RHCP Cancel Funkyard Festival Appearance for 2021

Unsurprisingly, the Red Hot Chili Peppers appearance at the re-scheduled Funkyard Festival date in Tel Aviv, Israel for 2021 has been cancelled for this year.

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the Red Hot Chili Peppers band will not be able to hold their planned performances in Europe this summer, among them the concert at the Funkyard Festival in Tel Aviv, planned for June 23
We are doing everything we can to set a new date for the expected festival, and will continue to update soon with more details and a new date.
It’s important for us to emphasize:
In recent weeks, the production has made every effort to continue and hold the original date, with the return of the farm to ?? full activity ?.
Unfortunately, the situation in Europe does not allow the band to hold this year’s tour, and therefore the production commissioned on a rescheduled date.
Tickets for the Punkyard Festival are sold out and thanks to the trust you’ve given us so far in choosing to wait – it’s not obvious!
In this position we want to thank you and hope that most of you will choose this again to allow us to make the tedious wait so that you will be especially worth it.
Q & A about postponement of the show and the different options >> https://bit.ly/3noqOdr

Are RHCP only playing Israel this year?

I’ve been checking the official Red Hot Chili Peppers’ website over the last couple of weeks (mostly in surprise that it hadn’t been updated and festivals which had been cancelled were showing as going ahead), and all the booked dates for 2021 were still showing a few days ago – including ones where the festival has been cancelled by the organisers.

However, the website has recently been updated and is now only showing the Funkyard Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, on 23rd June. All other dates have been removed including the festivals which have not (yet) been cancelled by their organisers.

It could be just a glitch, or even that Funkyard has confirmed and the other festivals haven’t, but currently only the one date is listed. There could be a number of reasons and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are only playing Israel (or that Funkyard itself is a definite), but the other festivals are not currently showing.

Guess it’s a case of watch this space.

Source: redhotchilipeppers.com Tour

RHCP at Rock Werchter 2021 Cancelled

Sad news, but not unexpected given the times… Rock Werchter, Belgium, has cancelled for this year. RHCP were due to perform. Although many festivals have cancelled for 2021, this is the first one featuring RHCP in the line up to do so.

So sorry for everyone with tickets <3

Rock Werchter will not take place this summer. The four-day music festival will be back in full swing in 2022, from 30 June to 3 July.
This is not a decision we have taken lightly and in recent months we have been talking to governments, experts and colleagues in here and elsewhere about how festivals could take place. With the great momentum on vaccine rollout, we had hoped that it might be possible, however we have come to the reluctant conclusion that given current restrictions we simply cannot prepare for a 2021 festival in the normal way. We want every fan and artist to enjoy the festival to the fullest, and with the current situation we could not achieve this for you.
Whilst we know that this is the right decision, we also know that this decision affects many: our employees, the technical crew, suppliers, artists and their entourages, all the local associations and their volunteers, and of course the fans. Our sector has been on hold for a whole year now. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the dark times are not over, even with the cautious restart happening soon. The once thriving live music industry needs government support. Belgian festivals are internationally renowned.
We have a special word of thanks to you, our fans and friends of the festival: YOU ROCK WERCHTER. Every time. Over and over again. You kept hoping during the dark days, showed understanding over the uncertain situation, and gave support to each other and to us. We cannot thank you enough. We look forward to making great memories together again in the future.
Rock Werchter will be back next year, in full swing and even much better than that. Some of the planned Rock Werchter 2021 acts will appear. New names will be added to the 2022 line-up too. The line-up and practical information will be revealed later. But you can make a note of these dates now. Strong as ever, we will be back from Thursday June 30 to Sunday July 3, 2022. Ticket holders will be contacted shortly by our ticket partner, Ticketmaster. They can choose to retain their ticket, carry it over to 2022, or ask to be given a credit to the value of their booking. This credit can be spent on any of the festivals that will take place at the Festivalpark in Werchter in 2021 and 2022. Ticket sales for Rock Werchter 2022 will resume later this year.