RHCP at Birmingham (1)


It’s a crazy weekend for some reason!!! I will write a proper review and add a photo gallery but I’m racing around doing real life stuff so I can go and do this again tonight! I’ve quickly added some photos to the Facebook page for now. You can see them HERE And a quick pic of Flea and his new ‘stache!

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So Hard…

Sigh… OK, here goes.

Blackie’s retirement has left a massive void in the Chili Pepper community. Not only have we lost our “go to” source of information and fan in-between with the band, but it’s created issues within the community. Before, he was Head Honcho and there was no point competing with that as it was a given and he would also steer the community- I’ve seen him have a discrete word with someone about their behaviour when there were issues. Now the gaping void he’s left has nobody to steer it and some people are prepared to do anything to step into it. In the ten years that I’ve been heavily involved with the CP community online, I’ve never know it to be like this with the back-stabbing and bullying that is going on in some areas. There is some pretty unpleasant stuff happening at times on social media.

There has also been a split in the fan base leading to some of the fans seeing themselves as being better than others. And somehow from that an inner circle of FANS has formed stepping into the Blackie void. Obviously, some of that inner circle totally deserve to be there as they are loyal and dedicated fans and I’m not commenting on the rights or wrongs of it but just making observations. However, there is a section of those inner fans that are desperate to keep other fans out in whatever way they can and they seem to be attracting an element of like minded fans who want to be in that inner circle who are now running around sending abusive messages, trying to force fan pages to close  way to do, etc. in order to be able to do so. Other fans are totally on the outside and left out and resentment is growing over it all and it’s adding to the fan base tension and split.

OK, why I’m writing this…

I’m an “out” and that has been repeatedly pointed out to me but I’ve weathered the storm. However, recently things have got really unpleasant and I’ve had a lot of issues with some members of the online community within social media and the threats/bullying/ “self-improvement” messages (I get it! And thank you, I’m just commenting and understand without the need for anymore as a result of this post) some of the real side-stage pass possessing fans and the “wannabe” fans like to send to outsiders like me. It’s been really unpleasant and hard and has led to lots of consideration about me continuing to be involved as many of you know.

And then at Reading I had a moment (OK, a concert length one!). I’ve put so much into supporting the band and their charities and projects and helping the community as much as I can. And I was standing there being jostled in a crowd unable to see much (being 5ft 2″ in a crowd isn’t good!) and looking at ants in the distance on the stage knowing the fans from the inner circle would be side-stage with perfect views and hadn’t had to queue or be pushed around. And it made me wonder what the hell I was doing. Then I got home and had the disappointment of my rubbish pics as I was too far away and too short to take anything decent; knowing I would have shared them with the community and couldn’t.

As a result, I really started to think about whether I carry on with the websites and decided to give myself until the end of this year to decide as it is such a massive decision to take. I’ve put so much into this and it’s hard to walk away from it. I’ve managed to keep this going all through the hell and chaos of the last few years. I’ve nursed two people, my mother (Alzheimer’s Disease) and husband (alcohol addiction), through terminal conditions within three years, been widowed, seen my whole life turned upside down and still kept it going but I know in my heart I’ve now come to the end of the line. I don’t need the hassle from certain quarters and I don’t need to feel rejected and foolish for wasting my time on something I cannot achieve in because I’m an outsider. Ten years and I don’t even have full band autographs which says it all really.

It’s time to step aside and leave things to those real fans as fan pages really ought to be run by them. I’ve got tickets to two concerts in December and I will go and enjoy them just as a face in the crowd and leave the photo taking and reporting to the proper fans. And hopefully I’ll meet a lot of friends and that is the good thing to come from all of this and is something I really do value. A few posts by me will sneak on here I’m sure around the time of the UK concerts (I’ll make a final post at some point if nothing else as this is just an update rather than a proper goodbye). I’ve paid for domain names and hosting for the next year so I’ll leave the websites (this one and anthonykiedis.net) up in case people want the info on them (I might tweak a few things as there were some things I’ve always meant to add/update) or want to read the 50000+ magazine pages I’ve scanned 🙂 But I won’t be involved in them or the Facebook pages any more from 2017. Peace <3

Rebecca (Squitherwitch)

Christmas Competition!

Christmas is approaching and I’ve been given a RHCP jumper/sweater by the kind people at Ugly Christmas Sweaters – you can see me wearing it so fetchingly here 🙂

I was so tempted to keep it but as RHCP is all about “give it away” I thought I’d run a competition and give it away as a prize and a Christmas theme seemed appropriate 🙂

tree-baublesTo Enter:

You need to design an ornament for a Christmas tree which is Red Hot Chili Peppers related in some way- it can be connected to a RHCP album, song, lyric, the whole band, an individual band member, whatever as long as there is a Chili Peppers connection. It can be made from anything, be any shape, design, etc. and people can enter as many times as they would like. Just please keep it clean- nothing rude or inappropriate. You need to take a photo of the ornament (not the actual ornament itself) and send it to me:

I will make a gallery of the photos and the judges will decide the winner.

The ornament has to be RHCP related and needs to be home-made – nothing ready made/mass produced. By submitting the photograph you are giving me permission to post it on any of my RHCP websites and RHCP Facebook pages. We also reserve the right not to post images if they are inappropriate. The judges decision will be final and the jumper will be posted with proof of posting obtained but sorry I can’t be responsible if it doesn’t arrive for some reason (or for non arrival of emails/photos). There is only the one jumper which is size large (the sales page warns they come up a size small and I went for a larger size thinking it would fit more people but it is snug on me).

Closing Date of Competition: Midnight (GMT; we’re 8 hours ahead of LA for anyone in the US) on Friday 25th November 2016. We’ll announce the winner within a few days- will say when closer to the time.

If you can’t wait or want to buy a sweater/jumper yourself, you can get one from the company direct: Ugly Christmas Sweaters They are currently on special offer at $30 each. You can also add lights to them for an extra cost.

RHCP Tour 2016

There will be a new format for concerts; from now on information will be posted as a page rather than in this front page section and then added to a designated section which is directly accessible from the menu. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages as it makes concert posts easier to find and it’s a pain scrolling through the front page section past all of the concert stuff to find other news. new-rhcp-concert-tour-section

I’ve just added the the last concert in Berlin to the new section. Berlin November 2016

RHCP at KROQ Halloween Ball


Last night, the Red Hot Chili Peppers played at the KROQ Halloween Costume Ball.



Date: 28th October 2016

Location: Fonda Theatre, LA

Set List:



Can’t Stop

Scar Tissue

Dark Necessities

Parallel Universe

Sick Love

Right On Time

Go Robot


Suck My Kiss

I Could Have Lied

By The Way


Goodbye Angels

Give It Away



For the encore, Chad Smith dressed as a bishop.



There was a fancy dress competition and the winner won $5000! This was the winning costume:


Many thanks to Angra and Anna for their info and allowing us to use their photos!

Flea Opening the New Silverlake Conservatory of Music

A video of the official opening of the new building for The Silverlake Conservatory of Music. RHCP’s Flea who founded the music school cut the ribbon and made a short speech. This was followed by a parade around the block during which you can see Flea and Anthony Kiedis dancing along (At the beginning, AK was dancing with his son Everly Bear. Flea’s daughter, Sunny, was also by them).