Magazine Articles and Scans Around the World

Please note: Some articles have already been translated into English but we’d love to hear from anyone who can help with those that haven’t (ones needing translation are marked). Thank you!

Visions (91) German Sorry no dates or translation John Frusciante article (needs English translation)

Assorted newspaper clippings from the Czech Republic

Unknown Japanese magazine; think c. 1994 because same photos of Anthony Kiedis from the Rolling Stone Magazine of that year.

Unknown Date: John Frusciante article Rockin’ On Japan (needs English translation)

Unknown Date: Hillel Slovak article  Rockin’ On Japan (needs English translation)

1989 September Musik Express Sounds Germany. Article about the work of photographer Chris Clunn but features an alternative photo from the Abbey Road shoot of the Chili Peppers to one on the actual record sleeve.

1991 OOR (Dutch magazine) (translated)

1991 November Rock & Folk (France)

1992 April Zillo (Germany) Needs English translation - seems to be an overview of the early history of the band.

1992 November EOM (?) Spanish article Needs English translation

1995 Unknown Date Metal Hammer (Germany) (needs English translation)

1995 August Spark Czech Republic (needs English translation)

1995 October Bravo  (Germany) Mostly live photos

1996 March Rock Sound France Review of concert at Nassau Colisseumwith Dave Navarro (needs English translation)

1999 May OOR From The Netherlands; (needs English translation)

May 1999 Visions (76) Brief news article

1999 June Crossbeat (Japan) (needs English translation)

1999 June Rock Sound 70 France; Californication article (needs English translation)

1999 June Visions GERMANY (needs English translation)

1999 July Guitar Part France (needs English translation)

1999 July Hard (Italia) RHCP talking about Californication; Flea on cover (translated)

1999 September Guitar Part France (needs English translation)

1999 October Rock N Roll Spanish Magazine (needs English translation)

2000? Capricho (Brazil) (translated)

2000 ? Atrevida (Brazil) Needs English translation.

2000 May Rolling Stone Spanish edition (photos from 839) Needs English translation

2001 ? Atrevida (Brazil) Needs English translation.

2001 March Rock La Nouvelle Scene (France) (needs English translation).

2002 ? Capricho (Brazil)  (translated)

2002 ? Smack! (Brazil) (needs English translation)

2002 May Rolling Stone (Spanish) One page article on Anthony- full page photo with small text box (needs English translation)

2002 July Tutto Italian magazine (translated)

2002 July August France Riff Magazine Interview with Chad Smith & John Frusciante (I think!)  (needs English translation)

2002 October Capricho (Brazil) (translated)

2002 October La Tercera, la guia Spanish (Sorry no translation)

2003 ? Jovem Pan (Brazil) (translated)

2003 ? Tribuna Araraquara (Brazil) (needs English translation).

2003 March Rock Mag (France) Follow on from Bercy concerts? (needs English translation)

2003 April Rock La Nouvelle Scene Bercy/European Tour review (needs English translation)

2003 ? Veja (Brazil) Needs English translation

2003 November L’Uomo  Italy (translated)

2003 November Rolling Stone (Spanish) Photos by Anton Corbin with captions Needs English translation

2003 November 40M (Spanish) (needs English translation)

2003 December Rock Star (Italy) (needs English translation)

2004 June El Pais (Spanish) Newspaper clipping (needs English translation)

2004 June (?) Unknown Spanish newspaper clipping (needs English translation)

2004 June La Voz de Galicia Spanish newspaper clipping (needs English translation)

2005 June Italian Rolling Stone (needs English translation)

2005 August Rockin On Concert review Borgata Atlantic Hotel

2006 (Unknown month) Rockin’ On (countdown to Stadium Arcadium) (needs English translation)

2006 La Revista40 (Spanish) 21 page supplement (needs English translation)

2006 Visions (Germany) Article on Stadium Arcadium (Sorry no transcript/translation)

2006 April ? Switch (Mexico) An interview with Anthony Kiedis about Stadium Arcadium (needs English translation)

2006 May Kultur News Germany (needs translation). An interview with Anthony Kiedis

2006 July? Crossbeat- Fuji Rock Fest 06 Special Edition (needs English translation)

2006 July? Buzz Fuji Rock Special Another Japanese magazine with some great photos. (needs English translation)

2006 July Rock La Nouvelle Scene (needs English translation)

2007 May Tatuajes A Mexican tattoo magazine with a feature on RHCP (needs English translation)

2007 July Huper Serbian article with extract from Anthony’s ‘Scar Tissue’

2007 August Rockin’ On Japanese article; several nice pictures of RHCP live & feature on John Frusciante (needs English translation)

2007 June? Crossbeat Japan (needs English translation)

2007 August Teraz Rock Poland; four page article and a 1.5 page review of Chorzow concert (needs English translation)

201 March Crossbeat RHCP came number 1 in a ‘Top 10′ list of something! (needs translating)

2011 Spanish. Exact date and country unknown 2011 Country and actual date unknown. Rockzone (needs English translation)

2011 June An interview about ‘I’m With You’ from Israel (English translation provided)

2011 July Rockin’ On (needs English translation)

2011 August Rock & Folk France- some great new photos of the new RHCP line up with Josh Klinghoffer. (needs English translation)

2011 August Rolling Stone (Italy) (needs English translation)

2011 August Rock and Pop  Article on I’m With You from the Czech Republic (sorry not translated into English yet)

2011 August Vanity Fair (Italy) Sorry no transcript yet; a couple of nice (new) photos of the band (needs English translation)

2011 September Rolling Stone (Italy) Article about I’m With You (needs English translation)

2011 October Rockin’ On Japan (needs English translation)

2011 December Onstage (Italia) Interview with RHCP ahead of their Italian concert dates.(needs English translation)

2011 This is Rock Spain? Spanish I’m With You article; sorry actual country and release date unknown (needs English translation)

2012 March Flair Italy (needs English translation)

2012 August Rock and Pop  Article on I’m With You from the Czech Republic (sorry not translated into English yet)

2013 April Vogue (Russia) Fashion shoot by David Mushegain featuring Anthony Kiedis, Flea & Ruby Aldridge.

March 2014 Rolling Stone Argentina Lollapalooza Special Edition

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