Magazine Scans and Articles 1998 to 2001

All of the English language articles in this section now have typed transcripts. If you can help translate any non-English articles into English, we’d really appreciate your help!

Around 1999. Juice interview with Flea and Chad. Amusing 🙂

1999? NME (Online version of the article is dated September 2005; review of Californication)

1999 Assorted clippings about Californication (unknown sources/dates)

2001 Clipping – review of ‘Off The Map’

c. 1999 Kerrang! Details unknown. Interview with Anthony Kiedis

1998 February Total Guitar (40) Feature on Dave Navarro’s playing style with sample tabs.

1998 February Q Magazine RHCP feature in a greatest 100 albums ever list with BSSM

1998 February Bikini Dave Navarro and his brother reviewing movies

1998 March  Bass Frontiers Flea interview

1998 March Q Magazine 138 Brief news article about Dave Navarro writing a love letter.

1998 April Kerrang! 695 News item on Dave Navarro leaving the band

1998 July Kerrang! (707) RHCP at Tibetan Freedom Concert and return of John Frusciante

1999 Big Cheese (Issue 14) An interesting history of the band and review of Californication but this has to be the worst RHCP magazine article ever in terms of appearance!

1999 April Kerrang! 746 Dave Navarro interview (currently no transcript) in which there are several mentions of the Chili Peppers plus a column on the release date RHCP’s new album Californication. Red Hot Chili Peppers also have a track – Under The Bridge at number 97-included in an article called the ‘100 Greatest Rock Tracks Ever’

1999 May Kerrang! (751) Band interview for Californication

1999 May OOR (The Netherlands)

1999 May Visions (76) Brief news article

1999 June NME  Press interview with the band talking about John Frusciante’s return, ‘Californication’ & surfing! (Beach Bums)

1999 June Crossbeat (Japan) Some great photos; sorry no idea what the article says

1999 June Rock Sound 70 (France); Californication article

1999 June Rock & Folk (France) Interview with some great black and white photos

1999 June Kerrang! (756) Review Camden Palace London

1999 June Rolling Stone (815) Californication review

1999 July Hard (Italia) RHCP talking about Californication; Flea on cover

1999 June/July Drum! Chad Smith interview mostly discussing Californication.

1999 June Visions GERMANY

1999 July Kerrang! (575) 8 page pull-out of photos of the Red Hot Chili Peppers on tour.

1999 July Rock Sound (4) Interview with the band- mostly Chad, John and Flea.

1999 July Guitar World

1999 July Q Magazine (154) Interview with Anthony Kiedis and also a review of Californication

1999 July AP (Alternative Press) An interesting article featuring the iconic photo shoot of the members of RHCP in period costume; main article, additional photos and a couple of snippets about Red Hot Chili Peppers.

1999 July Metal Hammer

1999 July Guitar Part

1999 July Q Magazine. Brief Article with Anthony Kiedis talking about RHCP’s upcoming appearance at the Reading and Leeds festival.

1999 Summer Bassist Flea interview

1999 August Bassist Flea talking about Californication

1999 August  Guitar One In depth interview with John Frusciante talking about music, etc. (Red Hot Once Again)

1999 August RPM (Canada) Account of RHCP’s performance to open the new HMV website & store in Toronto.

1999 August Tylko Rock Needs translation

1999 August Ray Gun An interview with the band about Californication built around a review of the band’s sold out show in Pontiac, Michigan.

1999 August SPIN To Live and Die in LA…

1999 August Modern Drummer Chad Smith interviewed about the recording of Californication; cover image of him dressed as a jungle tribesman complete with facepaint and grass skirt!

1999 September Guitar Part

1999 September Q Magazine (156) Anthony Kiedis mentioned in an interview with Mel B of the Spice Girls

1999 September Guitar Player Interview with John Frusciante

1999 September  Kerrang! (767) 8 page photo pullout of RHCP live

1999 September Rolling Stone (820) Review of Woodstock

1999 September Metal Hammer Interview with Chad Smith talking about his cars, bikes and drums.

1999 Autumn Total Guitar John Frusciante interview; Californication

1999 October Q 157 An in-depth look at the band’s history (The Band that Tired to Kill Themselves)

1999 October Rock N Roll Spanish Magazine

1999 November Rhythm Chad Smith interview; talking about his technique, gear and the making of Californication

1999 November Kerrang! (777) Review of RHCP playing gig at Wembley but also a news article about Flea moving house and acting in ‘Liar’s Poker’

1999 August Q Magazine (155) Californication on top 40 albums list

1999 December Juice (84) Detailed as an interview with Anthony Kiedis but a lot of it is about John Frusciante.

1999 December Billboard Article about Californication’s success

1999? Rolling Stone Special Collectors Edition The Nineties RHCP photo page and a mention on the 100 greatest albums of the decade list.

2000? Capricho (Brazil) Interview with the band (English translation).

2000 ? Atrevida (Brazil) Sorry no English translation yet.

2000 February Kerrang! (789) 6 page Review of the Big Day Out in Australia; section on Red Hot Chili Peppers & a few nice photos.

2000 February Rhythm An edition devoted to the Rhythm NMS/ The National Music Show where Chad Smith was one of the drummers to perform at the three day event.

2000 February Melody Maker  Article about RHCP

2000 March Record Collector (247) Article & full  Red Hot Chili Peppers discography

2000 April Rolling Stone (839) An in-depth interview with their band talking about their person relationships. (Rise Again)

2000 April Teen People Magazine I page photo with Q & A side panel with Flea

2000 May Rolling Stone Spanish edition (photos from 839)

2000 May Guitar Player (85) Lengthy article (Mexico)

2000 June Q Magazine (165) Review of Funky Monks video

2000 August Kerrang! (816) Interview with Anthony Kiedis ‘Last of the Mohicans’ with photos of him getting his head shaved.

2000 September Classic Rock Lengthy feature looking back to 1991 about Blood Sugar Sex Magik

2000 September Variety Review of RHCP and Stone Temple Pilots at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Irvine.

2000 September Kerrang! (821) Q&A session with Chad

2000 October Juice Anthony Kiedis talking about touring

2000 November SPIN RHCP Live at Jones Beach Amphitheatre, Wantagh, NY

2000 December Interview Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2000 December Rolling Stone Anthony Kiedis is featured in the ‘Best people of the view’ section

2001 ? Atrevida (Brazil) sorry no English translation yet

2001 February Kerrang! (839) John Frusciante ‘To Record Only Water for 10 Days’ review and also review of live performance at the Borderline in London,January 27th 2001.

2001 March Kerrang! (842) Confessions of John Frusciante

2001 March The Guitar Magazine John Frusciante talking about being with the Chilis and his solo work.

2001 March Rock La Nouvelle Scene (France)

2001 April Total Guitar John Frusciante talking about RHCP and his musical influences

2001 April Guitar One John Frusciante interview talking about ‘To Record Only Water for Ten Days’.

2001 May Guitar World John Frusciante interview: How to play several RHCP songs.

2001 June Kerrang! (859) Anthony Kiedis taking the plunge in a charity fundraiser for the Elizabeth Glazier Paediatric AIDS Foundation

2001 October Q Magazine (182) Californication featured in a poll of the reader’s best albums in Q’s history.

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