RHCP Secret Concert at the Yaamava’ Resort and Casino

Date: 14th April 2022

Location: Yaamava’ Resort & Casino, Highand, California (near San Barnardino)

The concert was a private one for VIP guests to mark the opening of the new entertainment theater at the Yaamava’ Resort and Casino.

Set List
Can’t Stop
Aquatic Mouth Dance
These Are the Ways
Black Summer
Wet Sand
Tell Me Baby
Whatchu Thinkin’
Under the Bridge
Give It Away

RHCP Unlimited Love Promotions: TV Shows

The band performed on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and also on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. Both shows were aired on 1st April as part of an April Fool’s joke that saw the presenters swapping shows with the band’s performance pre-recorded. They also appeared on the Howard Stern Show (5th April) to promote their new album, Unlimited Love.

Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show

Howard Stern Show:

These Are The Ways
Under The Bridge
Give It Away

RHCP Unlimited Love Promotions: Amoeba Records Hollywood

RHCP played a brief set on 7th April at Amoeba Records, Hollywood. Limited tickets were made available with a pre-order of the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album, Unlimited Love.

Set List:

Source: RHCP official social media (Twitter)

Black Summer
By the Way
These Are the Ways
Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)

RHCP Unlimited Love Promotions: Fonda Theater

RHCP played the Fonda Theater in Hollywood on 1st April, 2022- their first proper live performance with John Frusciante back in the band and some songs from the new album were played for the first time.

Set List:

Source: RHCP Stuff on Twitter

These Are the Ways
Snow ((Hey Oh))
Here Ever After
Suck My Kiss
Aquatic Mouth Dance
Can’t Stop
Your Song (Elton John cover)
Not the One
Black Summer
By the Way

Give It Away (with George Clinton)



RHCP Walk of Fame Ceremony

This morning (LA time), the Red Hot Chili Peppers received their star on the Hollywood Blvd.

The band walked onto the stage from Amoeba Records- their star is immediately outside the store. The band were seated at first before stepping onto the stage a little while later. Speeches were given by Bob Forrest, George Clinton and Woody Harrelson. Each band member also spoke briefly:

1. John Frusciante

John spoke about moving to LA and that he lived one block away when he first arrived. He thanked the band members.

2. Flea

“I know these streets and these streets know me.”

Flea thanked his wife, Melody, and daughter, Clara, among others. He talked about walking the streets and begging for money, “Excuse me, sir. Please could you spare some change? Just a dime. A nickel.”

3. Chad Smith

Memories of when he moved to LA too and commented about walking the streets and that, “…now everyone can walk on us!”

Chad thanked everyone! He thanked the marching band who had been playing songs, he thanked the fans for being there, he thanked and named the past members of the band, and he thanked the current members of the band. And not surprisingly, he mentioned Taylor Hawkins.

4. Anthony Kiedis

Various thanks and he talked about the band being greater than its various parts when they get together. A sweet shout out (which so many of us were hoping for) to his late father, Blackie Dammett who would have been so proud today and also to his mum, Peggy.

You can view the presentation- the live stream was archived (it’s the holding screen at first so just scroll past it).

Unlimited Love Pop-up Store

Amoeba Records will be holding a pop up shop on Sunday 3rd April at the Melrose Trading Post at Fairfax High School on Sunday. It will be selling the new Red Hot Chili Peppers’ album Unlimited Love along with some exclusive RHCP merch.

Details: April 3rd from 9am-5pm at 7850 Melrose Ave. LA CA 90046- Booth B84