Magazine and Article Scans John Frusciante

RHCP Magazine scans and articles John Frusciante guitarist Red Hot Chili Peppers

Two page article– no date or publication known.

Unknown Date: John Frusciante article Rockin’ On

Visions (91) German Sorry no dates or translation

1991 October Guitar Player Lengthy interview with John Frusciante and Flea

1991 November Lime Lizard (UK) Weird interview with John Frusciante & Anthony Kiedis

1991 November Guitar World Interview with Flea and John Frusciante

1992 January Rock Power Rock File John Frusicante (solo interview)

1992 July Guitar School Interview with Flea & John Frusciante talking about their gear & being on the road. (Funky Monks)

1994 November -December RAW (163) A 12 page pull-out feature on the Red Hot Chili Peppers with several double photos and articles including one on John Frusicante on his life following his split from the band.

1999 August  Guitar One In depth interview with John Frusciante talking about music, etc. (Red Hot Once Again)

1999 September Guitar Player Interview with John Frusciante

1999 Autumn Total Guitar John Frusciante interview; Californication

2001 February Kerrang! (839) John Frusciante ‘To Record Only Water for 10 Days’ review and also review of live performance at the Borderline in London,January 27th 2001.

2001 March Kerrang! (842) Confessions of John Frusciante

2001 March The Guitar Magazine John Frusciante talking about being with the Chilis and his solo work.

2001 April Guitar One John Frusciante interview talking about ‘To Record Only Water for Ten Days’.

2001 April Total Guitar John Frusciante talking about RHCP and his musical influences

2001 Guitar World Acoustic (43) (Sorry no transcript; I bought this as a present for a friend and scanned it before I posted it to them. Had the scans and thought I’d add them here so there is a back-up copy around).

2001 May Guitar World How to play several RHCP songs.

2002 July August France Riff Magazine Interview with Chad Smith & John Frusciante (I think!)

2002 August Total Guitar Interview with John Frusciante about guitar playing, etc.

2002 Spin Another in-depth talking to the band about their lives, their history and ‘By ‘The Way’

2002 September Guitarist (227) issue with mostly John Frusciante talking about ‘By The Way’  (Resurrection LA Style)

2002 December Time Magazine Talking about the past addictions of members of the band and how they have now cleaned up.

2003 January Guitar One Guitar lesson with John Frusciante

2003 February The Guardian Mostly John Frusciante talking about his recovery from drug addiction & Flea saying how he is now at peace in his life

2003 March Kerrang! (842) Interview with John Frusciante (sorry no transcript yet)

2003 April What Guitar? Feature on how to get the same sound as John Frusciante

2003 June Guitarist (237) Extensive John Frusciante interview talking about his guitar playing, views on ‘By The Way’ etc. (Universally Speaking)

2003 December Musik Express (Germany) Lengthy article including interviews with Chad Smith, John Frusciante and Flea.

2004 ? Guitar World Sorry no details- or transcript yet.

April 2004 The Guitarist (248) A John Frusciante interview with several nice photos

2004 April Guitar Magazine Acoustic Special Interview with John Frusciante

2004 April Guitar World Acoustic Interview with John Frusciante

2004 June Classic Rock (67)  A Week in the Life of John Frusciante (talking about yoga & reading biographies)

2004 July Mojo (128)  Really long article with loads of photos plus interviews with band members in their own homes; arranged as a history of the band.

2005 May Total Guitar (135) John Frusciante interview: Mostly about his technique saying that playing in Chilis gets in way of his solo music

2006 May Kerrang (1109) John Frusciante talks about using heroin

2006 June Guitar Xtreme (France) An interview with John Frusciante.

2006 July Guitar World 2006 A MASSIVE RHCP Section! Over 30 pages of interviews and photographs! Saint or Sinner: John Frusciante in-depth interview; John Frusciante’s guitar playing technique– Under The Bridge and Funk Brothers an interview with Flea about Red Hot Chili Peppers!

2006 July Total Guitar 150  In-depth interview with John Frusciante.

2006 May Q 238  Another in-depth interview of each band member (Sex, Steak & Insanity)

2007 August Rockin On’ Japanese article; several nice pictures of RHCP live & feature on John Frusciante

2009 March Guitarist 313 In-depth Frusciante interview

2010 March Guitar Techniques Article about John Frusciante (sorry no transcript)

2010 April 10th Daily Mirror Brief article commenting on John Frusciante winning the BBC Best Guitar Player competition.

2011 January Q (295) Warpaint review with brief name check of John Frusciante

June 2011 Q 300th edition with retrospective look back at previous editions featuring a re-run of a 1999 interview with John Frusciante where he discusses his drugs use.

Following John’s 2019 Return to RHCP

2022 April Total Guitar (356) Johnny Marr talking about working with John Frusciante.

2022 May Total Guitar Interview with John Frusciante; Lengthy interview with lots of photos.

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