London Camden Palace RHCP Concert




London Camden Palace
Red Hot Chili Peppers

Poodles are descended from bear-hunting dogs. Fact. Big, rough, tough, jolly fuckers they were. It’s taken decades of inbreeding to produce the modem, soppy, pony little  modem poodle. And the Red Hot Chili Peppers are like good, or fashioned bear-  hunting BIG rock-poodle muthaf—as, OK?  And that, why we don’t like ’em.

Smelly, vicious, ugly, sexist, dangerous. Prone to shitting on your carpet. Ughl We prefer safe little, nice little, smug little, yapping little clever-indiepop toy poodles that you can sit in your lap and shampoo, and dress up in pink ribbons and stroke and hug and cuddle and mother and smother with oodles of doggy-woggy love for ever and ever. Don’t we?

No we fucking well don’t. Because, for all their faults, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are American Werepoodles In London tonight. They FUNK! Ugh! They ROCK! Ugh! Despite the fact that normally-shaven hyperactive bassist Flea is sporting hair so ugly it’d look crap on a wart hog. Ugh!  Despite the fact that guitarist John Frusciante indulges in a tad too much ropey  ol’ rawk bollocks look-at-me fretboard  noodlewhinewankery. And despite the fact with that singer Anthony Kiedis has dyed his hair shocking blond and has ended up looking like Emma Noble after a car crash and a  double mastectomy. And, despite all that,  Kalifornia’s premier socks-on-cocks  and rockers – Zimmer frames and colostomy bags waiting in the wings – hunted bear tonight and caught, slew and ate  muthas. With gusto.

And it was… well, cool is the wrong word here, isn’t it?

We climaxed with an “Under The Bridge’ that was nothing short of sublime and  finished with a frenetic version of The Stooges”Search And Destroy’ (during which Mr Kiedis still looked more Page 3  Essex than Detroit Dirt Box) and on the way the Peppers gamely sprinkled new stuff offa ‘Californication’  in with the stuff that was  guaranteed to make this  audience of mostly slightly-manky-at-the-edges ol’ rock dogs go “WOOF!” Which  we did. A lot.

So, today’s like  lesson is, kids – ALWAYS eat your greens, NEVER mix your metaphors and remember that sometimes the baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

So if you are  thinking of getting a poodle this Christmas, our advice is to invest in a strong leash, some air freshener and an electro-prod  to go for the big, smelly bear-hunting version. They’re so much more fun in the the long run, honest.

Steven Wells

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