Kerrang! September 2002

3 The Red Hot Chili Peppers put socks on their cocks

The Chili Peppers are soulful, spiritual, musical alchemists. We’ll put that ‘wacky’ mid-80s nudity down to drugs then, shall we?

Steve: “It’s a good image. Better that than putting their cocks in security guards’ ears.”

Jeremy: “I found it a comforting image, because for years I thought I was the only person who did that. You need to put it over the whole pubic root to keep it in place though. No rock star has ever done ‘My Mum’, though, have they?”

And what exactly is ‘My Mum’?

Mark: “That is tucking your penis between your legs like the guy in ‘Silence of the lambs’. That was known as ‘My Mum’ when Jeremy was a lad.

Steve: “We know it as ‘Jeremy’s Mum’ now. Does your mum read Kerrang! Jeremy?”


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