Magazine and Scan Articles Chad Smith

RHCP magazine and article scans of Chad Smith drummer Red Hot Chili Peppers


Unknown Date: Kerrang! Confidential: Chad Smith

1992 October Kerrang! (926) Chad Smith interview

1994 December Modern Drummer Photos of Chad dressed up in a suit, smoking… sorry no interview transcript yet.

1995 July Rhythm ‘Drums in the Bush’ 10th anniversary concert/interview feature with Chad Smith, Bernard Purdie, David Garibaldi & Ginger Baker

1995 November Rhythm Interview with Chad Smith in the light of One Hot Minute but mostly talking about Chad’s life & development as a drummer from childhood onwards.

Around 1999. Juice interview with Flea and Chad. Amusing 🙂

1999 June/July Drum! Chad Smith interview mostly discussing Californication.

1999 August Modern Drummer Chad Smith interviewed about the recording of Californication; cover image of him dressed as a jungle tribesman complete with facepaint and grass skirt!

1999 September Metal Hammer Interview with Chad Smith talking about his cars, bikes and drums.

1999 November Rhythm Chad Smith interview; talking about his technique, gear and the making of Californication

2000 September Kerrang! (821) Q&A session with Chad

2002 NewsBeat Special Edition Sabian magazine with Chad Smith on the cover and an interview inside about the drummer’s home and life.

2002 May/June Drum! Vol 11 #3 First ever interview with Rick Rubin & Chad Smith- talking about recording.

2002 July August France Riff Magazine Interview with Chad Smith & John Frusciante (I think!)

2002 October Kerrang! 926 Interview with Chad Smith

2004 July Rhythm (100) Chad Smith interview- lengthy interview with Chad talking about all sorts of things drumming, from working with the Chilis, his solo records to playing huge festivals, etc. Several full page photos. Chad Smith was also the guest editor in this issue.

2004 October Drummer (12) Chad Smith talking general chit-chat backstage at a Chili Peppers’ gig in Manchester, England.

2005 May Drum (119) Chad Smith interview

2006 January Rhythm (120) One page interview with Chad Smith about his drumming- won ‘Rhythm’s Best Funk Drummer of 2005’ award

2006 May Q 238 In-depth interview of each band member (Sex, Steak & Insanity)

2006 May Drum! (119) A long & detailed interview with Chad Smith; lots of info on his drum set-up, his playing on and the recording of, Stadium Arcadium.

2006 June Modern Dummer Long interview with Chad Smith talking about his musical influences and also the set up for Stadium Arcadium. He also interviewed Jim Keltner, Hal Blaine & Early Palmer- interview HERE

2006 June Classic Rock (93) Interviews with Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis and Flea about Stadium Arcadium

2006 August Rhythm In-depth Flea & Chad Smith interview inc. a section on Stadium Arcadium

2008 Summer Rhythm RHCP Chad Smith special!

2009 August (?) Rockin’ On Chickenfoot interview; nice photo of Chad Smith but no idea what the article is about!

2009 August Drummer (70) Chad Smith interview; mostly about Chickenfoot but partly about RHCP/Flea

2010 March Drummer Article about Chad Smith taking part in Sabian Live

2010 April NME Chad Smith – childrens record

2010 June Classic Rock 146 Chickenfoot interview including Chad Smith

August 2011 Drum! Lengthy interview with Chad Smith about playing drums (in RHCP and other bands) and ‘I’m With You’. Also brief interview with Flea talking about Chad.

2011 October Rhythm Interview with Chad Smith about the new line up of RHCP and the recording of I’m With You. Also interview with Chad’s drum tech Chris Warren about Chad’s new I’m With You transparent drum kit.

2012 Drummer Magazine (100) Interview with Chad Smith about playing in the band and a two page spread on Chad’s drum kit with comments by Chris Warren.

December 2014 Making Music Chad Smith interview talking about his involvement in the Turnaround Arts music for schools program

2015 March Modern Drummer Chad Smith news article

2016 Summer Rhythm  Chad Smith offers some tips in an article about drum playing.

2016 September Drum! Lengthy interview with Chad Smith mostly about the recording of The Getaway

2016 September Rhythm Lengthy 12 page interview with Chad Smith with lots of specially commissioned photos.

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