Q (300) Frusciante Retrospective

Retrospective JF interview from Q’s 300th celebration edition. Other RHCP mentions in the magazine HERE


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante on his drugs decline Q157, October 1999

“When I was 27, I had a year of not feeling like myself, a year of feeling like I was an imposter who didn’t deserve to be called John Frusciante. It was the worst year of my life. I was smoking crack all day long, shooting heroin, shooting cocaine, drinking wine, taking valium. If I’d had a gun, I definitely would have killed myself. I would get these warnings from spirits saying, You don’t want to die now. I got back in touch with the spirit that is John Frusciante and I didn’t feel like an imposter any more.

“I’m really happy to be as much on my natural rhythms as I’m capable. I don’t smoke cigarettes, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t do drugs. I’m in a healthy state of mind today. If tomorrow I’m off in a hotel and smoking crack, I can’t do anything about that. It’s what I’m driven to do if it’s what I’m driven to do and I can’t help that.”


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