Chad Smith Social Networking Sites:

Chad Smith is active on a couple of social networking sites. You can follow his verified account on Twitter @RHCPChad and his Facebook page: Chad Smith Facebook


4 thoughts on “Chad Smith

  1. Hi! My name is Seneca and I have been playing the drums for 6 years. You (Chad Smith) are one of my all time favorite drummers in the world. As a sophomore in high school, I am looking to learn more from the best of the best and was wondering if you would be willing to possibly give me lessons, or know anyone who could. I play in a marching band, 2 jazz bands that gig all over Mryland, and in a percussion ensemble. I love the RHCP and am your BIGGEST fan!!! Please respond, and I would love to meet you as well.

  2. how can I get in touch with Chad Smith’s non-profit to bring music into schools? I would like to help.

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