RHCP World Tour 2011-2012

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RHCP World Tour News Countries to be Visited

Very little has confirmed about the actual tour although Blackie Dammett (father of RHCP vocalist Anthony Kiedis and ex-RHCP fanclub/website leader) has commented that it will be massive:

red hot chili peppers world tour 2011 2012 massive


Blackie Dammett: That’s only a fraction of the tour to come. I’ve read the entire two year tour and it will be massive.

The tour will cover most of the world:

Red hot chili peppers world tour news


When are cilli peppers coming to the uk next x

Blackie Dammett: the UK will be on the tour; we just can’t say yet until everything’s locked down. there’ll be tours in asia, south america, north america, and europe. be patient

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: Australia

So far no dates or locations have been announced; the only comment we have was made by RHCP drummer Chad Smith in an interview:

RHCP tour australia


In respect of a tour, Smith wouldn’t confirm exact dates but he did say that when the Chili Peppers do announce a tour, Australia will definitely be on the itinerary. “Of course! We always come.”

You heard it here first. The Chili Peppers are coming to Oz! Source

RHCP Tour 21012-2012: Europe

No dates have been announced for the RHCP tour of Europe; loads of festival appearance rumours have been flying around but nothing has confirmed for this year and Blackie Dammett has now stated that Red Hot Chili Peppers will not in fact play Europe until next year in 2012.

red hot chili peppers tour Europe 2011 2012


Hi Blackie! When will the Chili Peppers come to Italy?

Blackie Dammett: They tour Europe in 212; whether Italy is on I don’t remember after my quick peak at the schedule; you’ll know soon enough.


RHCP Tour 21012-2012:UK

red hot chili peppers UK festivals and tour dates 2011 2012


i can’t say much because i’m sworn not to, but the UK will get tour dates before just about everybody, and in 2012 you’ll see a couple of the big familiar festivals just like the old days.

RHCP Tour 21012-2012: South America

Blackie Dammett has mentioned RHCP playing on the South American continent several times e.g.

Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour South America Peru Chile Argentins Colombia Venezuala


For all of those Argentine fans who have been asking me if we’ll play there, Anthony says they’ll perform for Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil

Red Hot Chili Peppers have confirmed to play Rock in Rio on September 24th, 2011 and I think there’s an assumption that the rest of the South American tour will be around the same time but apart from rumours of concert dates, nothing else has confirmed yet.

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: America

Again no dates have emerged for US dates for the RHCP tour in America and again Blackie has recently confirmed a couple of times that RHCP will not tour in America until 2012:

Red Hot Chili Peppers tour USA 2011 2012


Hello there Blackie! Do you know if the Peppers plan to tour USA anytime this year? Thanks : )

Blackie Dammett: 2012 

Red Hot Chili Peppers USA World Tour 2011 2012


Hey Blackie i’ve heard through the grapevine that the peppers are playing at the Orlando Calling Festival 2011& I was just wondering if you could confirm this rumor. -Much Appreciation for your time.

Blackie Dammett: i’d say that was incorrect because they won’t tour america until 2012

RHCP Tour 2012-2012: Asia

Blackie Dammett has mentioned that there will be a tour in Asia but so far only one date has confirmed for the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan on August 13-14th 2011.

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    • RHCP are playing the US next year but no dates have been announced yet so hopefully you’ll get your wish! We’ll update here with any US (or elsewhere!) tour news as it comes in

    • RHCP are scheduled to play the US next year so playing some Canadian dates around then would make sense but nothing has been announced yet; as soon as I hear any dates & venues I’ll post them

  1. Great news that RHCP are coming to play at Sunderland, England. Just ordered my tickets and noted doors open at 4pm. Any idea who is supporting?

    • Sorry nothing has been announced yet (one UK rag was apparently running a story saying it was Led Zeppelin but I think we can discount that one!); we will post as soon as we hear anything.

  2. Been listening to the Peppers my entire life, no other band has yet to move me like them. Their music has changed my life. Playing in South Africa is something they would never regret, there is such a love of music and a huge RHCP fan base here, it seems reidiculous they havent visited already.
    I would do just about anything to see this incredible band. South Africa is waiting for you!!!

  3. pleaaasse come to south africa,cape town every 1 has been here recently from kings of leon to dem ada people like akon ect. but all i really wanna see is the chili peppers!!!!!:( make my wish come true plz 🙁

  4. Pepper’s… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to South Africa, Cape Town!!!!!! We would love to see you over here!!!!
    Come visit a new wonder of the world! Table Mountain!

  5. South Africa is a MUST, You guys have gotta pay us a visit, we’re the forgotten fan base 🙁 – there have been whispers of RHCP coming … we wait and see, and Anthony, please shave off that ‘orrible moustache, looks like a cheap porno prop from the 70’s

    • I’m sure they will play Canada! They just haven’t announced the dates yet; only 6 US dates have been announced so far for the 2012 tour so I’m sure Canada will be included when more North American dates get announced. According to AK’s dad, the North American tour is going to see the largest number of concerts of anywhere in the tour and I think it’s highly unlikely RHCP won’t pop over the border into Canada while they’re at it. They’ve just announced the January dates so far (in the Carolinas & Georgia area) and there’s the rest of the year & tour to go. We will update this site as soon as we hear anything else so please check back to see what’s going on.

      The summer European dates are being announced because they are festivals and they were also advertising them at relevant concerts e.g. fliers were being given out at the English gigs for the two dates next summer which is the reason I guess why those such dates are being announced so early.

  6. RHCP it is a true form of art and the fan base here in South Africa is HUGE!! to see them perform live would make many people’s dreams come true, including mine! South Africa is a diverse country that appreciate the message that RHCP sends ! Come to SA, you wont regret it ! Cape Town and Joburg! JUST DO IT !!!

  7. Newwww yorrkkk!!!! I’ve been waiting yearss to see you guys. Such a fan. You guys are amazing and A.K. your book scar tissue is absolutely phenomenal and intriguing. Much love and respect!!!

  8. ………………………………………………………………………………………………
    Been listening to the Peppers my entire life, no other band has yet to move me like them. Playing in South Africa is something they would never regret, there is such a love of music and a huge RHCP fan base here, it seems ridiculous they havent visited already.
    I would do just about anything to see this incredible band. South Africa and all its magic is waiting for you!!!

  9. RHCP’s I been listening to you for over 20yrs! friends have seen you play around the world,but you’ve never played for your South African Fans at home and although I have almost every live DVD of yours, I’ve never seen you play live,make a massive fans dream come true play anywhere in South Africa I’ll be there if you play Both Jozi and Capetown I’ll be at both!
    PLEASE BOYS, come visit and bring your magic!

  10. South Africa neeeeeeeeeds you!!!! We’ve been supporting and loving every single song … It would mean the world to us if we could see you live and experience the songs that moves us every day. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease come to South Africa! Especially Cape Town! I’ll give anything to just stand in the presence of your live music

  11. come to cape town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    on my hands and knees begging here, you would complete my life.
    been more than 15 years since i saw you at brixton academy and i just can’t wait any longer!

  12. SOUTH AFRICA!!! Guys, if we are serious then we also need to get in touch with and push the same organisers that brought huge bands like U2, Kings of Leon, Coldplay to SA!
    RHCP- please come to SA!!! You will love it here. And it’s my dying wish to see you rock it live- I’m not kidding!!! South Africa, Im with you!!!

  13. HURRY UP AND COME DOWN UNDER!!!!!! Everytime you’ve been here I’ve just missed out, but not next time – I WILL BE THERE!! SO COME ON!!! =]

  14. Lets do what it takes to get them here. I mean these cats are going to Asia and not coming here. WTF?! As a friend of mine pointed out, Coldplay was allowed here, so why the F not the chilli peppers. Powers that be, please bring this band here.

  15. If you guys had to come to Joburg, South Africa, I would camp out at the venue for as long as I need to just to see you guys up front. You guys have always been my ultimate band. I would do Anything to see you guys in SA.

  16. C0ME T0 S0UTH AFRICA!!!! PLEASE!!! J0Burg!!! I would sell my kidney just t0 see y0u guyz live!!! Please!!! I L0VE y0u guyz!!! Would make my LIFE!! <3

  17. please come to CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA!!! it would be amazing and we will show you what a true perfromance feels like 😀 come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. standin in line to see the show tonite and there is a light on…heavy glow….by the way…DO COME TO SINGAPORE!!!… 🙂

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