Magazine Articles and Scans 2006-7


2006 Kerrang! 25th Anniversary Special Edition

Bass Giants (special issue) Four page feature on Flea

2006 (year of publication) Rock Hammer Special Edition III: The 1990s Lengthy feature on RHCP’s album Blood Sugar Sex Magik

2006 (Unknown month) Showcase Magazine from Japan; some great photos- translation needed (on

2006 (Unknown month) Rockin’ On (countdown to Stadium Arcadium)

2006 Zoo Magazine (11) German magazine; large feature on Anthony Kiedis full of some iconic photos of him in a ‘fashion shoot’ (on

2006 January Rhythm (120) One page interview with Chad Smith about his drumming- won ‘Rhythm’s Best Funk Drummer of 2005′ award

2006 January Kerrang! 1089 A brief paragraph about Stadium Arcadium in a ‘must hear this year’ feature.

2006 February Kerrang! (1093) Article about Stadium Arcadium

2006 March Rolling Stone news article talking about Stadium Arcadium recording.

2006 April Kerrang! 1105? (From a clippings collection. Issue number is based on a magazine sale site that lists past Kerrangs! and their contents. A couple of weeks after the show but none of the other magazines in-between are shown as featuring RHCP and the size of the article and section (news) it’s in, fit the description given so assuming it is this edition). Canvas Club (Secret Show) Review

2006 April ? Switch (Mexico) An interview with Anthony Kiedis about Stadium Arcadium (Sorry no transcript/translation)

2006 Visions (Germany) Article on Stadium Arcadium (Sorry no transcript/translation)

2006 April The Times, The Knowledge Magazine Article about Stadium Arcadium with separate interviews with four band members.

2006 May Drum! (119) A long & detailed interview with Chad Smith; lots of info on his drum set-up, his playing on and the recording of, Stadium Arcadium.

2006 May Kulturnews (Germany) article seems to be an interview with Anthony Kiedis

2006 May Q 238  Another in-depth interview of each band member (Sex, Steak & Insanity)

2006 May Independent (UK) Supplement Photo pull out

2006 May Kerrang! (1106) Things are a little explosive in the Chili Pepper Camp (The Most Explosive Interview)

2006 May Kerrang! (1107) Review of Stadium Arcadium

2006 May Dazed & Confused Some iconic RHCP pictures (Sorry no transcript yet)

2006 May SPIN Overview of the history of RHCP and discussion of Stadium Arcadium

2006 May Kerrang (1109) John Frusciante talks about using heroin

2006 June? Giant Magazine Review of Stadium Arcadium

2006 June Blender 33 Things you should know about RHCP

2006 June Rolling Stone (1002) Tattooed Love Boys (on

2006 June BassPlayer Long Flea interview. Also Flea talking about Stadium Arcadium

2006 June Modern Dummer Long interview with Chad Smith talking about his musical influences and also the set up for Stadium Arcadium. He also interviewed Jim Keltner, Hal Blaine & Early Palmer- interview HERE

2006 June Classic Rock (93) Interviews with Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis and Flea about Stadium Arcadium

2006 July Guitar World 2006 A MASSIVE RHCP Section! Over 30 pages of interviews and photographs! Saint or Sinner: John Fruscinate in-depth interview; John Frusciante’s guitar playing technique- Under The Bridge and Funk Brothers an interview with Flea about Red Hot Chili Peppers!

2006 July Total Guitar 150 In-depth interview and tab for Suck My Kiss

2006 July Metro Magazine A local newspaper overview of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in advance of a concert

2006 July Q Magazine (240) Anthony Kiedis interview plus several mentions of Stadium Arcadium e.g. Recommended album; Wet Sand listed as one of the top 50 downloads for the month etc.

2006 July Rock La Nouvelle Scene (France) Needs translation (on

2006 July (based on date of concert)? Crossbeat Fuji Rock Fest 06 Special Edition. No idea what text says (translations welcome!) but some great photos. (on

2006 July (based on date of concert)? Buzz Fuji Rock Special Another Japanese magazine with some great photos. (on

2006 August Rhythm In-depth Flea & Chad Smith interview inc. a section on Stadium Arcadium

2006 September Bass Guitar Long interview with Flea and Bootsy Collins.

2006 September SPIN Brief mention of RHCP in a countdown chart

December 2006 Rolling Stone  A review of RHCP’s year.

2007 February Rolling Stone  Grammy Preview

2007 March Blender Interview with Anthony ‘I Lost a Bet and Had to Wear a Skirt’ Kiedis (on

2007 May Tatuajes A Mexican tattoo magazine with a feature on RHCP

May 2007 DUB (46) Article with photos of a customized car that RHCP designed.

2007 June? Crossbeat Review of concert (seems to be that of Toyko Dome on June 5th 2007)

2007 July Huper Serbian article with extract from Anthony’s ‘Scar Tissue’

2007 August Rockin On’ Japanese article; several nice pictures of RHCP live & feature on John Frusciante (on

2007 August Kerrang! (1173) Retrospective interview (repeat?) published in a feature for the 2007 Carling Reading & Leeds weekend

2007 December Bass Player Flea talking about his bittersweet experience playing on Young MC’s Bust A Move track

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