John Frusciante: Music Inspired Fan Art Album

 In Memory of Radek


5 thoughts on “John Frusciante: Music Inspired Fan Art Album

  1. Có? mo?na tutaj powiedzie?…chyba tylko – wow….gratuluj? kreatywno?ci. Najbardziej mi si? podobaj? obrazki do “The Empyrean”. Najfajniejsze jest to, ?e muzyka JF pobudza Ci? do dzia?ania – a efekty wida? powy?ej. Brawo!

  2. Man I really love this! Regret on shadows collide literally gave me chills, because I felt like I had been trying to imagine this when I listen to his music and he captured it so well. Not sure if the artist can see this but, thank you for making this you have brought me much joy from this.

    • I hope that You people like it. I put in to this work a lot of my heart. It was 1 month of hard working, full pleasure and inspired for me at the same time… I painted this while listening to John’s music so that’s why it can brought You similar feelings when you watch it. I’m planing repeat similar work this autumn …. 🙂

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