RHCP Tour Screen Caps Gallery

This is a reference page of screen-caps made of comments and information about the forthcoming RHCP tour of 2011-12. New comments/info will be made as news posts on the main page but we’ll also keep a reference page here of all comments so people can refer back to them easily without having to wade through lots of individual posts to get to them.

RHCP Tour 21012-2012: Australia

So far no dates or locations have been announced; the only comment we have was made by RHCP drummer Chad Smith in an interview:



In respect of a tour, Smith wouldn’t confirm exact dates but he did say that when the Chili Peppers do announce a tour, Australia will definitely be on the itinerary. “Of course! We always come.”

You heard it here first. The Chili Peppers are coming to Oz!


RHCP Tour 21012-2012: Europe

No dates have been announced for the RHCP tour of Europe; loads of fextival appeartence rumours have been flying around but nothing has confirmed for this year and Blackie Dammett has not statedf that Red Hot Chili Peppers will not in fact play Europe until next year in 2012.

Blackie Dammett Anthony Kiedis father RHCP Tour Europe 2011 -2012


Hi Blackie! When will the Chili Peppers come to Italy?

Blackie Dammett: They tour Europe in 212; whether Italy is on I don’t remember adter my quick peak at the schedule; you’ll know soon enough.

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