Juice 1999?

I don’t have scans for this- the text is really funny so I’m including it for that reason; assuming a date of around 1999 based on the content. Thanks to Anton for the text!


Flea and Chad Interview
Interview by Michelle Manelis from Juice magazine

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS have a special relationship with Australia. Guitarist John Frusciante quit the band on the way here in 1992, having a nervous breakdown that led to a drug-fuelled decline. Flea holidays here with his Australian girlfriend and well, Chad Smith has his own memories, as you’ll discover. Their album Californication is all over the airwaves and expect to see them at the Big Day Out.

When I interviewed you last time Chad, you described John as a manic depressive – presumably you had reservations about him joining?
Chad When I spoke to you last, John was going through a really rough time and I think he’s closed that chapter on his life and now he’s playing with us and he’s realised that he’s doing what he was put on this earth to do, which is play music. He was put on this earth to play music with us and I certainly think that he’s come into the realisation that being in a rock band is not a bad thing. It’s not evil, it can be one of the most beautiful experiences anyone can have, so I’m not worried about John at all. I’m extremely happy to be around him and to be playing music with him. When he first came back in the band, we were all a bit nervous because of the way things were left off with him. He was very miserable and he was acting a little crazy but my fears were quickly put to rest when we started playing again and I really feel good about where he’s at right now.

Given that you’ve had this revolving guitarist situation, does that help you stay on the edge creatively?
Chad  No. I don’t think you have to be a tortured soul to play great music and I think sometimes some of the best music comes when you’re just happy. And we’re extremely ecstatic to be playing again and I think it comes out in the songs.

What do you think John brings to the band that is unique?
Chad  John brings John (laughs). He’s just the most unique guy I’ve ever known. Outside of having an incredible, natural talent, he’s just immensely focused and disciplined and plays so much and cares so much. He’s widely knowledgeable about the huge expansive quantity of music and the history of music. He has a lot to refer to, he has great taste, he’s really smart. And he can play the guitar like a motherfucker, and he doesn’t sound like anyone else when he plays it.

What happened with John last time you were in Japan?
Flea  We were scheduled to tour Australia and prior to that we were in Japan when he quit the group. Basically, he was really miserable for a variety of reasons which I can guess you’re probably better asking him about. But it came to a point where the band was his enemy and he just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. He was just cracking, and he said, “Guys I just can’t do it anymore. I don’t want to be in a band anymore.”

So he’s obviously come to terms with the idea that being in a successful band isn’t the worst place in the world to be…
Flea  Yeah. He came around to a place where he stopped seeing being in a famous rock band as being hurtful to him and being something that would destroy him. And he sees it now as a great outlet and a great expressive place for him. Next to the word unique-est, the next word is sensitive artist, and he’s in that picture too. When he joined the band, we were already pretty famous and it was just kind of too much for him I think. Especially when Blood Sugar… really took off, he saw us playing these big places and all that stuff and he thought it was harmful to his creative spirit, to his childlike creative spirit. He saw it as a business and he was freaked out.

Speaking of cavorting, apparently you’re impressed by the standard of Australian prostitutes….(to Chad)
Chad (cracks up) Jesus! It’s really leaking out isn’t it?

Well you said it.
Flea You know what – let it all out! Just let it all out!
Chad I really have nothing to hide. I…I…I…I actually did partake of some ladies of the night when I was in Australia and I had some very pleasurable experiences. And I’ve seen a few different ladies that do that sort of thing. And I did. I really enjoyed it.

What makes Australian prostitutes different?
Chad Well most Australians are just so open and friendly.

Aren’t prostitutes pretty open and friendly in general?
Chad Well they can be but sometimes they can be all business and, let’s get it on, get it over with, and get out. And I ended up hanging out with some of them and they’d come to the shows, and Dave, he also….we sort of partook together, and he’d be bringing gifts and they’d come back. They were just really friendly and we had a nice time. Okay….Next! (laughs).

When was the first time you had sex?
Chad Intercourse sex?

As in with another person.
Chad  With Jackie Cocanian when I was in eighth grade so I think I was 13 or 14. She was my girlfriend. It wasn’t like one night in the back seat of a car type of thing.
Flea  I can’t say the same. Actual copulation? I was 15 or 14 and it wasn’t a good situation. That’s all I’m going to say about that. (laughs)

What’s the greatest misconception about the band?
Flea  That I am not the sexiest, handsomest genius on the planet?

Are you a genius?
Flea  I’m beyond a genius. I tutor that guy Steven Hawkins every other Thursday and he wrote his whole thesis on my IQ level because there was no other way to describe it and still I couldn’t put it into words. But there’s a group of scientists at NASA trying to understand my mind.

That must be a lifelong project for them. So there’s nothing you’d like to clear up at all?
Chad  Rumours, schmumers. It was just because we were inactive for about a year or something.

You’re regarded as the normal one in the band….
Chad Absolutely. I mean it’s all relative as far as – I had a pretty normal upbringing and I’m from the midwest, and then I came out here and joined up with these guys and it was….whew!

Anything you’d like me to put in this story and I haven’t asked you about?
Flea That we’re actually nice men.

You’d like me to lie?
Flea (laughs) Yeah, we’d like you to lie.


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