‘Me and My Friends’ by Tony Woolliscroft


Photographer Tony Woolliscroft has built up a friendship with the band over the years and as a result has built up a massive collection of photographs of the RHCP and been able to capture images of the band denied to other photographers.  Many of you will already be familiar with his work as his pictures of Red Hot Chili Peppers have been used by magazines (e.g. Kerrang!) and because he has taken some iconic pictures (e.g. Anthony Kiedis balancing on a rooftop metal girder in South America). The chapters are mostly arranged around RHCP tours and individual concerts and contain a wealth of photographs which are accompanied by Woolliscroft’s narrative of memories, trivia and information which adds a whole new dimension to the pictures. A ‘must-have’ book for all Red Hot Chili Pepper fans.


“I’m sitting in the back room of my home and every inch of the floor is covered with Red Hot Chili Peppers pictures. I’m going slightly insane looking at them all. It’s then I realise just how many pictures I have actually taken of the band over the years and all the places I’ve seen them. What I’ve tried to do in this book is share some very memorable times I’ve had photographing them. I called it ‘Me and My Friends’ simply because it was one of my favourite songs by the band. I do class them as friends, and I don’t think I would have been allowed as near to them if they didn’t class me as one. They are very private people. Photographically, I got as close to them as you could. “

Tony Woolliscroft (from the foreword of the book)

3 thoughts on “‘Me and My Friends’ by Tony Woolliscroft

  1. eu achei muito linda a amizade e a consideraçao que o anthony teve pelo john frusciante de colocar uma pessoa com as mesmas caracteristicas de john frusciante eu amo voceis e gostaria de um dia conhecer voceis pessoalmente.Sucesso fantastico é o que voceis sao .Kiss kiss de maria

  2. I have some signed photos of the band and Tony’s signature I haven’t seen these pics in circulation plus they come with a signed vip necklace I think this was a gift from tiny to Damon albarn

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