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All of the English language articles in this section now have typed transcripts. If you can help translate any non-English articles into English, we’d really appreciate your help!

2011 Country and actual date unknown. Rockzone ’20 Key Moments in the History of the Red Hot Chili Peppers / 20 Momentos Clave en la Historia de Red Hot Chili Peppers’

2011 This is Rock Spain? Spanish I’m With You article; sorry actual country and release date unknown

2011 Assorted clippings about I’m With You (unknown sources/dates)


2011 January Kerrang! (1344) Red Hot Chili Peppers new album listed in the 50 most anticipated albums of the year

2011 January Q 295 250 Best Albums of Q’s Lifetime- Californication article. Also  Q (295) Warpaint review with brief name check of John Frusciante.

2011 January NME The 60 Most exciting albums of 2011: RHCP new album and Flea & Damon Albarn album

2011 January Kerrang! (1348) The Ultimate 21st Century Playist; the top 150 tracks chosen by their readers. RHCP are included twice with 2002?s By The Way and Dani California featured in the 2006 section.

2011 February Interview Magazine (transcript only) Rick Rubin interviewed by Anthony Kiedis.

2011 February Total Guitar Their article on the must hear articles (Most Hot 40) of 2011; mentions John Frusciante but article features on Josh Klinghoffer (with photo of him!).

2011 February SPIN interviews Anthony Kiedis about the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album; Kiedis reveals that the WORKING title is: Dr. Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head.

2011 April Sky Delta in-flight magazine with brief interview of Anthony Kiedis.

May 2011 Q Magazine News article talking about the name of the new RHCP album, ‘Dr. Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine-head’, and how much Anthony Kiedis loves it and wants it to be the final album title (inaccurate!)

June 2011 Rolling Stone Article about the new album.

June 2011 Billboard Info about new single Adventures of Raindance Maggie

June 2011 Kerrang! Brief news alert announcing that the new RHCP album will be called I’m With You

June 2011 Q 300 A celebration edition with restrospective articles in which RHCP are mentioned a few times. There is also a re-run of a 1999 interview with John Frusciante talking about his drug use

June 2011 Total Guitar Breaking the Girl tabs and article with photo of John Frusciante

June/July 2011 Article from Israel About I’m With You, recording, etc.

July 2011 Rolling Stone An in-depth interview with all four members of the band being quoted, comments about the songs/song-writing, about Josh and him joining the band, etc.

July 2011 Seven Days/Seven Nights Sunday Mail supplement. Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2011 July Daily Record (online interview) with Anthony Kiedis. 

August 2011 Q 301 A brief article about ‘I’m With You’

August 2011 Rock and Pop  Article on I’m With You from the Czech Republic

August 2011 Rockin-On Japan Four photos of the magazine showing great pictures of the new RHCP line up together.

August 2011 The Guardian I’m With You promotional interview & Josh Klinghoffer joining the band.

August 2011 Drum! Lengthy interview with Chad Smith about playing drums (in RHCP and other bands) and ‘I’m With You’. Also brief interview with Flea talking about Chad.

August 2011 The Sun Article on Anthony Kiedis and his relationship with his son, Everly Bear…

August 2011 The Sun A follow on from yesterday’s interview with Anthony Kiedis but this time it’s an RHCP interview about I’m With You and Josh Klinghoffer joining the band

August 2011 Kerrang! (1375) Flea listed in a greatest rock stars article and write up of UK  RHCP tour dates

August 2011 Rock & Folk (France) Mostly photos- some great new pics of the band. 11 page scan

August 2011 Rolling Stone (Italy)

August 2011 Bulletin (The Sunday Telegraph) Article about I’m With You and Josh Klinghoffer joining RHCP

2011 August Mail on Sunday I’m With You review

2011 August Vanity Fair (Italy) Article with couple of nice (new) photos of the band

August 2011 Classic Rock (161) Detailed interview with band from their publicity event held at a hotel in Santa Monica to publicise I’m With You

September 2011 Maxim One page Q&A section with the questions mostly being about death.

2011 September Rolling Stone No. 100  (Mexico)

September 2011 Classic Rock (162) Review of I’m With You

September 2011 Uncut Review of I’m With You

2011 September In Rock (Japan) I’m With You article (?)

September 2011 Rolling Stone (Italy) Article about I’m With You

September 2011 La Prensa (Bolivia) Promotional article.

September 2011 Kerrang! (1379) ABC of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

September 2011 Loaded Interview about I’m With You and the new RHCP line-up

September 2011 Q 302 (UK) Magazine  An excellent article; nine pages long- some new photos of the band and Anthony Kiedis and loads of quotes from the band members. One page discussion on I’m With You track called Brendan’s Death Song.

September 2011 Rolling Stone  Good overview of the history of the band tied into the release of I’m With You; short biography section on Josh Klinghoffer

September 2011 Kerrang! (1381) Interview with band about I’m With You

September 2011 The Big Cheese Highs and Lows of the Chili Peppers’ career

September 2011 Visions (Germany) an interview with several photos of the band.

October 2011 Guitar World Indepth interview with Anthony Kiedis and Josh Klinghoffer about Josh being in the band, Josh’s techiniques & equipment and the writing of I’m With You.

October 2011 Bass Player Interview with Flea talking about the Chilis and Atoms for Peace, etc.

October 2011 Russian Magazine Sorry WordPress doesn’t recognise the characters so I can’t enter the title; no idea what the magazine says…

October 2011 Rhythm (195) A lengthy interview with Chad Smith plus a double feature on Chad Smith’s drum set up with his drum tech Chris Warren.

October 2011 NME I’m With You review

October Q (303) I’m With You review

October 2011 Rockin’ On (Japan) review of RHCP at Summer Sonic with photos & setlist plus an article. (on

November 2011 Q (304) Special edition RHCP cover (#25); band talks about music and their record collections e.g. first record bought).

November 2011 The Sun; interview about I’m With You, art and the Uk June 2012 Red Hot Chili Pepper concerts

November The Sun Clipping about Flea loose on the London Underground!

November 2011 Clash Magazine Lengthy interview and history of the band, lots of great photos of Flea and Anthony Kiedis

November 2011 Daily Mail Newspaper (UK) RHCP UK tour 2011 featured in ‘best of’ article.

November 2011 The Ticket (The Mirror) Brief article about RHCP touring the UK in 2011 and also the 2012 dates at Knebworth and Sunderland.

November 2011 Kerrang! (1391) Review of RHCP at London’s 02 Arena on Wednesday 9th November

November 2001 Kerrang! 666 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. A special edition of Kerrang! costing £6.66 featuring their top 666 albums- including RHCP’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik.

November CityLife Article (Manchester Evening News) about RHCP ahead of the band’s concerts in Manchester

December Onstage (Italia) Interview with RHCP ahead of their Italian concert dates.

December 2011? (Concert date) Unknown source. Review of the Milan concert

December 2011 MOJO (217) Interview with Anthony Kiedis

December 2011 Rolling Stone online interview with Anthony Kiedis

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