Rockinfreakapotamus RHCP Fan Club Letters

*Rockinfreakapotamus was the name of the official Red Hot Chili Peppers fan club when it was run by Anthony’s Father, Blackie Dammett. The fanclub no longer exists in this form.

Many thanks to R!ch~Plenge for scanning and sharing these letters from his personal collection!

8 thoughts on “Rockinfreakapotamus RHCP Fan Club Letters

  1. That is the most far out name for a fan club .im in my mid life , middle life and have never been a fan person ever ! How is your father? I hope he’s well . Ive found the media news of musicians to be a little out as far as truth goes , so please excuse me if he is not ?

  2. I sent so many letters, cards, poems, my dad’s poems… On MySpace I posted a pic of s grey kitty looking out of the window with a blue star cushion holding a gun, with its own caption. I put “I twaught I saw a tweetybird” and got a comment from Blackie Dammett.. the convo went on for a lil bit, got likes on pics, he could clearly see I was a tad smitten with his son on my site, coincidences and syncronicities …lol .. checked his it was actually him.. I can’t believe my luck.. no convo with Anthony , as if I’d be that lucky! doubt I could talk and would be in way more shock … Just heard about his dad, want to send him hugs and healing.. hope he is okay , considering .. he is a brave , so rare and true .. just a fan but I’ve got you ..
    Petra Fountain big fan big love X

  3. Hello, The late Blackie Dammett once gave me a copy of the Vol. 2, No. 1 issue of Rockinfreakapotamus. Does anyone know the date that this issue came out? I would assume about 1993 or 1994?

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