Magazine Articles and Scans 2008-10


All of the English language RHCP articles in this section now have typed transcripts. If you can help translate any non-English articles into English, we’d really appreciate your help!

2008 February Malibu Magazine Interview with Anthony Kiedis talking about life as a father with Everly Bear, etc. Lots of good photos (on

2008 Summer Rhythm RHCP Chad Smith special!

2008 August R & R On the road with RHCP

2008 September People Magazine Article about music various parents are listening to with their children and Anthony Kiedis is featured with Everly Bear.

2008 October Kerrang! (1233) Two page photo feature: RHCP Life through a lens

2008 November Entertainment Weekly News article on Spider and Son HBO series

2009 January Kerrang! (1294) Brief article on Flea and his new range of Fleabasses.

2009 March Guitarist 313 In-depth Frusciante interview

2009 Rock Chicks by Ronni Cooper (fiction)

2009 May Bass Guitar Magazine Interview with Flea- mostly discussing the launch of his new Fleabass guitar

2009 August (?) Rockin’ On Chickenfoot interview; nice photo of Chad Smith but no idea what the article is about!

2009 August el sol de Toluca Spanish newspaper article

2009 August Drummer (70) Chad Smith interview; mostly about Chickenfoot but mentions of RHCP & Flea and about working with Rick Rubin.

2010 Appetite for Destruction: Legendary Encounters with Mick Wall (book) features an interview with Anthony Kiedis

2010 March Drummer Article about Chad Smith taking part in Sabian Live

2010 March Guitar Techniques Article about John Frusciante

2010 April Classic Rock  Slash interview mentioning Flea as he worked on the guitarist’s new album

2010 March Crossbeat RHCP came number 1 in a ‘Top 10’ list of something!

2010 April 10th Daily Mirror Brief article commenting on John Frusciante winning the BBC Best Guitar Player competition.

2010 April NME Chad Smith – childrens record

2010 June Classic Rock 146 Chickenfoot interview including Chad Smith

2010 July Esquire (Russia) Seemingly a re-run of some classic photos and some text.

2010 September Daily Mail article

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