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Unknown Date: Kerrang! Confidential: Chad Smith


1985 NME Jacques Cousteau, plastic pigs, sex, George Clinton, racism, vibrators and more sex… seriously!

1988 January NME Awful interview style; article about early RHCP

1988 March I-D Magazine (56) Tribal Edition of magazine so photo of RHCP covered in body paint (also sock pics) (Sorry no transcript yet)

1988 May NME Interview with Anthony Kiedis; talking about nudity and sock wearing….

1990 February NME Band interviewed about Mother’s Milk while in tattoo studio (sorry no transcript yet)

1990 September Kerrang! (309) Competition details

1991 May Raw Secret Charity gig (to raise money for medical treatment of  Chris Wagner) review.

1991 July Hard (Italian) RHCP talking about Californication

1991 September Kerrang! 359 Talking about change of record label and making BloodSugarSexMagik with Rick Rubin 

1991 OOR (Dutch magazine) needs translation

1991 October Sky Magazine  ‘History’ of the band; talking to Flea and Anthony Kiedis

1992 January Rock Power Rock File John Frusicante (solo interview)

1992 March Hot Metal Several photos of RHCP although interview is with Anthony Kiedis alonw; brief interview of little excitement- mentions Red Hot Chili Peppers leaving EMI

1992 June Rolling Stone (633) The infamous cover with John Frusciante erased from a group photo; talks about band members and history of the band linked around the song ‘Under the Bridge’.

1992 June Kerrang! (292) Interview with AK talking about Mother’s Milk and sex…. A couple of nice photos of the rest of RHCP too.

1992 July Guitar School Interview with Flea & John Frusciante talking about their gear & being on the road. (Funky Monks)

1992 August Kerrang! (404) Swimming pool interview! (Red Hot N’ Blue)

1992 August The Face Beautiful cover shot of Flea & AK, in depth article and some nice photos

1992 August Entertainment Weekly (Canadian) Article talking about bands turning music industry upside down; RHCP briefly mentioned despite being on the cover

1992 October Hard Rocks Comic  Issue 7  From a series of comic style books detailing the history of rock bands; this features the Red Hot Chili Peppers

1992 October Kerrang! (926) Chad Smith interview (sorry no transcript yet)

1993 August SPIN  Essentially a history of the band.

1994 February Smash Hits (Sorry no transcript yet)

1994 February Kerrang! (483)  7 page poster pull out with full page photos of Anthony Kiedis and Flea; brief article about Dave Navarro and him joining RHCP

1994 April RAW 16 page special pull put feature; discusses possibility of  RHCP playing UK festivals and loads of early photos of Red Hot Chili Peppers playing live (mostly taken by Tony Woolliscroft)

1994 August NME An indepth history of the band article interspersed with quotes from members of the band.

1995 Unknown Date Metal Hammer (Germany) Sorry no translation available yet.

1995 February RAW (163) A 12 page photo feature

1995 April Guitar Player (304) Great interview with Dave & Flea showing their friendship; lots of back ground, info on recording process & equipment.

1999 May Kerrang! (751) Band interview for Californication

1995 September NME  Article interviewing the band; they talk about what has happened e.g. Flea’s breakdown and JF leaving;  OHM tracks are discussed, etc. Dave speaks but article more about the band before he joined.

1995 October Select Kiedis and Navarro messing around with the interviewer

1995 October Kerrang! (566) Taking about Dave Navarro in the Chili Peppers; fact file sections on Dave Navarro, Flea, Anthony Kiedis & Chad Smith

1995 December Making Music Talking about One Hot Minute, Dave Navarro, etc.

1995 December Q (111) (Sorry no transcript yet)

1996 April Spin Vol 12 no 1  Rambling interview at times but lots of info on One Hot Minute tracks. Kiedis & Navarro interviews detailed, great cover and some very weird photos.

1996 May Guitarist  Interview with Dave Navarro; lots of info on recording process of OHM, his relationship with other members of the band, talking about his respect for Frusciante, etc.

1996 July Kerrang! 607 Really terse interview due to idiot interviewer, a previous Kerrang! story annoying the band and the band probably being exhausted…

1998 July Kerrang! (707) RHCP at Tibetan Freedom Concert and return of John Frusciante

1999 April Kerrang! 746 Dave Navarro interview (currently no transcript)

1999 June NME  Press interview with the band talking about John Frusciante’s return, ‘Californication’ & surfing! (Beach Bums)

1999 June Crossbeat (Japan- sorry no translation available)

1999 July Guitar World (sorry no transcript yet)

1999 August  Guitar One In depth interview with John Frusciante talking about music, etc. (Red Hot Once Again)

1999 October Q 157 An in-depth look at the band’s history (The Band that Tired to Kill Themselves)

2001 ? Atrevida (Brazil) sorry no English translation yet

2000? Capricho (Brazil) Sorry no English translation yet.

2000 ? Atrevida (Brazil) Sorry no English translation yet.

2000 February Kerrang! (789) 6 page Review of the Big Day Out in Australia; section on Red Hot Chili Peppers & a few nice photos.

2000 March Record Collector (247) RHCP discography

2000 April Rolling Stone (839) An in-depth interview with their band talking about their person relationships. (Rise Again) NOW with full scans

2002 Spin Another in-depth talking to the band about their lives, their history and ‘By ‘The Way’

2002 April Kerrang! 898 Photos of Anthony Kiedis and John Frusciante writing songs in LA’s Chateau Marmont Hotel (currently no transcript)

2002 June Ice (183) Discussing 20th Anniversary of the band and the release of By The Way (sorry no transcript yet)

2002 July Kerrang! (911)Excellent photos and in-depth article about the band/their relationships (The Chili Peppers Bare All)

2002 July Q (192) Very detailed interview with the band members in turn. (The Band Who Fell to Earth)

2002 July Tutto Italian magazine; full translation into English provided. In-depth interview about Californication

2002 August Classic Rock (43) An overview of the history of the band and a discussion of By The Way

2002 September Guitarist (227) issue with mostly John Frusciante talking about ‘By The Way’  (Resurrection LA Style)

2002 November 2nd Kerrang!  (928)  Interview about S. American concerts- Caracas- and the famous photos of Anthony Kiedis/the band on the top of a skyscraper. (Don’t Look Down)

2002 November Kerrang! (929) A Q & A session with the band

2002 December Time Magazine Talking about the past addictions of members of the band and how they have now cleaned up.

2002 December Kerrang! 934 100 Greatest Singles Red Hot Chili Peppers featured several times.

2003 ? Jovem Pan (Brazil) Needs English translation

2003 February The Guardian Mostly John Frusciante talking about his recovery from drug addiction & Flea saying how he is now at peace in his life 

2003 March Kerrang! (842) Interview with John Frusciante (sorry no transcript yet)

2003 March Metro Life Very brief history of the band

2003 March Rock Mag (France) Bercy 12th & 13th February review (sorry no transcript yet)

2003 April Rock Mag (France) Bercy/European Tour review (sorry no transcript yet)

2003 June Guitarist (237)Extensive John Frusciante interview talking about his guitar playing, views on ‘By The Way’ etc. (Universally Speaking)

2003 August 16th Kerrang! (968)  In depth history of the band with some interesting (OK naked!) photos. 7 Guitarists, 3 Breakdowns, 1 Death)

2003 August Rolling Stone Backstage photos of members of RHCP by Anton Corbijn

2004 (?) Tour Program

2004 ? Guitar World Sorry no details- or transcript yet.

2004 June Classic Rock (67)  A Week in the Life of John Frusciante (talking about yoga & reading biographies)

2004 July Q 216  ‘Off duty’ photographs- no text (Last Action Heroes)

2004 July Mojo (128)  Really long article with loads of photos plus interviews with band members in their own homes; arranged as a history of the band.

2004 July? MOJO CD Listing RHCP selected 15 tracks for a CD that was given away with this issue

2005 May Total Guitar (135) John Frusciante interview: Mostly about his technique saying that playing in Chilis gets in way of his solo music

2005 May Drum (119) Chad Smith interview (sorry no full transcript yet)

2005 June Italian Rolling Stone Needs English translation

2005 October SPIN Interview with Anthony Kiedis

2006 Showcase Magazine from Japan; some great photos- translation needed

2006 April? Kerrang! Canvas Club (Secret Show) Review

2006 April ? Switch (Mexico) An interview with Anthony Kiedis about Stadium Arcadium (Sorry no transcript/translation)

 2006 May Q 238  Another in-depth interview of each band member (Sex, Steak & Insanity)

2006 May Kerrang! (1106) Things are a little explosive in the Chili Pepper Camp (The Most Explosive Interview)

2006 May Dazed & Confused Some iconic RHCP pictures (Sorry no transcript yet)

2006 May SPIN Overview of the history of RHCP and discussion of Stadium Arcadium

2006 October? Crossbeat– Fuji Rock Fest 06 Special Edition No idea what text says (translations welcome! Note not all text scanned- can do if required) but some great pics.

2006 ? Buzz Fuji Rock Special Another Japanese magazine with some great photos.

2007 February Rolling Stone  Grammy Preview

2007 August DUB (46) Article with photos of a customized car that RHCP designed.

2009 August (?) Rockin’ On Chickenfoot interview; nice photo of Chad Smith but no idea what the article is about!

2010 March Drummer Article about Chad Smith taking part in Sabian Live

2010 March Guitar Techniques Article about John Frusciante (sorry no transcript)

 2010 April Classic Rock  Slash interview mentioning Flea as he worked on the guitarist’s new album

2010 April 10th Daily Mirror Brief article commenting on John Frusciante winning the BBC Best Guitar Player competition.

2010 April NME Chad Smith – childrens record (Sorry no transcript available yet)

 2010 June Classic Rock 146 Chickenfoot interview including Chad Smith (Sorry no transcript yet)

2011 January Kerrang! (1344) Red Hot Chili Peppers new album listed in the 50 most anticipated albums of the year

2011 January Q 295 250 Best Albums of Q’s Lifetime- Californication article

2011 January Q (295) Warpaint review with brief name check of John Frusciante

2011 January NME The 60 Most exciting albums of 2011: RHCP new album and Flea & Damon Albarn album

2011 January Kerrang! (1348) The Ultimate 21st Century Playist; the top 150 tracks chosen by their readers. RHCP are included twice with 2002’s By The Way and Dani California featured in the 2006 section.

2011 February Total Guitar Their article on the must hear articles (Most Hot 40) of 2011; mentions John Frusciante but article features on Josh Klinghoffer (with photo of him!).

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