Magazine Scans and Articles 1990-3

* Rock Hammer Special Edition III: The 1990s Lengthy feature on RHCP’s album Blood Sugar Sex Magik (published 2006)

1990 February NME Band interviewed about Mother’s Milk while in tattoo studio (sorry no transcript yet)

1990 February Sounds Article about how the Red Hot Chili Peppers have dealt with issues and are moving forwards.

1990 February Melody Maker Review of Chili Peppers at Astoria Theatre, London

1990 February SPIN Long article full of interesting anecdotes.

1990 February Kerrang! 276

1990 February East Coast Rocker (186) Author writing about going with the band to a RHCP gig in Washington DC and also about basketball.

1990 February-March Raw (39) Interview with the band on the way to a gig in Glasgow, Scotland

1990 March Number One A brief article quoting Chad talking about joining the band and going to Japan.

1990 April RIP Article about Mothers’ Milk

1990 June Kerrang! (292) Interview with Anthony Kiedis with several photos of the band

1990 June Kerrang! (293) Photo pull out of RHCP plus a mention in the ‘Gig Guide’

1990 June Kerrang! (294)  Brixton Academy Review

1990 August Kerrang! (302) Brief article about Chili Peppers v. Mike Patton/Mr Bungle Row & review of RHCP Conert in Oakland, California

1990 August Record Collector Article and UK Complete Discography

1991 May Raw Secret Charity gig (to raise money for medical treatment of  Chris Wagner) review.

1991 May Musician Goofy ‘agony aunt’ article with the Chilis giving advice on how to deal with children and sorting mice phobias!

1991 August Interview Article about the band and making BSSM but… AMAZING photos of the band and a couple of Flea & Clara.

1991 September Kerrang! 359 Talking about change of record label and making BloodSugarSexMagik with Rick Rubin

1991 September Melody Maker Another BSSM article

1991 September Bam (367) BSSM again against a background of the band coming from California.

1991 OOR (Dutch magazine) needs translation

1991 October Guitar Player Lengthy interview with John Frusciante and Flea

1991 October Sky Magazine  ’History’ of the band; talking to Flea and Anthony Kiedis

1991 October Raw (81) Inside the haunted mansion; the making of Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1991 October Metal Hammer Interview with Anthony Kiedis (in his home) about Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1991 November Lime Lizard (UK) Weird interview with John Frusciante & Anthony Kiedis

1991 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and John Frusciante

1991 November Riff Raff Interview with Anthony Kiedis about Blood Sugar Sex Magik

1991 November Rock and Folk (France)

1991 December SPIN Quotes from all band members who were interviewed in their homes.

1992 January Rock Power Rock File John Frusicante (solo interview)

1992 January Kerrang! 374 Red Hot Chili Peppers announce a UK spring tour.

1992 January-February RAW (89) Interview with Flea in his home about his record collection and musical tastes.

1992 February Bass Player Flea interview

1992 February Rock Power Review of RHCP, Pearl Jam & Smashing Pumpkins at Roselands Ballroom.

1992 February Kerrang! (381) Anthony Kiedis interviewed in Paris.

1992 March Hot Metal Several photos of RHCP although interview is with Anthony Kiedis alone; brief interview of little excitement- mentions Red Hot Chili Peppers leaving EMI (on

1992 March NME Typical English interview of the band of this time; the reporter seems to hate the band and the band hate the English. Flea was in a really bad mood due to just giving up cigarettes… Not the best interview. Also a news item explaining what happened about the band’s cancelled Manchester gig for the Top of the Pops no- show.

1992 April Vox Weird interview; supposedly to mark the release of Blood Sugar Sex Magik the band (mostly Anthony Kiedis) are interviewed at a show in Hamburg, Germany but the results are odd!

1992 April Zillo (Germany) Sorry no translation yet- seems to be an overview of the early history of the band.

1992 April Raw (94) Backstage at the Brixton Academy talking about strains within in the band and that this might be the end for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Also a review of the gig.

1992 May Kerrang! (393) Article about John Frusciante leaving (on Photo of AK wrongly labelled as John Frusciante!!!)

1992 June Rolling Stone (633) The infamous cover with John Frusciante erased from a group photo; talks about band members and history of the band linked around the song ‘Under the Bridge’. (on

1992 July Guitar School Interview with Flea & John Frusciante talking about their gear & being on the road. (Funky Monks)

1992 July Details For Men Anthony Kiedis interview (on

1992 July- August RAW (102) Concert review of the band playing at the Werchter and Torhout festivals- Arik Marshall’s first appearances with the band.

1992 August Kerrang! (404) Swimming pool interview with Arik Marshall (on

1992 August Goldmine (314) A long article; history of the band.

1992 August The Face Beautiful cover shot of Flea & AK, in depth article and some nice photos

1992 August Entertainment Weekly (Canadian) Article talking about bands turning music industry upside down; RHCP briefly mentioned despite being on the cover

1992 October Hard Rocks Comic  Issue 7  From a series of comic style books detailing the history of rock bands; this features the Red Hot Chili Peppers

1992 October RAW (108) 12 page pull-out photo special

1992 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and Arik Marshall

1992 December NME RHCP Discography

1992 December SPIN. 2 page article about RHCP with some interesting photos- RHCP space age style and Anthony with Princess Leia hairdo!

1993 May Sky Magazine Mostly a history of the band to advertise Virgin’s RHCP biography

1993 June Kerrang! (447) News article about Flea’s chronic fatigue syndrome and the band’s cancellation of their performance at Glastonbury (Arik Marshall sacked?)

1993 August SPIN  Essentially a history of the band.

1993 November Bass Player Flea runner up in Bass Player’s Bassist of the Year award (cartoon drawing of Flea on the cover)

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