Q Magazine RHCP Concert Adverts

I’ve been given a massive amount of back issue Q magazines. RHCP have a number of adverts in them or are featured in the forthcoming concerts section. It’s not worth adding a new page for each advert so I’ll copy them onto one page in case anyone is interested.

Q December 1989 (39): London Town and Country Club

Q February 1990 (41): UK Concert dates

Q February 1992 (65): RHCP UK dates listed

Q September 1994 (86): Advert and mention that RHCP are playing Reading.

Q May 1996 (116): RHCP At Wembley Arena, July 11th

Q Magazine August 1999 (155): Reading- and Leeds advert

Q magazine July 2001(178) Vfest advert:

Q Magazine June 2002 (191): London Arena Dates