NME January 2011 Flea/Damon Albarn Album

2011 is going to be a blur for Damon, whether he returns to his original band or not…

What with Gorillaz now seemingly on the backburner following the release of The ‘Fall’, recording in 2011 for Damon Albarn could go in a number of different directions.

On the one hand, he recently said he’s feeling the need to take time out and become a family man again. On the other, he’s Damon Albarn, and that means he’s got all manner of intriguing new projects on the go. Top of the list is probably his record with Tony Allen and Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s influenced by Fela Kuti, and is already three-quarters finished, according to Damon. He’s also recently confirmed there are tentative plans to revisit The Good, The Bad & The Queen for a second album, as well as doing the soundtrack to The Boy In The Oak – a short film based on a book by his sister Jessica.

Of course, there’s always that little-known four-piece Blur. While nothing’s confirmed, Damon’s 13 studio in west London would be the perfect place for them to hunker down in, whether for a full album or something more off-the-cuff (like last April’s surprise single ‘Fool’s Day’). He’s already said the band have discussed reconvening early this year for something small, and recently told NME that he’s “got a lot of songs that will always only be comfortable in the context of Blur” – so you never know. Honestly, what a lazy sod that guy is… Matt Wilkinson

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