Unknown One Hot Minute Article

Many thanks to Thijs Montanus for the translation! 

Big text in black”One hot minute with the Red Hot Chili Peppers”

Text in white: ”The album ‘One Hot Minute’ is the successor of the 93rd album ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’ with which they won the MTV Music Award and Multiple Platinum LP’s.” (Note: Yes 93rd is confusing and they spelled ‘Magik’ with a ‘c’)

”The new album sounds as good as the previous, if not better. But in any case, it is as complete as the previous. Dave Navarro is the newest member of the band. Before he played with Janes Addiction in ‘Porno for Pyros’. He has also played in many movies, but now he’s been guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers for over a year and part of the group. Above all he helps to write the new albums. ‘One Hot Minute’ is very stylistic and consists of 13 song titles. It is very funky and clearly identifyable as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and that is exactly what the band would like. They always try to open new doors and show that it’s impossible to put them away in the drawer. They haven’t tried to copy other music styles. They sound like a band that, with their expected power, crosses boundaries. If you ask what the favorite song of the new album is, they cannot give you an answer. Anthony’s favorite changes daily, it depends on his daily changing mood. The songs come from honest experiments; a little funny, a little sad. Flea says it isn’t fair to bind yourself to one song, when there’s so many different songs on one album. You can’t skip a song when the album has so many different characteristics. Question 1: ”You needed two years for your new album, why did it take so long?” Anthony: We have no concepts or references and don’t give ourself timelimits. When we met David (Dave Navarro), we took the time to get to know him. We went out, made music, and started the production of the new CD slowly. Nobody told us when we needed to be done. Theoretically, it could have taken 10 years. An album is ready, when everybody agrees. Question 2: ”You are now together for 10 years, what is your secret?” Chad: The band isn’t based on people who come together and play music, but on friends who share their lives together. Without our friendship, we wouldn’t be able to exist and I believe that it’s the secret of our success. Question 3:”Do you put the new album at the same level as the previous one?” We don’t do that, since we always make something completely different. This time we went to Hawaii for three months and made the music there.”