John Frusciante Solo Music Inspired Fan Album

I was contacted a few days ago by Piotr, from Poland, who wanted to tell me about a series of paintings he had done based upon the music of John Frusciante. He painted a picture for each of John’s songs from his solo albums which were compiled in a book. He sent the book to John Frusciante on its completion and he got a confirmation back from the Post Office to say that John had received the book! Piotr is from Poland but has been to California since he has family there.

He wanted to share his work with other John Frusciante fans so here you go… 🙂

John Frusciante solo music inspired fan art album

The Album

From Piotr:

This album is the result of years of passion for the music of John Frusciante. I illustrated John songs from his discography. I relied on the translations of texts and my own feelings. It was built before my departure to my family in California (Huntington Beach). Execution took 25 days. This album is very personal and I dedicate this for my younger brother Radek who died in car crash in 2006. I wrote about it in my long letter to John. I’m not a professional painter and I paint very rarely. The illustrations were created at once, and the album creation time was supposed to be as short as possible. 

Some Images from the Album:

 John Frusciante fan art


View the album HERE

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