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Anthony Kiedis Latest News

Anthony has been out and about a lot over the last few days; he’s been suporting the ‘Save Malibu Lagoon’ campaign and there are a couple of videos of him speaking to ‘Mr. Malibu’ about this. He also attended a private screening of Magic Johnson’s ‘The Announcement’ movie where he was photographed with his sporting hero- Anthony & Magic Johnson photos Anthony also features (it’s supposed to be an interview with him but we’re not convinced!) in an interview in the Italian Flair magazine.

Chad Smith Online Interview

Chad was interviewed backstage at the O2 Arena back in November last year for a new(ish) online magazine called iDrum. You can read a summary of the interview and watch the video (it’s in two parts) online HERE (Part 1 of the video is on page 26 and part 2 on page 28).

(Many thanks to Robert for the heads up on this!).

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