Magazine Scans and Articles Reviews

1991 May Raw Secret Charity gig (to raise money for medical treatment of  Chris Wagner) review.

1992 July- August RAW (102) Concert review of the band playing at the Werchter and Torhout festivals- Arik Marshall’s first appearances with the band.

1995 October Kerrang! (566) Subterania Secret Show, London

1995 October Kerrang! (567) Briston Academy, October 4th 1995

1999 October Woodstock Review Q (157)

2000 February Kerrang! (789) 6 page Review of the Big Day Out in Australia; section on Red Hot Chili Peppers & a few nice photos.

2002 June Kerrang! (908) Review of the Chilis playing The Garage, London

2003 March Rock Mag (France) Bercy 12th & 13th February review (sorry no transcript yet)

2003 April Rock Mag (France) Bercy/European Tour review (sorry no transcript yet)

2004 (?) Tour Program

2006 April? Kerrang! Canvas Club (Secret Show) Review

2006 October? Crossbeat- Fuji Rock Fest 06 Special Edition No idea what text says (translations welcome! Note not all text scanned- can do if required) but some great pics.

2006 ? Buzz Fuji Rock Special Another Japanese magazine with some great photos.

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