NME January 2011 60 Most Exciting Albums of 2011

NME 15/1/2011
The 60 Most Exciting Albums of 2011

Much has changed since the Chilis’ bloated 2006 double-album ‘Stadium Arcadium’, most notably John Frusciante walking out to be replaced by session player Josh Klinghoffer. Now holed up with Rick Rubin, the band are shooting for a pre-summer release for album 10, with 20 songs in contention. Details are scant, but bassist Flea is said to have traded in slap bass for African rhythms after he and Klinghoffer took a trip around the continent. “The new one won’t be a double like ‘Stadium Arcadium’, I can tell you that,” drummer Chad Smith promisingly declared recently.
Released: May /June

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