MOJO March 2013

An article about Atoms For Peace’s new album called AMOK with an interview with Thom Yorke. Flea is mentioned a couple of times along with a name check for Mauro Refosco as both play on the collaboration.

Transcript of Flea/Mauro references:

“… Far from loosening the creative bond between Yorke and long-term production/programming helpmeet Nigel Godrich, the recruitment of erstwhile Beck drummer Joey Waronker, alongside moonlighting Red Hot Chili Pepper bassist Flea and that band’s touring percussionist Mauro Refosco, seems to have given the two a new sense of collective momentum.

Advance PR about Atoms For Peace ‘getting stoned and listening to Fela Kuti all night’ at Flea’s house conjured up nightmare visions of Thom Yorke and his new bass-playing compadre giggling their way back from the all-night garage with a big packet of Monster Munch and improvising vocals in a comedy Nigerian accent over half-arsed polyrhythms.  Happily, the clear-skied Afrobeat skitter of opener Before Your Very Eyes banishes the gruesome spectre of an Afrocentric rewrite of Beastie Boys stoner pseudo-dub anthem Cookie Puss.

As it turns out, the first song marks the high-water mark of any explicitly Kutiesque tendencies, although the fluid mood that prevails throughout the album’s other eight tracks could be ascribed at least in part to Fela’s influence. Flea and he are, after all, anagrammatically related…”


2 thoughts on “MOJO March 2013

  1. Thanks so much for the scans. Is the Thom interview scan the complete interview? Radiohead fans really appreciate these scans! From a Radiohead fansite, AtEase.

    • Hello AtEase fansite from us here at TCS 🙂

      The actual interview is complete; the intervening page is just a hand drawn cartoon which wasn’t relevant here ((I’ve just emailed you on the address given- hope you don’t mind- with a scan of the missing page so you can have the whole thing).

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