Rockinfreakapotamus Vol 2, no 1

Photographs of the whole magazine

We have a couple of the magazines shown on the centre pages in this collection:

Anthony Kiedis Rolling Stone

Flea Musician 


 Scans of interesting articles/sections (I haven’t copied the fan correspondence, etc.).

Transcript Anthony’s Letter:


Turn to face the strange manger of change. The latest in a delirious series of brain quaking revelations is that we have assimilated, through the process of shockmosis, a new guitar player by the name of Dave Navarro. David has the heart of a poet and the lungs of an astronomer. We are happy that he has joined our musical works because now we don’t have to feel like jerks.

We left Los Angeles some time ago and went to a place where the days move slow. Some people sleep with a pillow between their knees, some people speak freely with the trees; some people float deeply beneath the seas of sound and keys. I am pleased to be doing all of these with ease in the hot and heavenly Hawaiian breeze. Get up off that thing and dance so you’ll feel better.

We came to this island to become something. A band, a family, a team of disenfranchised butt hairs, anything so long as it is something. We spend our days writing music, riding motorcycles, jumping off of cliffs into sky blue waters and sacrificing imaginary virgins to ancient Hawaiian gods and goddesses. Sometimes I go off to the Aloha Cafe hoping to impregnate words with notes, and notes with guts and pain with pleasure. One day soon we will be impregnating you.



Transcript: Dave Navarro’s letter

I am currently living on the Big Island of Hawaii. The place where it’s sunny at 9.00 am, cloudy at noon, rainy at 3.00 pm, sunny again at 4.30 am and clear at night.

Yesterday we all went down to a local reef (Flea, Chad, Anthony & myself) and swam freely among the ocean’s fish- turtles, Bullethead parrotfish, yellowstripe goatfish, tallow tangs, schools of comet (?) tang to name a few, swam along side us-and yes, we have seen eels.

We are now in the process of finishing up the writing of a new album- it’s very different than anything I’ve ever done before- (the music that is). But it’s coming along nicely.

Take care, Dave Navarro


Transcript: Chad Smith’s letter

Ya know kids- Chad here.

If ya have to make music in a strange island this one is the worst. Sun, surf, sand, ocean, riding our bikes everywhere, volcanoes, ya know the usual. Sounds like shit right?? Well, okay we’ll suffer if we have to. Anyway, it’s been a long time since we talked, there may be some new friends aboard the Chili train. Welcome. Lots of changes since our last pow wow. Mainly guitarists. Dave is you know, rocks like the freak thing that he is. I’m sure all is going to enjoy our new shit. We’ll keep ya posted. Chad


Transcript: Flea’s letter

To all people old and young, thin and fat, and even ones with pimples on the end of their noses.

I am Flea. I am presently lying in bed named twiddling my abundant pubic hair and reading Mishima. Yukio Mishima is the amazingly insightful gay Japanese writer who committed suicide by seppuku in 1970 at the age of 45. I highly recommend him to all of you.

We, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are here in Hawaii writing music in preparation for a new batch of songs to be available for purchase in a few months. If we can achieve half of the level of artistic excellence that’s in this here Mishima book then they will be fine songs indeed. Isn’t it funny how such an intangible thing as music, something created by sweat, thought and spiritual openness, ends up in a little plastic box? I just woke up from falling asleep after that last sentence, read what I wrote and realised it would probably bore the shit out of you all. Oh well, I’m going to go play bass now and do my damnedest to write music that will inspire you to spin wildly on your head, float dreamily through cloudy afternoons, do the funky roaster, and have incredible sexual experiences.

Love, Flea.

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