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Please note: Some articles have already been translated into English but we’d love to hear from anyone who can help with those that haven’t (ones needing translation are marked). Thank you!

These are whole books so I haven’t scanned them- adding here for reference (from the_swan-RHCP on Instagram) Crossbeat Files Vol 1 (2003) and 6 (2007). RHCP (2007)


Unknown date ‘Physical Graffiti’ Long article I’m assuming to be from Japan but no magazine name or issue date. (no English translation yet)

Unknown Yam Germany? (no English translation yet)

Unknown Visions (91) German Sorry no dates or translation John Frusciante article (no English translation yet)

Assorted newspaper clippings from the Czech Republic (no English translation yet)

Unknown Japanese magazine; think c. 1994 because same photos of Anthony Kiedis from the Rolling Stone Magazine of that year.(no English translation yet)

Unknown Date: John Frusciante article Rockin’ On Japan (no English translation yet)

Unknown Date: Hillel Slovak article  Rockin’ On Japan (no English translation yet)

c. 1991 Rock N Roll Popular No. 1 issue 132 Mexico/Spanish (no English translation yet)

c.1991 Unknown date Visions (Germany) (no English translation yet)


1989 September Musik Express Sounds Germany. Article about the work of photographer Chris Clunn but features an alternative photo from the Abbey Road shoot of the Chili Peppers to one on the actual record sleeve. (no English translation yet)

1991 OOR Dutch

1991 November Rock & Folk France

1992 April Zillo Germany Seems to be an overview of the early history of the band. (no English translation yet)

1992 August Revista Eres (Spanish) (no English translation yet)

1992 November EOM (?) Spanish  (no English translation yet)

1992 December Oz Greece  (no English translation yet)

1994 April Rolling Stone Spanish edition of interview with Anthony Kiedis: Confessions of Sir Psycho Sexy (have the English edition of the magazine as well)

1994 December Metal Hammer (85) Spanish article about CD releases (no English translation yet)

c.1995 Unknown One Hot Minute Article (German)

1995 Unknown Date Metal Hammer Germany (no English translation yet)

1995 Unknown month Rockmania Spanish (no English translation yet)

1995 May Guitare (France) Interview mostly with Flea and Dave Navarro (no English translation yet)

1995 August Spark Czech Republic (no English translation yet)

1995 September Rock & Folk (France) A lengthy interview with the band talking about One Hot Minute; several full page photos (no English translation yet)

1995 September Bravo (Germany) OHM clipping (no English translation yet)

1995 October Bravo  Germany Mostly live photos (no English translation yet)

1995 November Fachblatt Musikmagazin OHM article from Germany (no English translation yet)

c. 1996 Article about RHCP and the ‘Beavis and Butthead Do Amercia’ movie. (German) Unknown source and date but the movie came out this year. (no English translation yet)

1996 March Rock Sound France Review of concert at Nassau Colisseum with Dave Navarro (no English translation yet)

1996 July Rock & Folk (France) Interview with Dave Navarro and Anthony Kiedis about the making of One Hot Minute. (no English translation yet)

1996 July– August Guitar Collector’s (France) lengthy history of the band with discography and band members sections. (no English translation yet)

1996 July Hard N Heavy (Italy) Article is about a possible split in RHCP  (no English translation yet)

1999 May OOR From The Netherlands; (no English translation yet)

May 1999 Visions (76) Germany Brief news article (no English translation yet)

1999 June Crossbeat Japan (no English translation yet)

1999 June Rock Sound 70 France; Californication article (no English translation yet)

1999 June Visions GERMANY (no English translation yet)

1999 June Rock & Folk France Interview with some great black and white photos (no English translation yet)

1999 July Guitar Part France (no English translation yet)

1999 July Hard Italia RHCP talking about Californication

1999 August Tylko Rock  Poland (no English translation yet)

1999 September Guitar Part France (no English translation yet)

1999 October Rock N Roll Spanish  (no English translation yet)

2000? Capricho Brazil

2000 ? Atrevida Brazil

2000 May Rolling Stone Spanish edition (photos from 839) (no English translation yet)

05/2000 Guitar Player (85) Mexico/Spanish (no English translation yet)

2001 ? Atrevida Brazil (no English translation yet)

2001 March Rock La Nouvelle Scene France (no English translation yet)

2002 ? Capricho Brazil

2002 ? Smack! Brazil (no English translation yet)

2002 May Rolling Stone Spanish One page article on Anthony- full page photo with small text box (no English translation yet)

2002 June OOR (The Netherlands) BTW article (no English translation yet)

2002 June Hard Rock (France) Two page article and review of the band playing the Olympia, Paris om 4th June (no English translation yet)

2002 July Switch Mexico/Spanish Lengthy article (no English translation yet)

2002 July Tutto Italian magazine (translated)

2002 July August France Riff Magazine Interview with Chad Smith & John Frusciante (I think!)  (needs English translation)

2002 October Capricho (Brazil) (translated)

2002 October  Por Fin No. 65 Mexico (no English translation yet)

2002 October La Tercera, la guia Spanish (no English translation yet)

2002 November Rock Stage News item about RHCP (no English translation yet)

August 2002 Rock Magazine (France) BTW article (no English translation yet)

2002 November TV Napad (Russian?) (no English translation yet)

2003 ? Jovem Pan (Brazil) (translated)

2003 ? Tribuna Araraquara Brazil (no English translation yet)

2003 March Rock Mag France Follow on from Bercy concerts? (no English translation yet)

2003 April Rock La Nouvelle Scene Bercy/European Tour review (no English translation yet)

2003 ? Veja Brazil (no English translation yet)

2003 November L’Uomo  Italy

2003 November Rolling Stone Spanish Photos by Anton Corbin with captions (no English translation yet)

2003 November 40M Spanish (no English translation yet)

2003/12 Musik Express (Germany) Lengthy article including interviews with Chad Smith, John Frusciante and Flea (no English translation yet)

2003 December Rock Star Italy (no English translation yet)

2004 June El Pais Spanish Newspaper clipping (no English translation yet)

2004 June (?) Unknown Spanish newspaper clipping (no English translation yet)

2004 June La Voz de Galicia Spanish newspaper clipping (no English translation yet)

2004 August In Rock (Japan) (no English translation yet)

2006 May Filter (Czechoslovakia) SA article (no English translation yet)

2005 June Italian Rolling Stone (no English translation yet)

2005 August Rockin On Concert review Borgata Atlantic Hotel (no English translation yet)

2005 September Tribe (Italia). Talking about the arrival of the new album (no English translation yet)

2006 (Unknown month) Rockin’ On (countdown to Stadium Arcadium) (needs English translation)

2006 Total Guitar (Mexico) (no English translation yet)

2006 La Revista40 (Spanish) 21 page supplement (no English translation yet)

2006 Visions Germany Article on Stadium Arcadium (no English translation yet)

2006 May Piranha Germany Article about Stadium Arcadium with several large photos (no English translation yet)

2006 May Rolling Stone No. 43 (no English translation yet)

2006 April ? Switch Mexico An interview with Anthony Kiedis about Stadium Arcadium (no English translation yet)

2006 May Rock & Folk France An article about Stadium Arcadium with some brilliant and unique photos. (no English translation yet)

2006 May In Rock Japan Long article with some lovely photos (no English translation yet)

2006 May WOM One page article from a German magazine (no English translation yet)

2006 May In Rock Japan Long article with some lovely photos (no English translation yet)

2006 May Kultur News Germany An interview with Anthony Kiedis (no English translation yet)

2006 June Guitar Xtreme (France) An interview with John Frusciante. (no English translation yet)

2016 June OOR (Dutch) Review of ‘The Getaway’ (no English translation yet)

2006 June Young Mates Music Player  Japanese Article about Stadium Arcadium with good photos (no English translation yet)

2006 July? Crossbeat– Fuji Rock Fest 06 Special Edition Japan (no English translation yet)

2006 July? Buzz Fuji Rock Special Another Japanese magazine with some great photos. (no English translation yet)

2006 July Rock La Nouvelle Scene (no English translation yet)

2007 May Tatuajes A Mexican tattoo magazine with a feature on RHCP (no English translation yet)

2007 July Huper Serbian article with extract from Anthony’s ‘Scar Tissue’ (no English translation yet)

2007 August Rockin’ On Japanese article; several nice pictures of RHCP live & feature on John Frusciante (no English translation yet)

2007 June? Crossbeat Japan (no English translation yet)

2007 August Teraz Rock Poland; four page article and a 1.5 page review of Chorzow concert (no English translation yet)

2009 August el sol de Toluca Spanish newspaper article (no English translation yet)

2010 July Esquire (Russian) Mostly photos. Overview translation.

2011 March Crossbeat RHCP came number 1 in a ‘Top 10’ list of something! (no English translation yet)

2011 Spanish. Exact date and country unknown 2011 Country and actual date unknown. Rockzone (no English translation yet)

2011 June  An interview about ‘I’m With You’ from Israel

2011 July Rockin’ On Japan (no English translation yet)

2011 August Rock & Folk France- some great new photos of the new RHCP line up with Josh Klinghoffer. (needs English translation)

2011 August Rolling Stone Italy (needs English translation)

2011 August Rock and Pop  Article on I’m With You from the Czech Republic (no English translation yet)

2011 August Vanity Fair Italy A couple of nice (new) photos of the band (no English translation yet)

2011 September Rolling Stone Italy Article about I’m With You (no English translation yet)

2011 September Rolling Stone No. 100  (Mexico)

2011 September In Rock (Japan) I’m With You article (?) (no English translation yet)

September 2011 La Prensa (Bolivia) Promotional article. (no English translation yet)

September 2011 Visions (Germany) an interview with several photos of the band.(no English translation yet)

2011 October Rockin’ On Japan (no English translation yet)

2011 December Onstage Italia Interview with RHCP ahead of their Italian concert dates.(no English translation yet)

2011 December? (Concert date) Unknown source. Review of the Milan concert (no English translation yet)

2011 This is Rock Spain? Spanish I’m With You article; sorry actual country and release date unknown (no English translation yet)

2012 March Flair Italy (no English translation yet)

2012 August Rock and Pop  Article on I’m With You from the Czech Republic (no English translation yet)

2012 October Production Partner (German) Detailed article about the stage set up for a RHCP concert (Rock im Pott) (no English translation yet)

2013 April Vogue (Russia) Fashion shoot by David Mushegain featuring Anthony Kiedis, Flea & Ruby Aldridge.(no English translation yet)

March 2014 Rolling Stone Argentina Lollapalooza Special Edition (no English translation yet)

2016 June OOR From The Netherlands. lengthy interview about ‘The Getaway’ (no English translation yet)

2016 June JPC Courier (Germany) Article about The Getaway

2016 June Vanity Fair (Italia) One page interview with Anthony Kiedis talking about the recording of The Getaway, the breakdown of his relationship with Helena Vestergaard and his son Everly Bear.

2016 June Humo (Dutch language Belgian magazine) Review of ‘The Getaway’

2016 July Bassiste (France) Lengthy interview. (no English translation yet)

2016 July Batterie (France) Lengthy interview. (no English translation yet)

2016 July/August Rolling Stone Italy It’s a four page article on RHCP. The band also get mentioned in a top 100 of the best records for the ’90s. Oh, and the index page features a very iconic RS shot of the band (no English translation yet)

2016 July/August !chido! BUAP No 142 !chido! BUAP No 142(no English translation yet)

2016 October (22nd) Saltillo (Mexico) (no English translation yet)

2016 November Batterie (France) Article about the Chad Smith Drum Clinic in Paris (no English translation yet)

2018 August Popeye (Japan) Number 856  Article about the Malibu Surfers Colony and Anthony Kiedis is featured in it. (no English translation yet)

2022 April Rolling Stone France Article about the return of John Frusciante. (no English translation yet)

2022 04 Rolling Stone Germany Lengthy RHCP article with photos talking about the return to the best  days now John Frusciante is back. (no English translation yet)

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