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TCS is non-profit making and is paid for solely by the admin of the site out of enjoyment and love of the band and to provide an internet home for the fans of RHCP I have made over the last few years. I currently run no advertising on the site nor do I ask for donations towards costs.


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Will we always try to list sources wherever possible and credit people for any of their work that is used on the site; if you feel that we have not done this at any time, please contact us so we can remedy the situation and either remove the said article(s) or provide accreditation. Thank you.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I work with Kerrang! TV in the UK and just wanted to let you know that Red Hot Chilli Peppers have been nominated for Kerrang’s 2011 Rock 100 Video List with the video for their smash hit singles “Universally Speaking” and “By The Way”. I wondered if this would be something you would like to share with all the fans on the website? The fans can vote via the below website:

    Visit http://www.kerrangrock100.com to vote for them and help them get to the number 1 spot! Voting is open now and closes on the 10th April at midnight.

    You can check out the top 100 countdown on Kerrang! TV on Friday 22nd April @ 1pm to see where Red Hot Chilli Peppers have come in…your vote is vital!

    Kerrang! TV
    Channels: Sky: 368, Virgin: 342

    The Kerrang! Team

  2. Just wanted to let you know that today (May 31, 2012) WBWC, Berea…a college radio station out of Baldwin-Wallace College near Cleveland is doing an 18 hour RHCP marathon thru 1am Eastern Time. People can listen online at http://www.wbwc.com.

  3. Hey Mate,

    this caption ‘1999 drum set up’ for the the drum set up shown on the page is wrong. This is definitely not 1999. Could be 1991 with two tom toms and 3 splashes but then there shoudln’t be HI.
    Most times Chad’s drum set up is shown wrong in magazines.


    • Which magazine is that on? I just transcribe what is in the actual magazines- don’t know enough to know if it’s accurate or not! Will add something to the page (unless I’ve made a mistake transcribing in which case I’ll alter it). Thanks


  4. Hi –

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    The preview to the auction is currently live. The auction itself starts this weekend and ends on Sunday, May 1, 2016.

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