Chad’s Drum Kit ‘I’m With You’ Tour

On the current ‘I’m With You’ tour, Chad Smith plays a customised acrylic drum kit that was designed exclusively for him by Pearl:

“I’m always looking for something new… We have these fancy stage lights that come up from the bottom. And I thought, you know, I bet a clear drum set would be so cool, I never played one of those before. So, I called Pearl and of course they don’t make those shells…they were put together especially for me.”

Source: Drummer Magazine page 26. February 2012. Scan

The drum kit is decorated with RHCP asterisks and also the detailing of the fly from the Damien Hirst designed ‘I’m With You’ album cover.





Chad is joined on stage by Mauro Refosco (picture also shows Chris Warren on keyboards)


The following magazine scans and interview with Chris Warren (Chad Smith’s drum tech) contain more details about the actual set up.




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