RHCP Perform at Silverlake Benefit Evening

The benefit fundraiser for the Silverlake Conservatory of Music took place on Saturday 17th October 2015 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed a brief acoustic set as part of the evening’s entertainment.

They performed:

Around The World
By The Way
Sir Psycho Sexy
They’re Red Hot
& Jimi Hendrix’s Fire

Many thanks to Kimberly for the information and for allowing me to use her photos from the event :)

Silverlake Benefit 2015


On Saturday, October 17, 2015, FLEA and ANTHONY, will host 350 guests for a private dinner with a silent auction and performance by JOHN LEGEND, KAMASI WASHINGTON, and a surprise guest. With the outstanding help of the GALLERY GAGOSIAN in Beverly Hills, about 50 works of art by major artists will be sold during the dinner in a silent auction.

“Shepherding a non-profit music school for the last 14 years has taken an enormous amount of time, energy, and patience. Having the help from our contemporaries each year at our annual fundraiser has been hugely comforting and enables us to give thousands of kids a quality music education. I am so grateful for the assistance we are getting this year from the visual artists, some of whom are Damien Hirst, Thomas Houseago, Jeff Koons, and Richard Prince, as well as performing musicians John Legend and Kamasi Washington. This promises to be a beautiful evening of music and art to benefit the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, whose students we owe everything to. Thank you and love to all.” — Flea

“The shindigs we throw to raise love, cash and awareness for SCM are as fun as they are meaningful. To see how huge the musicians and other artists contribute is testament to how important they all know the arts are for our young people. Let there be sound and vision my friends…..” — Anthony Kiedis

Art Donations from:


Specialty boutique items from:



AND A TABLE OF 10 AT $25,000




Smokin’ Hot Chili Peppers!


As you probably know by now, I collect magazines featuring RHCP. I have my list of ones I’d really like and there were two magazines on the ‘holy grail’ list for me… I saw one of them for sale for the first time about a month ago but the postage was a rip-off and I reluctantly let it go; but then a week ago, I saw another posting for it which was a lot cheaper and I had to get it!

It arrived this morning so I’ve just scanned and uploaded it – there’s also a full transcript. I don’t think many people will have seen it before as it is pretty rare.

Smoke: Don’t let the magazine title put you off; I really wanted it as it’s so rare and one of those iconic magazine covers but I thought the content would be very limited given the publication- I was very wrong! There are a few photos of the band with cigars and a few references to smoking them but it’s mostly a lengthy article talking about working with, then new boy, Dave Navarro and One Hot Minute.

Smoke Summer 1996

RHCP San Diego Concert 2015

Date: Sunday 27th September 2015

Venue: Belly Up Tavern, San Diego

san-diego-venue-chad-smith Source: Chad Smith Facebook

The Red Hot Chili Peppers played a one-off gig on Sunday at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego. It was a fundraiser for youth performing arts education groups including Heartbeat Music Academy, San Diego Young Artists Music Academy and the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. Unfortunately the $1000 ticket price put it beyond the reach of most RHCP fans but it was in a good cause! And those lucky enough to be able to go got to see the Chilis play in a small venue and also see them digging deep into their back catalog to pull some old songs out and give them an airing for the first time in years!

Set List: san-diego-rhcp-set-list (Source: I’m pretty sure Julia RHCP posted this originally but it’s been copied so many times I’m not sure. Hopefully it’s OK to post it- please contact me if it isn’t.)

Can’t Stop
Factory of Faith
Nobody Weird Like Me
Police Helicopter
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Under the Bridge
Me & My Friends
Snow ((Hey Oh))
By the Way
Mommy, Where’s Daddy?

Give It Away Video from Flea’s Instagram page:

Last night first time playing live again after da shattered elbow. Yeeeah

A video posted by @sllollaryee on

Many thanks to Bruno Klinghoffer for uploading these!

And thanks to RHCPtvArgentina too! They have loads of clips of the other songs played on their YouTube channel

Site Update

New Scans!

A number of new scans have been added over the last few days. A massive thank you to the lovely Claire R and Conocido COnocidos from RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS CLUB MÉXICO from taking so much time and effort to scan & send articles to me.


2006 May Piranha (Germany) Article about Stadium Arcadium with several large photos

2006 May In Rock (Japan) Long article with some lovely photos


2006 May Rock & Folk (France) An article about Stadium Arcadium with some brilliant and unique photos.


2006 June Young Mates Music Player (Japan) Article about Stadium Arcadium with good photos


1999 October Rolling Stone (719) Long article with zany photos!


1992 August Revista Eres (Spanish)

And I saw this in a bookshop the other day and had to buy it… 2010 Appetite for Destruction: Legendary Encounters with Mick Wall (book) features an interview with Anthony Kiedis (re-run of a 1990 interview featured in Kerrang! But has an additional coda and introduction).


There are now over 440 scans online of back issue magazines featuring RHCP. All of the English language articles now have a transcript as I’ve been using my time away from posting news to work on them and get them all done. It’s been a massive jump so I’m very relieved it’s done! (Any help with transcripts/translations of none English language articles would be gratefully received!)

The full index of all of the scans over both of my websites can be seen here

Summertime Sadness

If you follow my other website, anthonykiedis.net, you might have seen the post I made on there a few days ago but I’m playing catch up on here too now.

Due to personal reasons I’ve not been updating this site over the summer; my mother unexpectedly died at the start of the summer holidays and I’ve not felt up to doing very much. She had Alzheimer’s Disease so we knew we didn’t have forever with her but she fell out of bed & broke her arm and it all went crazy from there; she was readmitted to hospital two weeks later on end-of-life care as the Alzheimer’s had very suddenly reached terminal. Those last six days was so awful which is why I’ve not been active as I was so exhausted and drained- losing my husband and my mother in three years has been so hard.

I’ve been using some of the time away from updating news to work on various things for the websites so I’ll make a post listing some of the changes that have happened and I’ll get back to updating news soon.