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RHCP Flea bassist magazine scans and articles Red Hot Chili Peppers

Magazine covers: Front covers featuring Flea

1991 February SPIN Whole band interview (interesting anecdotes) but Flea is featured on the cover.

1991 October Guitar Player Lengthy interview with John Frusciante and Flea

1991 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and John Frusciante

1992 January-February RAW (89) Interview with Flea in his home about his record collection and musical tastes.

1992 February Bass Player Flea interview

1994 February Bikini Lengthy interview with Flea talking about his life and Clara

1992 July Guitar School Interview with Flea & John Frusciante talking about their gear & being on the road. (Funky Monks)

1992 August The Face Beautiful cover shot of Flea & AK, in depth article and some nice photos

1992 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and Arik Marshall

1993 November Bass Player Flea runner up in Bass Player’s Bassist of the Year award (cartoon drawing of Flea on the cover)

1994 January Musician Interview with Flea; has some brilliant and quirky photos of Flea throughout.

1994 August NME An indepth history of the band article interspersed with quotes from members of the band.

1995 February RAW (169) A 12 page RHCP special with an interview of Flea along with loads of full-page photos.

1995 April Guitar Player (304) Great interview with Dave & Flea showing their friendship; lots of back ground, info on recording process & equipment.

1995 September Loaded Flea talks about sex…

1995 October Guitar Flea and Dave Navarro- cover shows them kissing- talk about One Hot Minute. Some great photos.

1996 February Bass Player Flea interview

1998 Bass Frontiers

Around 1999. Juice interview with Flea and Chad. Amusing 🙂

1999 July Hard (Italia) RHCP talking about Californication; Flea on cover

1999 August Bassist Flea talking about Californication

1999  Summer Bassist

1999 August RPM (Canada) Account of RHCP’s performance to open the new HMV website & store in Toronto but section on Flea’s underpants!

1999 November Kerrang! (777) Review of RHCP playing gig at Wembley but also a news article about Flea moving house and acting in ‘Liar’s Poker’

2000 April Teen People Magazine I page photo with Q & A side panel with Flea

2002 August Bass Player

2004 Bass Player: Legends of Rock Bass (special edition) Two page article on Flea.

2006 Bass Giants (special issue) Four page feature on Flea

2006 June BassPlayer

2006 June Classic Rock (93) Interviews with Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis and Flea about Stadium Arcadium

2006 July Guitar World A MASSIVE RHCP Section! Over 30 pages of interviews and photographs! Saint or Sinner: John Frusciante in-depth interview; John Frusciante’s guitar playing technique– Under The Bridge and Funk Brothers an interview with Flea about Red Hot Chili Peppers!

2006 May Q 238  Another in-depth interview of each band member (Sex, Steak & Insanity)

2006 August Rhythm In-depth Flea & Chad Smith interview inc. a section on Stadium Arcadium

2006 September Bass Guitar Interview with Bootsy Collins

2007 December Bass Player Flea talking about his bittersweet experience playing on Young MC’s Bust A Move track

2009 January Kerrang! (1294) Brief article on Flea and his new range of Fleabasses.

2009 May Bass Guitar Magazine Interview with Flea- mostly discussing the launch of his new Fleabass guitar

2010 April Classic Rock  Slash interview mentioning Flea as he worked on the guitarist’s new album

2011 January NME The 60 Most exciting albums of 2011 Flea & Damon Albarn album

August 2011 Kerrang! (1375) Flea listed in a greatest rock stars article

October 2011 Bass Player Interview with Flea talking about the Chilis and Atoms for Peace, etc.

2012 January 15 Sunday Independent Life Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis and Flea

2012 February Rolling Stone Several RHCP mentions including a Q & A session with Flea.

2012 April MOJO Magazine Interview featuring Flea about his Rocket Juice & The Moon collaboration with Tony Allen and Damon Albarn.

2016 April Bassiste (France) Lengthy interview with Flea.

2023 January 16th People magazine. Interview with Flea mostly talking about his wife, Melody Ehsani, and becoming a father again.

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