The Watts Conservatory of Music (WCM)


Where all children of all backgrounds have access to learn to play a musical instrument in a safe and positive environment.

Mission Statement of the Watts Conservatory of Music


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We all know that Flea is an enthusiastic supporter of children learning to play a musical instrument and studying music and from his beliefs/inspiration the Silverlake Conservatory of Music was founded in LA in 2001. The Conservatory provides music lessons for children; with free lessons given to those in need so finances are not a barrier to any child wanting to learn to play an instrument. The members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers have also been involved with this project e.g. Anthony Kiedis is on the Board of Directors and RHCP (usually) run an annual fundraising evening/concert for the Conservatory.

The Watts Conservatory of Music will be a similar project to the one in Silverlake, but will provide totally free musical education to the community of Watts. The project has been in the pipeline for five years and is now moving closer to fruition. Unfortunately, the Covid epidemic has delayed the process as it had been hoped the school would be open by now.

Flea is a co-founder of the Watts Conservatory of Music and the school will be run under the direction of musician/producer, Bobby Easton.

The new Conservatory’s founders include:

Flea (bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Norwood Fisher (bassist of Fishbone)

David Moss (founder and president of the Harold Robinson Foundation)

Paul Tollett (Goldenvoice, Coachella)

Julie Brisken Harelson (Gelson Market family)

Lauren Halsey (activist, philanthropist)

Bob Forrest (ALO House and musician)

RHCP and the Watts Community

The Chili Peppers have had an increasing public connection with the Watts community over recent years. In 2019, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a surprise gig at Markham Middle School they helped to provide food for the area during the Covid lockdown of 2020. During the lockdown, Flea and his wife, Melody Ehsani, especially became heavily involved in volunteering within the community.

Many thanks to the Director of the Watts Conservatory of Music, Bobby Easton, for information and help.