Magazine Scans and Articles 1994-7


All of the English language articles in this section now have typed transcripts. If you can help translate any non-English articles into English, we’d really appreciate your help!

Unknown Japanese magazine; think c. 1994 because it uses the same photos of Anthony Kiedis that are used in the Rolling Stone Magazine of that year.

1995 Assorted clippings about ‘One Hot Minute‘ (unknown date/source)

1995 Unknown One Hot Minute Article (German)


1994 January 22nd NME Snippet about Anthony Kiedis being dropped from an AIDS advert (On

1994 January Circus magazine Photo with band member details

1994 January Musician Interview with Flea; has some brilliant and quirky photos of Flea throughout.

1994 February Smash Hits 

1994* February Bikini Lengthy interview with Flea talking about his life and Clara

1994 February Kerrang! (483)  7 page poster pull out with full page photos of Anthony Kiedis and Flea; brief article about Dave Navarro and him joining RHCP

1994 April RAW (147) 16 page special pull put feature; discusses possibility of  RHCP playing UK festivals and loads of early photos of Red Hot Chili Peppers playing live (mostly taken by Tony Woolliscroft)

1994 April Rolling Stone (679) Interview with Anthony Kiedis: Confessions of Sir Psycho Sexy- long interview and several iconic (full-page) photos.

1994 April Rolling Stone Spanish edition of above interview with Anthony Kiedis: Confessions of Sir Psycho Sexy

1994 May Q Magazine (92) Flea briefly mentioned in an article about Courtney Love

1994 June Vogue incomplete clipping

1994 July Raw (153) interview with Dave Navarro about him joining the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There is also a news item and information on the progress of One Hot Minute

1994 August NME An indepth history of the band article interspersed with quotes from members of the band.(on

1994 August Melody Maker Interview with Anthony Kiedis about sex, drugs and survival (on

1994 August Hot Press Article ahead of RHCP’s performance at Sunstroke ’94, Dalymount Park, Dublin, Ireland- mostly a history of the band.

1994 September Melody Maker Review and advert from Reading Festival

1994 October Kerrang! (517) Review of ‘Out in LA’

1994 October HM Magazine Interview with Dave Navarro

1994 October Interview Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis

1994 November -December RAW (163) A 12 page pull-out feature on the Red Hot Chili Peppers with several double photos and two articles- one of quotes of the band discussing various topics & the other a feature on John Frusciante on his life following his split from the band.

1994 November Melody Maker RHCP Album reviews (I think it’s supposed to pass as  review- the reviewer clearly hates the Chili Peppers)

1994 December Modern Drummer Chad Smith interview

1994 December – January 1995 RAW (165) RHCP featured a couple of times in passing during an overview of 1994

1994 December Metal Hammer (85) Spanish article about CD releases

1995 Unknown month Rockmania Spanish article

1995 Unknown Date Metal Hammer (Germany) Sorry no translation available yet.

1995 Unknown Date Rolling Stone ‘In The News’ full page article about the recording of One Hot Minute.

1995 Q Magazine (unknown details) Review of the 3CD Box set

1995 January Q Magazine (100) RHCP listed in a review and advert for the Woodstock ’94 concert LP

1995* February Bikini Lengthy interview with Flea talking about his life and Clara

1995 February RAW (169) A 12 page photo feature with a Flea interview.

1995 April Guitar Player (304) Great interview with Dave & Flea showing their friendship; lots of back ground, info on recording process & equipment.

1995 April RAW (173) Article about Anthony Kiedis’ health over the years and delay of the new (One Hot Minute) album

1995 May Guitare (France) Interview mostly with Flea and Dave Navarro

1995 May Bikini Interview with Dave Navarro while driving a Porsche

1995 May Q Magazine (104) RHCP’s Greatest Hits included on an imports section.

1995 July Rhythm ‘Drums in the Bush’ 10th anniversary concert/interview feature with Chad Smith, Bernard Purdie, David Garibaldi & Ginger Baker

1995 July Juice Mostly a gossip/comment article featuring quotes from several rock stars including Anthony Kiedis and Flea but also a full page photo of the pair and they feature on the front cover.

1995 July Triple J Actually a transcript from a radio show but very lengthy and detailed.

1995 July Kerrang! (553) RHCP UK Tour announcement

1995 August Spark Czech Republic

1995 September (9th) NME Review of One Hot Minute

1995 September Bravo (Germany) OHM clipping

1995 September Rock & Folk (France) A lengthy interview with the band talking about One Hot Minute; several full page photos

1995 September (16th) NME  Article interviewing the band; they talk about what has happened e.g. Flea’s breakdown and JF leaving;  OHM tracks are discussed, etc. Dave speaks but article more about the band before he joined.

1995 September Loaded Flea talks about sex…

1995 September RAW (183) Massive 16 page spread with article about history of the band, a track by track breakdown of One Hot Minute. etc.

1995 September Sky Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis & Dave Navarro about size not mattering!

1995 October Rolling Stone (718) Review of One Hot Minute with weird cartoon drawing of Flea

1999 October Rolling Stone (719) Long article with zany photos

1995 October Kerrang! (566) Taking about Dave Navarro in the Chili Peppers; fact file sections on Dave Navarro, Flea, Anthony Kiedis & Chad Smith

1995 October SPIN OHM advert

1995 October Kerrang! (567) Concert review and also 10 page poster supplement

1995 October Select Kiedis and Navarro messing around with the interviewer

1995 October NME Rather unpleasant review of RHCP performing at Brixton Acadeny, England.

1995 October Bravo  (Germany) Mostly live photos

1995 October Guitar Flea & Dave Navarro kissing on the cover. Article featuring both of them talking about Dave joining the band and the new album.

1995 November A.P. Alternative Press (88) Long interview

1995 November Fachblatt Musikmagazin OHM article from Germany.

1995 November Rhythm Interview with Chad Smith in the light of One Hot Minute but mostly talking about Chad’s life & development as a drummer from childhood onwards.

1995 November Kerrang! (571) Just a poster of the One Hot Minute album cover

1995 November SPIN One Hot Minute review

1995 November Guitar (Vol 5 No 11) Lengthy Q & A session with Dave Navarro

1995 December Musician Review of One Hot Minute

1995 December Making Music Talking about One Hot Minute, Dave Navarro, etc.

1995 December Q (111)

c. 1996 Article about RHCP and the ‘Beavis and Butthead Do Amercia’ movie. (German) Unknown source and date but the movie came out this year.

1996 Guitar One Article about Dave’s technique.

1996 January Stereo Review Review of One Hot Minute

1996 February Bass Player Flea interview

1996 February  Q Magazine (113) News snippet about North American tour being postponed after Chad broke his wrist. Also OHM named in a best albums list.

1996 March Rock Sound (34) France Review of concert at Nassau Colisseum with Dave Navarro

1996 March Guitar World Dave Navarro interview

1996 March/April Access (Canada) Press release interview for One Hot Minute

1996 March Q Magazine (114) AK mentioned in an article on Alanis Morrisette

1996 April Spin Vol 12 no 1  Rambling interview at times but lots of info on One Hot Minute tracks. Kiedis & Navarro interviews detailed, great cover and some very weird photos. (on

1996 May Guitarist  Interview with Dave Navarro; lots of info on recording process of OHM, his relationship with other members of the band, talking about his respect for Frusciante, etc.

1996 July Hard N Heavy (Italy) Article is about a possible split in RHCP

1996 July- August Guitar Collector’s (France) lengthy history of the band with discography and band members sections.

1996 July Rock & Folk (France) Interview with Dave Navarro and Anthony Kiedis about the making of One Hot Minute.

1996 Summer Smoke Long interview – with very little mention of smoking!- about working with Dave Navarro and  One Hot Minute.

1996 July Kerrang! 607 Really terse interview due to idiot interviewer, a previous Kerrang! story annoying the band and the band probably being exhausted…

1996 July NME Review of Red Hot Chili Peppers at Wembley Arena

1996 August Guitar Player Interview with Dave Navarro

1996 September Metal Hammer Brief mention of Chad Smith in news article, review of RHCP at Wembley Arena, London and giant poster of Anthony Kiedis (on

1996 November Goldmine Interview with Anthony Kiedis (on

1997 July Kerrang! (658) News article about Anthony Kiedis breaking his wrist in a motorbike accident

1997 August Kerrang! (661) Review of Mount Fuji Concert – Dave Navarro’s last concert with RHCP.

1997 November Guitar World Interview with Dave Navarro and Flea

1997 November Q Magazine (134) News snippet about AK with his hand injury

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